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Upcoming Events:
Feb 15 - Teacher Work Day - No School
Feb 18 - President's Day - No School
Feb 19 - Parent/Teacher Conference Day - No School
Feb 19 - 28 - Re-Enrollment Begins

Glimpse from Mrs. Obbink:
Mrs. Hughes' Favorite Friend

Miss Mary's faith is now sight. The life she modeled is now her legacy, tossed about freely and lovingly. Several years ago, Mrs. Hughes asked if her friend could volunteer at MCS. Of course! That year, Mrs. Hughes had a large class of 4th graders and needed an extra hand. Miss Mary faithfully came to help two days a week. She could be seen working with students in the classroom, in the teacher's lounge, in the library. Wherever there was a space. Miss Mary never asked for anything. Instead she blessed. She blessed Mrs. Hughes with her willing heart. She blessed the students because they received extra attention and encouragement. She blessed the staff by enjoying a cup of tea with them at the first recess. Often, she brought goodies, but she always had stories to tell.

What others may not know when they met Mary is that she was battling cancer. How would anyone know? She was always smiling and cheerful. She loved to laugh, and her kindness was never-ending. Something else you wouldn't know was that Mary loved to shop, not for herself but for items that would bless the staff or the students. She often brought in treats for the classes she served throughout the years or craft projects for the students to enjoy.  

She never complained. I am certain that there were days that she didn't feel well due to her long-term illness. I'm sure there were days that caring for her disabled son were long and discouraging. But you would never know because her words were only positive, encouraging, and helpful.

This year, Miss Mary couldn't help as often as she had in the past. She would pop in every once and a while, spreading joy and then disappearing with a smile. Some students that worked with Miss Mary may not even know that she went home last Friday to meet Jesus face to face. But one student did. He was unusually quiet and chose to separate himself from his peers that day. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "Did you know Miss Mary died?" I nodded. He said, "I am really going to miss her." He was just one of the students whose life was blessed by Mary. I believe that when Mary met Jesus, He said to her the words she longed to hear, "Well done my good and faithful servant."  

No wonder Miss Mary was Mrs. Hughes' favorite friend.
Thank you for your patience this week regarding the snow. We follow the Monroe School District weather schedule because they have the resources and the expertise of the district roads to make their best decision. The 2-hour late starts and school closures are easy to follow. Today it was more difficult because MCS does not have an early release schedule. We will continue to follow the district's decisions as closely as possible, but any variations will be sent to you via the text system.

Who knows what next week will bring? Currently, there are a lot of snowflakes lined up on the weather app. Know that the safety of your children is paramount to our school. Our families come from Monroe, Snohomish, Duvall, Lake Stevens, and beyond. If you do not feel comfortable driving in the snow, please stay home. If we are in school and it begins to snow and you want to pick up your kiddos, please do! Everyone's drive in is different.

Do not worry about making up school days yet. We have built extra days into our school schedule for just this purpose. We will keep you posted if we need to add days to our calendar.

Snow days can be stressful for parents, students, and teachers. If snow is sticking around, we will do our best to keep you informed. If we have school but you don't think you can make it due to the conditions at your home, call the office. Be safe and warm. Soak in the quiet beauty of the snow as it falls. Listen to the laughter of your children as they play. Several teachers are sending home school work (i.e., book reports, math practice sheets, spelling work) that your students can work on in case we miss more days.    
Aren't they beautiful?! Thank you, Melina Guerrero, for designing the invitations and getting them printed. The invitations capture the tenor for this year's auction. We are focusing on the Pacific Northwest. God has given us a wonderful place to live that has its own unique beauty, places to visit, and exceptional people!

This week we are highlighting the projects that the students/classrooms are preparing for this year's auction.
Parent in charge
Preschool and Prekindergarten
Gift certificates for balloons
Riley Anderson
Summer Fun Wagon
Metal Art
Pablo Guerrero
Corn Hole Game
Freya Parker
3rd an 4th
Succulent Gardens
Rachelle Cassano
Trip for two
MCS Staff
The Chocolate Basket
In case you are panicking wondering if you need to help fund with the classroom projects, you already have! $15 of your classroom fee (paid with tuition) is used for this purpose. We are thankful for the parents who have volunteered to help with the classroom projects.

Things to remember about the Auction:
  • RSVPs are due February 22.
  • If you know someone who would like an invitation, please let us know. We have additional invitations.
  • We ask that each family either procure at least 1 item to donate or bring 1 item in as a donation. Donations are due February 22 so that we can get the items into the auction program for printing.
  • There are still a few opportunities to serve the night of the auction if you'd like to help. Contact Laurie Fielder.
  • Last year's auction was AMAZING! 
In an effort to save parents time and get our 2019-20 enrollment going, we are opening re-enrollment on February 19th, which is Parent-Teacher Conference day.  Come by the office before or after your conference/s to re-enroll.  It should take about 5-10 minutes, during which time you will review last year's enrollment form, confirm tuition arrangements, and complete a tuition agreement form.  Be sure to bring whatever form of payment you choose for the registration fee.  (Remember, there is a 2% fee for using debit/credit cards for the registration fee.)  The re-enrollment discount of $75 will be valid February 19 - 28.  Open enrollment will begin March 1.
Remember to log your service hours in the notebook on the entrance counter.  Only logged hours will count toward your registration fee credit.
Have you replied to your conference email?  If not, please do so asap.  Thank you.
This Wednesday, 2/13, is the next TAPP popcorn day.  $0.50 for popcorn or $1.00 for popcorn and Capri Sun.  Pay your teacher for the day or pay in full at the office.
Tuesday night is Yoforit Night!  All sales between 5 pm - 8 pm on February 12th will directly support our school.  However families can go there right after school to get a frozen treat, and if you let the staff know you are there on behalf of MCS, then those sales will get added to the final total.  Thank you for supporting this event!