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“It is God who works in you to will and act according to his good purpose.” Philippians 2:13

A key to the above verse is that not only do we need God’s assistance in the DOING part, but also in the WILLING part to activate in HIS ways. The very essence of Christianity is supernatural! We do not act in and on our own power in sustainable good works. For this reason, I celebrate the empowered work of churches in Gateway Conference over this past year. 

Here are some succinct examples of the Spirit’s work: Greenville FM has retired debt, reached out to the vulnerable in the community, started bussing in at-risk children to mid-week services, and welcomed the transition of folks from Celebrate Recovery attendees to Sunday Attendees! Hillsboro FM has paid off a new roof for their facility, grown in Sunday Service attendance beyond pre-COVID numbers, and seen spiritual victories at their Celebrate Recovery! Alton Emmanuel was just one of MANY churches joining in at the largest ever Restore Network banquet that promotes quality Christ-centered foster care in now a total of 5 Illinois counties! That “RN” ministry BEGAN at Emmanuel! The Bridge in Glen Carbon has seen giving grow and attendance grow! KC Nepali FMC has found a way to take down rotted trees, level their parking area and create a safe playground for their children while continuing to see spirit filled services every Sunday! MAPS St. Louis has grown in worship attendance and now has 8 difference nationalities worshipping together! Mount Olivet FMC has started a new Adult Sunday School, a new Midweek service, Men’s prayer breakfast and a prayer gathering before Sunday service all at the request of its members to do so! Decatur Moundford has DOUBLED in morning worship attendance and is hosting a marriage retreat next week.

I am certain that what I have highlighted above is not all that God’s Holy Spirit is up to in the region. Please always send me examples of God’s activity that warms your heart as it will warm mine as well. 

I encourage all to continue to embrace the Spirit of God not only in the DOING but in the WILLINGNESS to activate in HIS ways.  The evidence is before us of what the Spirit is up to. Let us join even more in recognition and celebration. This region matters to God. Your church is loved by God. And YOU are significant to God’s plans!

On the Adventure with you,

Supt. Ben

Gateway Conference Leadership Summit

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Greenville FMC


9:30am-   Registration*

10:00am- Welcome/Worship/Communion

10:30am- Message by Bishop Cowart

11:30am-  Break

11:45am- Organize Conference/Nominating Committee results (e-mail ballot before Leadership Summit)

Noon-       Lunch (Lunch will be at the Church, there will be an opportunity to have lunch with Greenville University-President Suzanne Davis will speak)

1:30pm-    Gateway Vision - Supt. Tolly

2:15pm-    Break

2:30pm-   Special Speaker

3:30pm-   Board of Administration report/Ministerial Education and Guidance Report

4:30pm-    Adjourn for Dinner

5:00pm-    Dinner

7:00pm-    Worship/Message by Bishop Cowart/Ordination Service

*Breakfast will not be served (snacks, coffee and soda will be available all day)

Click here for registration form. Registration is required for Lunch and Dinner. Registration deadline is Monday, March 6.

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Annual Report Information

An e-mail with the link and information was sent to appointed pastors last Thursday.

The deadline for Annual Reports to be submitted is March 15.

The online report cannot be saved so you will want to make sure that you have all of the information to be entered before you start.

If you need help, please contact Michelle Boyd at 618.664.2353 or [email protected].

Celebrating the Lives and Ministry of Missionaries Harry & Ruth Winslow

Greenville Free Methodist Church Sanctuary

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


This is a night to honor Ruth and Harry Winslow for their 45 years of missionary service in Asia.


Ruth and Harry will have an hour to share stories they have never had an opportunity to share before due and will also give the congregation a glimpse into the pioneer days of missions.

Click here to learn more about Love Found A Way-The Journey of a Nurse in China by Ruth Winslow

February 25-Dinner by the Lake, Durley Camp & Retreat Center

March 15-Celebration of Missionaries Harry and Ruth Winslow, Greenville FMC, 7:00pm

March 25-Gateway Conference Leadership Summit, Greenville FMC, Greenville, IL

Durley Camp and Retreat Center Summer Schedule:

June 2-7-Family Camp Week

June 10-Day Camp (Grades K-2)

June 12-16-Young Teen 1 Camp (Grades 6-9)

June 19-23-Young Teen 2 Camp (Grades 6-9)

June 26-29-Guide Camp (Grades 4-6)

July 5-7-Trailblazer Camp (Grades 2-4)

September 1-3-Senior Teen Weekend (Grades 9-12)

July 14-22-Cowden Camp

July 24-28-FMCUSA General Conference, Hilton Orlando, FL

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Superintendent's Schedule:

February 21-MEGA Meeting

February 22-Mount Olivet FMC

February 25-Durley Camp and Retreat Center Dinner by the Lake

February 28-General Conference Delegates Zoom Meeting

March 9-BOA Meeting

March 15-Supt.'s Zoom Meeting

March 25-Leadership Summit, Greenville FMC

April 17-April 22-Supt.'s/FMCUSA BOA meetings

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