Improving mobility and making your daily commute safer and more efficient is at the heart of everything we do at the Broward MPO. That includes educating our stakeholders – the public, our partners, and even our Board of Directors about the MPO's role in shaping the transportation landscape in South Florida. Every new board member begins their tenure at the Broward MPO with an orientation that defines and familiarizes them with their key responsibilities. This is followed by a year-long, on-the-job learning experience in which engineers, planners, and designers introduce board members to diverse transportation processes, needs, and projects for their consideration and decision-making. As part of our effort to build on the orientation our board members receive, we recently launched our Transportation Academy. This comprehensive, engaging program was borne out of a desire to ensure board members were provided with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the transportation process. The Transportation Academy guides participants through each phase of bringing a transportation project to life – from idea to implementation. Participants gain valuable insight into the factors considered when evaluating a transportation project, including system operation, funding mechanisms, design principles, and planning strategies. The goal of the Transportation Academy is to ensure our stakeholders understand transportation planning and infrastructure development and the benefits it brings to communities in our region. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our board members for embracing the inaugural class of the Transportation Academy. Without their backing, this endeavor wouldn't have come to fruition. Moving forward, the Transportation Academy will be offered to everyone who aspires to become a trusted voice for transportation in their community. Stay tuned for more details! 

Black History Month Spotlight:

Board Member Commissioner Joshua Simmons

Our Black History Month celebration continues with a spotlight on Broward MPO Board Member Commissioner Joshua Simmons, the first African American Commissioner in Coral Springs since its incorporation in 1963. Commissioner Simmons's electoral victory in 2018 marked a significant milestone in the history of Coral Springs, paving the way for greater representation of the Black community in local government. This achievement was further consolidated with his appointment as Vice Mayor in December 2020 and reappointment in 2021. A firm believer in communication and transparency, Commissioner Simmons initiated the "Conversations with a Commissioner" video series, promoting open dialogues about race, equality, and police practices. His work earned him the Florida League of Cities Home Rule Hero Award for impactful advocacy during the 2023 Legislative Session. Simmons' service extends beyond Coral Springs through his involvement in several boards and committees at the city, local, and national levels. His appointments include membership in the Broward MPO, the Broward League of Cities, and the National League of Cities Board of Directors. Before starting his political career, Simmons graduated with a degree in political science and psychology from Florida Atlantic University. His work experience in mental health and education further shaped his dedication to creating a community that cherishes diversity and champions inclusion. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, his political journey was inspired by a former colleague's participation in President Obama's Finance Committee. His ambition was fueled by the aspiration to sustain Coral Springs as an inclusive community that caters to people of all backgrounds. In his downtime, Commissioner Simmons indulges in reading, sports, video gaming, and travel, activities that underline the many dimensions of this trailblazer's character. As we celebrate Black History Month, let's remember and appreciate leaders like Commissioner Simmons, whose contribution to his community and a more inclusive America remains invaluable. His efforts inspire all, reminding us of the necessity for diverse representation in local and national leadership. 

Get Your Tickets for the 2024 Safe Streets Summit 

The 2024 Safe Streets Summit theme is “Embracing Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility” in Southeast Florida. Southeast Florida is being transformed into a vibrant and connected community where safe, sustainable, and accessible streets empower everyone to embrace the joy of bicycle and pedestrian mobility. We envision a future where our streets are the lifeblood of our communities, fostering health, equity, and environmental stewardship, one step or pedal stroke at a time. The 2024 Safe Streets Summit is our catalyst for change, where collaboration, innovation, and advocacy unite to create streets that belong to everyone.


MPO Deputy Executive Director Participates in Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale Panel  

Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale hosted a thought-provoking event, offering a networking breakfast and enlightening panel discussions focused on Broward County, at the Riverside Hotel on Thursday, February 1, 2024. Abby Melone, president and CEO of Capital Analytics kicked off the day with her introductory speech and used this opportunity to announce the launch of the sixth edition of Invest. The event brought together business leaders, community stakeholders, and decision-makers for insightful discussions on how to further develop and address critical challenges within Broward County. The first panel, dubbed “Better Together: How the Greater Fort Lauderdale Community Can Address Affordability and Mobility Challenges through Collaboration,” had several key local figures on board. The discussion was led by moderator Kathleen Cannon, President and CEO of United Way, who facilitated the exchange of ideas among panelists, including Josh Levy, mayor of the City of Hollywood; Keith Poliakoff, CEO of Government Group Law; and Carol Henderson, deputy executive director of intergovernmental and outreach at the Broward MPO. The panelists brainstormed potential strategies to tackle the issues of affordability and mobility in Greater Fort Lauderdale and offered valuable insight into how the public can participate in the transportation process.  

Preferred Alternative Selected

for SW/SE 17th Street Mobility Hub Project 

Based on the community, stakeholder, and partner feedback, a locally preferred alternative has been selected for the Mobility Hub at SW/SE 17th Street. With 93% of the community preferring raised bike lanes on each side of the road, Alternative 1 will be refined as we continue our concept development process. The Mobility Hub at SW/SE 17th St from SW 9th Ave to US-1 has a goal of providing safe and comfortable access from the proposed Broward Commuter Rail station to existing bus routes, residential areas, a school, a park, a hospital, and businesses. Our concept will include a plan for implementing vertically separated raised bike lanes on each side of the road, with a landscape strip separating the bike lanes and the sidewalk to provide a buffer between travel modes and an opportunity for planting shade trees. The concept will consider options for constructing raised pedestrian crosswalks and raised intersections that will serve as traffic calming measures for motorists and safety and accessibility measures for pedestrians. In addition, our concept will explore transit amenities such as enhanced bus shelters, site furnishings, and wayfinding. 


Broward MPO Planner Participates in

Water and Climate Academy

Recently, MPO Government Relations Transportation Planner Jennipher Tucy participated in the Broward Leaders Water and Climate Academy, a technical program conducted by the Broward County Resilient Environmental Department (RED). Dr. Gregory Mount, the Assistant Chief Resiliency Officer of Broward County RED, and a team of industry and local professionals led participants through insightful presentations and interactive site visits. Initiated in 2008, the Water and Climate Academy is a pivotal platform engaging civic and business leaders on crucial water and climate issues, integral to shaping sound planning, policy, and investment strategies in our local community. One of the central topics explored was South Florida's complex water system, the ramifications of climate change, responsive strategies, and the impending challenges as we look to the future. The curriculum touched on regional water resource management, localized and regional necessities, adaptive strategies, distinctive insights into the Everglades, drainage districts, and rehabilitated wetlands such as the Green Cay Wetlands and C-51 Reservoir. It also highlighted significant legislation affecting water resource management.   To learn more about the Broward Leaders Water and Climate Academy, click here.   

Get Your Tickets to the

State of the Region Annual Awards 

The Broward MPO invites you to the third State of the Region Annual Awards. This presentation will offer insight into the progress that positively impacts our local economy, families, and businesses. At the same time, we will recognize those helping pave the way to create better neighborhoods with bike lanes and walking paths, public transportation, and improved infrastructure.   


Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise to Hold Public Hearings on Sawgrass Expressway Project 

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, part of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), is conducting a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study for the Sawgrass Expressway (SR 869) from south of US 441 (SR 7) to Powerline Road (SR 845), in Broward County. The study limits extend along Florida’s Turnpike Mainline from Wiles Road to the Broward County line. Public hearings will be held virtually on February 27 and in-person on February 28, 2024.

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