February 14 Online Worship
Sunday Worship Online
Connect to online live worship service at https://colonialucc.online.church/ at 8:30 or 10:15 a.m. 
Or, you can watch our service anytime after 8:30 a.m. on Sundays via YouTube at https://bit.ly/CCYouTubeV 

Online Children's Sunday School. This week's Sunday School Bible story will go live on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. https://bit.ly/CCYouTubeVid 
If you know of kids who might enjoy taking part in our Sunday School, invite their parents to signup to be on the list to receive the weekly materials at https://bit.ly/CCSSOnline.

Online Coffee & Conversation. Grab your coffee, your tea, your beverage of choice and join your fellow Colonialites in our Coffee & Conversation Zoom Room. We will be connecting with each other between our worship services. Stop in for a quick minute to catch up with each other! You can connect at https://bit.ly/CCCoffeeCon

Lent Worship Series - February 21-March 28
Each of us is created a precious vessel of God’s love. Over the past year, our sense of wholeness has been shattered and so this Lent will be a “season of recovery.” We will witness Jesus' solidarity with those who suffer and seek healing practices for body, mind, and spirit both personal and communal, creating beauty from that which feels broken.

When pain comes and brokenness enters our lives, Jesus reaches out to touch and remind us of the treasure that we all are – worthy of new life in the midst of hopelessness. In a year when pandemic has wreaked havoc on our world, we begin by affirming our journey to physical health.

We will use beach glass as a symbol of the brokenness made beautiful. Ordinary pieces of beer or soda bottles flung into the ocean are transformed by years of tumbling until they become polished and rounded. Often found on a beach, it’s as if a miracle tossed beautiful glass on the sand. Ordinary fragments of silica that time and adversity have transformed into something beautiful.
Sea Glass for You
Each week our lenten worship will include an action using beach glass so we have pieces available for you to pick up during the Ash Wednesday drive through blessing on February 17 or outside the church exterior office door February 17-20.

Valentine’s Day Challenge – Send a Card

This has been a long, hard year for many of us, especially those living alone or in isolation. Our challenge is for you to send 2 Valentine’s Day cards to people within the church who might need an extra dose of love this year. Good luck and let’s spread the “love” of Colonial to others.
Colonial is observing Ash Wednesday, February 17, from 7:30-8:30 a.m. with a drive-thru offering of a blessing. Pastor Aaron will be in the driveway in front of the church. Because of COVID concerns, he will hand out temporary tattoos instead of placing ashes on the foreheads of the faithful. All who choose to avail themselves of this opportunity are welcome to participate as the season of Lent begins the 40-day period of prayer leading to Easter, April 4.

Sign Up for Your Lenten Devotional

From the writers of the popular online Daily Devotional, Promises, Promises includes a biblical text, reflection, and prayer for each day of Lent until Easter Sunday. This Lent, bring your cynicism and your scars. But be sure you bring, too, that little bit of hope you still have for a God who won’t let you down. Devotionals will be sent via email. Sign up at https://colonialucc.breezechms.com/form/f2bba3.
Blackout Trafficking Challenge

You can join the Blackout Trafficking Challenge in March with Veronica's Voice, one of Colonial's outreach partners. Choose a black item to wear every day in March and raise awareness of those who have had their freedom taken away by limiting their freedom of choice. Register to raise money for Veronica's Voice to fund the fight for freedom and end of trafficking.

Shop a Just Cause
Check out the Veronica's Voice online store to shop essential oils in Calming, Refreshing, Energizing, Synergy, and Relax healing blends. You can also host a virtual social justice party. Click to schedule a party. Invite your friends, and Veronica's Voice will provide products, testimony, and Q & A with empowered survivor leaders.
Interfaith Action Advocacy Days Continue

You can join in Kansas Interfaith Action Advocacy Days online today and tomorrow (February 11). KIFA is a statewide multi-faith advocacy organization that “puts faith into action.” Highlights include meetings with legislators, noon sessions with prominent public officials, and afternoon workshops on the issues KIFA is involved with and on the nuts and bolts of citizen advocacy. For more details and to register, visit http://bit.ly/KIFADays.

KIFA educates, engages and advocates on behalf of people of faith and the public regarding critical social, economic, and climate justice issues. Members are encouraged to support the important advocacy work of Kansas Interfaith Action.

Colonial Women Activities

Note: All Colonial Women activities are now virtual. You can attend through the Zoom links below. We need to connect now, more than ever! 

Colonial Women Book Group - 7:00 p.m. Friday, February 26 via Zoom. We will discuss "The Vanishing Half" by Brit Bennett. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83417614293?pwd=b1BCVC91R1BWZm1oSHVTZ20rTlJDUT09

Colonial Women Big Biscuit - 9:30 a.m. on March 1 via Zoom

Colonial Women Blue Moose - 5:30 p.m. on March 9 via Zoom

Your Support Matters

Our work together matters - to each other and to the community. We are needed more than ever in this difficult time. 
Your pledges help Colonial to do its work. Counters are counting and we are making deposits. You may mail in your pledge checks or any other payments. An easier alternative is to make contributions online. You just fill in your banking information or provide a credit card and your name and email and what fund you are paying (Stewardship, food pantry, etc.) and the amount. Click the donate button below.

If you have any questions, you may email or call Heather in the office or Jayne Quimby, Financial Recorder.
Coffee with the Pastor
You can still chat with Pastor Aaron on Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. but we are currently meeting via Zoom. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83732113798?pwd=N2ZXZW14OC90dWFidXJzYlZpWlVCdz09
Colonial Family
We express our sympathy to Sharon Yohn on the death of her brother, Ed Keif, on February 7.
Colonial Women Rummage Fundraiser
Because of concerns about COVID-19, Colonial Women is hosting a rummage collection rather than the usual sale. The goal is to raise $1,000, which means about 5,000 pounds of items! Savers will pay us by the pound for quality items. To reach that requires 250 13-gallon white trash bags of soft goods and 200 boxes of hard goods. We are also collecting boxes of books for a book sale. So far we have collected 120 bags of soft goods, 44 boxes of hard goods and 23 boxes of books.

Let Marylee Battaglia know how many bags or boxes you have collected so we can see progress toward the goal. Note nothing will be stored at the church.
In this time of staying connected remotely, please remember these folks who are celebrating milestones.

Happy Birthday!
10 Joseph Kern
12 Fred Scott
15 Valerie Cable
16 Janet Weiblen


Thursday, February 11
10:30 a.m.-Thursday Morning Study Group via Zoom

Sunday, February 14           
8:30 a.m. Worship Online https://colonialucc.online.church/  
9:15 a.m. Coffee and Conversation https://bit.ly/CCCoffeeCon
9:30 a.m. Online Children's Sunday School. https://www.youtube.com/user/ColonialUCC/videos
10:15 a.m. Worship Online https://colonialucc.online.church/  

Tuesday, February 16
9:30 a.m. Book Group via Zoom

Wednesday, February 17
7:30-8:30 a.m. Ash Wednesday Blessings, front drive
9:30 a.m. Coffee with the Pastor via Zoom
Full calendar at Colonial Calendar.  

Colonial Staff

Senior Minister: Rev. Aaron Roberts
Bell Choir Director: Hayden Ferguson
Organist: Dr. Joseph Kern
Communications Manager: Sally Huggins
Building Maintenance: Edson Palacios-Castrejon