Dear Parents,

Thank you for registering for the upcoming school year and taking advantage of the tuition credit! We know every little bit helps. We had a great response and our K3 full-time program is almost at capacity! If you have not yet registered, please do so ASAP so we can make hiring decisions for the upcoming school year.
Fat Tuesday has snuck up on us! Ash Wednesday is February 17, 2021! We will not have Mass on Tuesday but Wednesday at 8:30am instead. We will have our traditional Mardi Gras parade at 2:45pm on Tuesday with our “Burying the Alleluia” service in Church at 2:55pm. Please have your child wear Mardi Gras colors, bring masks and beads on Tuesday! 

Have a great, long and restful weekend! Stay warm!

J. Schlaefer

2/8 - Jeanne Retzer
2/9 - Erin Melvin
2/10 - Barbara Spartz
2/11 - Casey Bohlman
2/12 - No School
  • February 12 - In-Service/No School
  • February 15 - No School
  • February 9 - Grade 2
  • February 17 - ASH WEDNESDAY Grades 5/6/7

Thank You to everyone who donated items for our Parishioners!

We are still collecting puzzles, etc. if you would like to donate.
The email address will be deactivated on March 31. Please use for all email communication to the school.
Thank you!
  • PLEASE remember to call or email the school office with any schedule changes (i.e. absences, vacations, early pick up, etc.).
  • If your child is NOT riding the bus, please let the bus company know so they are not waiting. Phone: 920-533-8412
  • All kids age 5 and up must wear a facemask in school per Emergency Order #1. Read the Order here.
Lunch Room Corner
Lunch Menu: 2/15 - 2/19
2/15 - No School
2/16 - Mac & Cheese/BBQ Ribs
2/17 - Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup
2/18 - Ground Beef & Gravy
2/19 - Cheese Pizza

Feb. 11 - Nolan L.
Feb. 14 - Eli M.
Feb. 14 - Mari Z.
Feb. 15 - Leland E.
Feb. 18 - Mrs. Schueller
Feb. 20 - Corbin K.
Feb. 21 - Colton S.
Feb. 28 - Tommy M.
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