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Illustration of Ashes Cross for Ash Wednesday

Lent-an opportunity

to kick start or renew our

spiritual walk with Christ


I didn't grow up with the opportunity of observing Lent. As a young boy, the churches that my family attended instructed that lent was a religious trapping that allowed nominal Christians to feel good, ultimately masking their need for salvation and/or a vibrant relationship with the living Christ. Before anyone "Amen's" that statement or condemns it, please allow me to continue. I now find myself desiring such a season as Lent. 

Lent's dual nature appeals to the small post-modern part of me. In the Orthodox Church, Lent is called the season of Bright Sadness, because it is a time of both celebration and mourning. We celebrate the work of Christ upon the cross, and we mourn our frail condition. We do not mourn as a people without hope, yet we choose to enter into Christ's suffering by remembrance of our sin and the sacrifice it took to overcome. For all who embrace John Wesley's doctrine of sanctifying grace, this observance in our church year offers the believer an encouraged opportunity of daily reflection on the privilege of being set free from sin and growing in the Spirit of Christ. Something we all should be about daily, yet sometimes lose sight of with the busyness of our hearts and minds.   


John Wesley may not have been a complete fan of Lent during his time, for the similar reason that the churches I attended as a child were not. However, I believe he would applaud the use of a 'method" to kick start or renew a vibrant spiritual walk with Christ. The words of the song "Opportunity" from the movie Annie say, "Now look at me, and this opportunity is standing right in front of me". We all have an opportunity beginning on Ash Wednesday. It is an opportunity to step out of a spiritual rut or mundane routine and seek invigoration. Whether such an observance of the church calendar alone is entirely helpful to you or not, let this serve as a gentle encouragement to choose to go deeper with the Lord in your quiet times, devotional time, scripture meditation, or journaling. The Spirit is ever ready to move us onward toward greater Christ-likeness.    


I am all for embracing such an opportunity!

On the journey with you,

Supt. Ben 

Pastor's Resourcing Day

Saturday, February 24, 2024


Greenville Free Methodist Church

Young Teen Room (C102)

Click here for a map of Greenville FMC

Laypeople are invited to attend also.

Snacks and Lunch will be provided. Appointed Pastors are expected to attend this Resourcing Day.

Please rsvp by Friday, February 16 to [email protected] and take the CQ assessment below:

Below is a link that will take you to the CQ website where you will register and take the CQ Pro, Faith-Based assessment!

There are no wrong answers! Be as open and honest as you can which results in the most insight about yourself. The assessment typically requires approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Accordingly, if you do not have 20 minutes at this time, please return and complete the survey at a later time. The feedback tends to be more accurate if you complete the survey in one session.

To take the CQ Assessment in English:


To take the CQ Assessment in Spanish:


To take the CQ Assessment in Simplified Chinese:


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Gateway Conference Leadership Summit

April 20, 2024

Greenville Free Methodist Church

Tentative Starting Date 10am, ending with Worship/Ordination Service at 7pm


Messages by Bishop Cowart

Gateway Vision-Supt. Tolly

Special Speaker: Larry Walkemyer*-Catalyst for Multiplication

Worship/Ordination Service

More information will be posted on our website as it becomes available.

Click here to learn more

*Larry Walkemeyer, D.Min., is co-strategic catalyst for multiplication on the Free Methodist Church USA Executive Leadership Team along with his wife, Deb, to encourage the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches nationally. He also serves as a global pastor for Light & Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, California; the director of equipping and spiritual engagement for Exponential; and a member of Azusa Pacific University’s Board of Trustees

PreacHer Sunday,

March 4, 2024

A way to celebrate women participating in our churches'

Sunday Pulpit ministry.

Beginning March 3, 2024, and once each quarter thereafter.

Listen to the latest episode of The Light + Life Podcast with host Brett Heintzman and guest Bishop Kaye Kolde pertaining to women in leadership and the upcoming event PreacHer Sunday by visiting https://buff.ly/49cYXDS.

PreacHer Sunday is Sunday, March 3, 2024, which promotes women taking an active role in the Sunday pulpit ministry in our churches. Look for more information about PreacHer Sunday on the FMCUSA Facebook page and the website for Advocates for Women in Leadership at https://buff.ly/45nYY6f.

Looking Ahead:

February 17-Dinner By The Lake, Durley Camp & Retreat Center

February 24-Pastor's Resourcing Day-Cultural Competency Training with Rev. Dr. Fraser Venter and Rev. Dr. Harry Li

March 3-PreachHer Sunday

March 4-FMX SUMMIT and

March 5-7-Exponential Global Conference – First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL

March 6-7-Our Story, An FM Women's Gathering and

March 7-9, E2024 Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy Conference, Hyatt Regency at DFM International Airport, Dallas, TX

Leadership Summit, Saturday, April 20, Greenville FMC

Click here for more information

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Superintendent's Schedule:

February 11-Clever FMC

February 12-Dinner with Bishop Kenny Martin, Bella Milano's, Edwardsville, IL

February 13-Supt.'s Zoom Meeting with Bishop Cowart

February 17-Durley Camp Dinner By The Lake

February 20-MEGA Meeting

February 24-Pastor's Resourcing Day-Cultural Competency

February 28-Missouri District Zoom Meeting

March 4-7, FMX Summit + Global Exponential Conference

March 14-BOA Meeting

March 16-Church Zoom Meeting

March 18-Supt.'s Zoom Meeting with Bishop Cowart

March 19-MEGA Meeting

March 31-The Solid Rock FMC

April 9-11-Supt.'s Meeting at FMCUSA

April 20-Leadership Summit

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