Weekly e-Newsletter | February 1st, 2023

Reflections from Amy Schwabenlender, Executive Director

Sporadic reflections from the front lines serving single adults experiencing homelessness, one eye on COVID, Phoenix winter, starting heat relief conversations, disrupting systems and living up to the legacy of a champion. It's been 24 days since my last post. Nearly 16 months of loss of smell personally.

As I sit with the keyboard, I feel surprised that more than three weeks have passed since my last writing. Several times I thought about writing, and then, an interruption or a higher priority. I need mental space and enough alertness to write. Tonight's the night.

This past Monday (Jan. 23) the HSC Street Outreach team counted 918 unsheltered individuals in our immediate neighborhood. More than 900 were sheltered in buildings on the Campus.

Shortly after my last writing which mentioned future big news for Human Services Campus, Inc. (HSC) the news became public. HSC was awarded $10M from outgoing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey! Holy smokes. I can finally talk about it. It was early December when I received a call telling me the request was working its way through the State process, and the information was EMBARGOED. I couldn't talk about it. I was probably holding my breath for a full month.

So what does this mean for HSC? [Read More...]

Volunteers Needed for Project Connect on February 16

Take a Tour of the Human Services Campus

Seeing the Campus in person is THE best way to understand the day-to-day work done by the collective of 16 organizations working together to end homelessness. The first Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am we offer tours of the 13-acre Campus. The next tour is March 1st.


To sign up, please contact us at admin@hsc-az.org or call (602) 282-0853.  

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After a short hiatus, “It Happens on STN” is back in the studio with a filming February 2nd. The episode will be online early next week. You can look forward to hearing more about the opportunities, and some challenges, with receiving a large government grant. In addition the Leadership Profile of a UMOM employee and a special Impact Feature Video of the HSC Street Outreach Team.

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