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"If anyone thinks that he is a prophet, or spiritual, he should acknowledge that the things I am writing to you are a command of the Lord"- 1 Cor. 14:37

God’s attributes are not fragmented. Rather each and every one is perfectly and fully reflecting its definition. God is perfect in Holiness as well as Love. God is perfect in judgment as well as mercy. It is we who live in a fragmented world. We as followers of Jesus Christ are not licensed to pick and choose our favorite cause to highlight and thus neglect or even denounce the biblical standing of, say, holy living. Our Bible is wonderfully connected and whole. Discrepancies we may perceive shall have more to do with our lack of understanding than the remarkable story contained within.

It has become by some a favorite remark that, “ Well that is Paul who said that, I follow Jesus.” Yet Paul has instructed us that often he is indeed speaking for Christ. Such is claimed in Galatians 1:12: “For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.” To trivialize Paul is to trivialize Christ.

Paul believes as stated in First Corinthians that a person will display that they are truly under the influence of the Holy Spirit, by acknowledging Paul’s authority, and by yielding obedience to the commands which he states in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, we have observed through these inspired letters in our Bible that all would acknowledge Paul as an apostle, and submit to his right to speak to them. And Paul believed that all would show that God had influenced their hearts, if they listened to his commands, and obeyed his counsel. It is not PAUL who grabbed authority, it was Jesus Christ that bestowed such upon him of which we observe evidence the apostles recognized.

We do not serve a fragmented God. And His word is whole in its instruction to us.

On the Adventure with you,

Supt. Ben

Gateway Conference Leadership Summit

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Greenville FMC


9:30am-   Registration*

10:00am- Welcome/Worship/Communion

10:30am- Message by Bishop Cowart

11:30am-  Break

11:45am- Organize Conference/Nominating Committee results (e-mail ballot before Leadership Summit)

Noon-       Lunch (Lunch will be at the Church, there will be opportunities to meet with different Organizations during lunch)

1:30pm-    Gateway Vision - Supt. Tolly

2:15pm-    Break

2:30pm-   Special Speaker

3:30pm-   Board of Administration report/Ministerial Education and Guidance Report

4:30pm-    Adjourn for Dinner

5:00pm-    Dinner

7:00pm-    Worship/Message by Bishop Cowart/Ordination Service

*Breakfast will not be served (snacks, coffee and soda will be available all day)

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Annual Report Information

The website for Annual Reports will go live on February 8.

The deadline for Annual Reports is March 15.

The link for reporting will be sent to Pastors from:

[email protected]

Celebrating the Lives and Ministry of Missionaries Harry & Ruth Winslow

Greenville Free Methodist Church Sanctuary

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


This is a night to honor Ruth and Harry Winslow for their 45 years of missionary service in Asia.


Ruth and Harry will have an hour to share stories they have never had an opportunity to share before due to the sensitive nature of their work while giving the congregation a glimpse into the pioneer days of missions.

Click here to learn more about Love Found A Way-The Journey of a Nurse in China by Ruth Winslow

February 10-12-Frostbite '23-Retreat for High School Students, Durley Camp & Retreat Center

February 25-Dinner by the Lake, Durley Camp & Retreat Center

March 15-Celebration of Missionaries Harry and Ruth Winslow, Greenville FMC, 7:00pm

March 25-Gateway Conference Leadership Summit, Greenville FMC, Greenville, IL

Durley Camp and Retreat Center Summer Schedule:

June 2-7-Family Camp Week

June 10-Day Camp (Grades K-2)

June 12-16-Young Teen 1 Camp (Grades 6-9)

June 19-23-Young Teen 2 Camp (Grades 6-9)

June 26-29-Guide Camp (Grades 4-6)

July 5-7-Trailblazer Camp (Grades 2-4)

September 1-3-Senior Teen Weekend (Grades 9-12)

July 24-28-FMCUSA General Conference, Hilton Orlando, FL

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Superintendent's Schedule:

January 29-Preach at Ferges

February 21-MEGA Meeting

February 22-Mount Olivet

February 25-Durley Camp and Retreat Center Dinner by the Lake

March 9-BOA Meeting

March 25-Leadership Summit, Greenville FMC

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