Stated Gathering - Thursday, February 2

Schedule of the Day | 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

(End time is approximate)

Schedule of the Day

3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

(End time is approximate)

  • 3:30 pm - Worship
  • 4:15 pm - 10 Minute Break
  • 4:25 pm - Education Session
  • 5:10 pm - 10 Minute Break
  • 5:20 pm - Business Session

Gathering Binder

Additional papers are still being added for review by the Presbytery body, for the upcoming gathering. These papers WILL NOT be found in the binder, as they came into our care after the deadline.

These new papers will be located on the Gathering Page, in the table of individual papers, and will have an upload date beside them, in red.

Gathering Registration

Zoom Link:

If using the Zoom app, the Meeting ID is: 812 8543 3059


Please sign in, using the guide, on voting commissioner, teaching elder or guest.

Ruling Elder, attending and voting on behalf of your congregation example:

*John Doe, First Presbyterian Church, Centertown, MO

Teaching Elder, attending and voting, along with current service:

Rev. Jane Doe, Honorably Retired OR First Presbyterian Church, Centertown, MO

Guests, who are members or friends of our presbytery's congregations:

John and Jane Doe, First Presbyterian Church, Centertown, MO


  • Join a Zoom meeting on the Zoom desktop client.
  • On the Zoom in-meeting controls, click Participants.
  • Hover your mouse over your name, then click the "..."
  • Click Rename. A pop-up box will appear.
  • In the pop-up box, enter your name, based on the meeting guidance.
  • Click Change, and see your name has now changed.

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday!

Join us for...

Worship by the Reverends Ellie and Carelton Stock

Worship led by Rev. Ellie Stock, honorably retired pastor, member of Earth Care Work Group, Global Partnerships; Joining Hands Peru Partnership.

Rev. Carleton Stock, honorably retired pastor, Coordinator of the Earth Care Work Group; and member of the Public Witness Team will be assisting the communion portion of the service.

Education Session with Rev. Dr. J. Clinton McCann

Evangelical Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Eden Seminary

Clint McCann’s research and writing have focused on the Psalms. A noted biblical scholar, he served as chair of the Psalms Section of the Society of Biblical Literature for ten years. His publications on the Psalms include: The Shape and Shaping of the Psalter (1993); A Theological Introduction to the Book of Psalms: The Psalms as Torah (1993); the Psalms commentary in The New Interpreter’s Bible (Vol. 4; 1996); Preaching the Psalms (2001); Great Psalms of the Bible (2009); Psalms: Immersions Bible Studies (2011); and annotations on the Psalms in The Access Bible, The Learning Bible, and The Discipleship Study Bible.

    Rev. Mel Smith, Moderator

Elder Lorenzo Clayton, Vice-Moderator  

Rev. Ryan Landino, Presbytery Leader           

Rev. Elizabeth Kanerva, Assoc. Presb. Leader 

Rev. Joy Myers, Stated Clerk

If you have questions, please let us know, in reply to this email, or by calling

314-772-2395. We look forward to seeing you on February 2 & February 18.