Weekly e-Newsletter | February 15th, 2023

Collaborating to Help the Most Vulnerable

This is a story about a man who has lived on the street corner outside of the HSC Administration office for the past couple of months.

Johnny is a reader. He likes orange Gatorade. He can be friendly, saying "thank you" and "bless you." He can also be angry and silent, or he can be frowning and yelling. He also appeared to be continually losing weight. His pants becoming looser and looser. He has a visible mass that would indicate that there is something unhealthy happening to his body. Fearing that he wasn't going to survive, the HSC team worked with a clinical team to file a petition. This process actually was started twice. Through a series of events, Johnny went to a program, left the program, and was back on the streets again. Staff talked to him about what it would mean if a petition was submitted, and that it would lead to health care for him that would help him to feel better. And that it would help him get better to move into the housing he spoke about wanting. He indicated he understood.

The last few days Johnny wasn't in front of the HSC Admin office, as he had relocated a few streets away. Then he returned to his spot on the corner. The police were contacted to pick him up and take him to care. The police were kind and patient. Our client was angry, yet didn't fight the process. The HSC team was there to tell him what was going to happen, and that we will be with him each step of the way.

As the team shared this story, there were tears and hope. Tears for the struggle of this human being who has been lacking care and attention. Hope that now he is on a path to treatment and health, and ultimately housing.

HSC has a strong team full of people who do this day in and day out. Taking the brunt of yelling, cursing, praying, thanking, all of the emotions of the people they serve. Advocating and helping even when those they are fighting for may not have the energy to fight for themselves.

Now we wait and do what we can to support Johnny, hoping and praying that he finds his way to health and housing. HSC will continue to collaborate with the clinical team, the police and other partners as needed; we will be there no matter what.

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Winner of HSC's Birdies for Charity Drawing Announced

As an extra incentive to people who donated to HSC through this year's WM Open Birdies for Charity fundraising program, HSC offered the chance to win a free round of golf for a foursome at the Phoenician Golf Club in Scottsdale. The winner this year is Mark Slone. Congratulations Mark!

And a huge thank you to all who contributed to Birdies for Charity, and to Thunderbirds Charities who will provide a 10% bonus on the total amount of pledges collected on our behalf during the program. We are forever grateful for all of our supporters!

Take a Tour of the Human Services Campus

Seeing the Campus in person is THE best way to understand the day-to-day work done by the collective of 16 organizations working together to end homelessness. The first Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am we offer tours of the 13-acre Campus. The next tour is March 1st.


To sign up, please contact us at admin@hsc-az.org or call (602) 282-0853.  

The McQuaid Mission

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Season 2, Episode 5 of "It Happens at STN"

In this new episode, you'll hear more about opportunities, and some challenges, with receiving a large government grant. In addition the Leadership Profile of a UMOM employee and a special Impact Feature Video of the HSC Street Outreach Team.

The next episode will be filmed on March 2nd.

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