in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
February 15, 2020
CCCR-COB Newsletter
February 2020

CCCR Mission for 2020
Lay Network Update -  
Brrr. It is a very cold Minnesota morning, but we are a hardy bunch and hope that the weather won't stop us from going out and attending the Archdiocesan Listening Sessions. Each session is unique with people who have different concerns as well as different gifts. They have been well attended, respectful and an opportunity to learn from one another after prayerful reflection. These sessions will determine what themes will be chosen for the synod assembly in 2021, so your voice is important.

Call to Action - USA

The CCCR Board met on Jan. 8th. We invited Zachary Johnson from Call to Action USA (CTA USA) to explain the Convergence and Regeneration event that has been planned for June 5, 6 and 7th in Minneapolis. CTA chapters, Dignity, Future Church, CTA alumni, some initiated young people and others interested in church reform have been invited.

CCCR has been invited to this event and we have offered to help with food, food prep and serving about 70-80 people who are flying in from around the country and attending the Convergence event. CTA USA is in need of volunteers to transport participants from the airport to the event.

The CTA USA Convergence event will teach strategies to achieve change. They will educate us on the ways that change occurs, how to lobby institutional church leaders and ways to use direct action. Presently, CCCR is weak on strategy, so coaching is welcome and necessary. We will have an opportunity to practice putting these strategies together, keeping in mind our mission to continue to hold the archdiocese accountable and our focus on inclusivity. Together with CTA USA, we will continue to work on strategies throughout the year. In 2021, there will be another CTA USA gathering. Clergy and bishops will be invited to the 2021 event.

CTA USA will pick up most of the expenses for the June Convergence but donations will be essential to make this event a success. CCCR is making a donation but we will need help from you as well. Will you help out with food, transportation or a monetary donation? If so, email Ralph Gotto (CCCR treasurer)
  A proposal was brought to the attention of the CCCR Board, asking for a special listening session for those on the margins of the Church (those hurt, left out or rejected by the institutional church) who do not fit into the conventional archdiocesan listening sessions. We have heard AB Hebda say that he wants to hear from those who have left the church. CCCR supports this proposal and we want to help build bridges and provide opportunities for those on the margins to speak of their legitimate grievances.
Perhaps, at a later date, healing events will be offered. Don't we all need healing? Stay tuned for more to come. Pray that this need will be met.
Stay warm,

We welcome comments. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

CCCR Board
Nancy Gotto, chair

Still living in joyful hope,
CCCR Board