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SCOTS-International February, 2014

News, Information and Updates:




This newsletter is the communication tool of the pipe-band-community within Shriners International.  Through this newsletter, we will provide important information about upcoming SCOTS-International events for upcoming Shrine Imperial Sessions, and Regional Associations of Shriners International, as well as events and activities of all of our member pipe bands.  We would encourage you to send any pertinent information regarding your Shrine Pipe Band, as well as current contact information for your pipe band to SCOTS-International Secretary/Treasurer Joe McCauley at:

Thus far, we stand at 63 located bands in Shrinedom (which includes two bands just forming). In addition, we now have nearly 160 active contacts to this site. We welcome anyone from Shriners International who may wish to receive this newsletter to contact us and join our e-mail list.

 Please note:  We are looking for information from your various associations that can be included in the Regional Information section of this newsletter. can also add information to the Scots Facebook Page.  Speaking of Facebook, please encourage your band members, other Shrine members and any interested parties to "Like" the Scots Facebook Page - and we thank you for your support.


Marketing and promotional materials: including T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. should be available shortly for on-line orders.  Check the web-links associated with this publication for further information.  We are still hoping to have some of these same items available in late February at the annual Fargo, North Dakota Instructional.  See the Fargo Instructional information below for further information regarding that annual event.  If you plan to attend and have not reserved a room, you should do so ASAP - this is an outstandingly educational and fun event that should not be missed.  


As noted below in the Ceilidh information: it is important that when completing your registration for the Imperial event that you also register for the Ceilidh to secure your reservation for that evening - which is required to attend.  


While you're at it: why not also consider paying dues for Scots-International.  Dues will be $50 per band per year or $25 per year for individual members at large.  And if you join, there's no cost for entering the competition - it's included in your membership!!!!!!!  Notices for dues will be sent by the end of February 2014, to all bands via Email.  If you've not received anything by the end of the month please contact Joseph McCauley, Secretary/Treasurer: 612-594-9910 -


On February 4th: a regularly scheduled meeting of the 2014 Scots-International Imperial Session Committee was conducted to discuss session information, updates and logistics.  Please note the updates and important information in the topic sections below.  In addition, as previously published, updates to the By-Laws have been completed and under official review.  Upon completion of all applicable reviews, the By-Laws with changes will be published on the SCOTS-International website at, and noted through this newsletter.  



Questions and comments regarding this newsletter: and/or the committee can be directed to the SCOTS-International Executive Committee through its President, 'Mac' McFarlane at  The committee encourages newsletter recipients to regularly review the SCOTS-International website ( as well as the SCOTS-International Facebook page ( for association news and member activities.


Our time together approaches quickly. Mark your calendars and prepare for an amazing 2014 event. 

December, 2013
Imperial Shrine Session 2014 S.C.O.T.S.

140th Imperial Shrine Session News & Information:

 July 6th - July 10th, 2014 - Minneapolis, Minnesota


February 2014 Updates - and "Breaking News"


Nobles & Ladies

We bid you greetings from the City of Lakes

Minneapolis, Minnesota


And the count-down continues with only a short time before Minneapolis hosts the Membership of SCOTS-International at the 140th Imperial Shrine Session.  The schedule and event planning are progressing well and your committee is working together to ensure that everything necessary to plan for this event is addressed.  Please visit the following links to review the schedule and other important information regarding the 140th Imperial Session.  And don't forget to click the countdown link above for the opening of Pipe Band Central.


�  The 140th Imperial Shrine Session (

�  The SCOTS-International website (

�  The SCOTS-International Facebook page (


The following is the currently planned schedule for SCOTS-International activities.  Any changes to this information will be reflected in this monthly newsletter.



Pipe Band Central:  Monday, July 7th through Wednesday, July 9th, 2014  -

Once again, all SCOTS-International activities will be taking place within Pipe Band Central, located at DeLaSalle High School on Nicollet Island.  Our centralized location will allow all of our Associations membership to be together in one venue during our SCOTS-International activities.  In addition, Pipe Band Central will have both a food concession and a beer garden, which will be available during the activities taking place.  The Food and Beverage Committee is working hard to provide delicious foods and beverages for our Pipe Band Central participants and guests. Costing and budget numbers are currently under review.


Imperial Parade:  Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

The Imperial parade will be held in the evening. The Massed Pipes & Drums will be leading the parade.  The parade route has been established, a map of which is available on the 2014 Imperial Shrine Session website.  Barnstorming after the parade is being discussed in order to take advantage of the large band and full crowds in the downtown area.  This may be a logical event considering that some of our participants may be leaving town before Wednesday evening.  Additional information regarding  all events will be posted as they change and/or become available.


Solo and Pipe Band Competition:  Monday, July 7th, 2014 at Pipe Band Central.

  • Competition Registration begins at 8:00 am. (Advance registration is available through the SCOTS-International website.
  • Solo competition in pipes, side drum, tenor drum, and bass drum will begin at 8:30 am.
  • Pipe Band competition will begin following the completion of the solo competition events.
  • Competition rules for both pipe bands and solos is posted to the Scots-International website.
  • All competition results and the presentation of trophies and awards will take place at the Ceilidh on Monday evening, July 7th, 2014.
  • NOTE: The fee for competing is the same as band membership in Scots-International.  Why not take a moment and join today!!!

SCOTS-International Annual Meeting:  Monday, July 7th, 2014 at Pipe Band Central.

The SCOTS-International Annual Meeting will be conducted at the conclusion of competition - (estimated at 1:30 pm), to allow everyone an opportunity to enjoy lunch.  This meeting will be held in the Florence Center, which is also the location for the Ceilidh later in the evening.


Ceilidh: Monday, July 7th, 2014 at Pipe Band Central

  • Join your brothers and ladies for great social fun, wonderful food, and good Celtic entertainment during this evening event at Pipe Band Central.  
  • The event begins with a social hour at 6:30pm. (Registration for the Ceilidh is available through advance registration through the SCOTS-International website).
  • The presentation of the solo and band competition trophies and/or awards will take place during this event.  Additional information for this event has been published.

**Ceilidh Note**

A registration/reservation will be required to attend this event. Please ensure that when registering for the 2014 Imperial Session that you also register for the Ceilidh if you intend to attend.





Announcing the first annual, first ever..........


"Ceilidh Quartet Competition" 


The Rules are simple -  

  • Arrive in Minneapolis early and greet your brother pipers and drummers from around the planet.
  • Invite some of your brothers to compete with you.
  • A minimum of 4 participants is required to create a quartet competition team - but no more than 4.
  •  The competition team may consist of any combination of pipes and drums..............even 4 pipes or 4 drums.
  • The competition consists of playing anything you want for the crowd at the Ceilidh.
  • The winners will be judged and chosen by crowd applause - and will be awarded a special prize
  • Registration for this event will available at Pipe Band Central during the day, on Monday, July 7th.
Massed Pipes & Drums Practice:  Tuesday, July 8th & Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 at Pipe Band Central


Practice for the Massed Pipes & Drums will take place on the field at Pipe Band Central in the early to mid afternoon both Tuesday and Wednesday - (Time T.B.D.)  Massed band tune sets are being reviewed with all tunes, music, and drum settings to be posted on the SCOTS-International website.  At the conclusion of massed band practice, we will be dividing the band up to create a couple of smaller bands for those who wish to take part in Tuesday evenings barnstorming of the pubs and bars of Minneapolis.  More information will be available in later issues of this newsletter.


Barnstorming:  Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 beginning at Pipe Band Central

The groups put together at the massed pipes & drums practice earlier in the day will depart for a round of barnstorming of venues in the Minneapolis area.  Each group will have a number of establishments to play in.  The time and schedule will be determined, and will be available in later issues of this newsletter.  

PLEASE NOTE:  As indicated above in the Imperial Parade Section, 

Barnstorming after the Tuesday Parade is being discussed in order to take advantage of the large band and full crowds in the downtown area.  This may be a logical event considering that some of our participants may be leaving town before Wednesday evening.   


 Ladies Programs:  (Dates & Times T.B.D.)

The ladies programs committee is continuing their work with the 2014 Imperial Shrine Session Committee.  Tours will be available and scheduled in conjunction with the Imperial Tours Program.  While further information will be published in this newsletter, you are encouraged to also review the 2014 Imperial Website ( for further information.  Questions or comments should be directed to the Ladies Programs Chair, Colleen McFarlane at the contact information below.




Please feel free to contact us at the numbers or emails below, or through the SCOTS-International website with any questions or comments.  We remain;


Yours in the Faith,


The 2014 SCOTS-International Imperial Session Committee:


  • Dean "Mac" McFarlane, Chairman: 612-919-2008 
  • Joseph McCauley, Secretary/Treasurer: 612-594-9910 
  • Colleen McFarlane, Chairman - Women's Events Committee:  612-919-0549 
  • Mike McKenzie - Chairman, Communications Committee:
  • Jeff Ansel - Co-Chair - Food & Beverage Committee
  • Betty Ansel - Co-Chair - Food & Beverage Committee
  • Eric Knutson - Chairman - Marketing & Promotions Committee
  • Adrian Skytland - Zuhrah Shrine Divan - Zuhrah Shrine & Shriners International Liaison
  • Jeff Hunt - Chairman, Competition Committee
2015 Imperial Shrine Session
141st Imperial Session News and Information:

July 5th - July 9th, 2015 - Houston, Texas

Planning is underway for the 141st Imperial Shrine Session, which will take place on July 5th - July 9th, 2015, in Houston, Texas.  SCOTS-International 1st Vice President Ray Leloup and his committee will be providing further information for the various activities that will take place in Houston in further issues of this newsletter.  For any additional information or comments, contact Ray at 713-907-0450, or e-mail him at 
Regional Information

15th Annual Fargo Instructional
 February 28th - March 2nd, 2014
Come and join members of multiple Midwest Shrines as we once again descend on Fargo, North Dakota for an exciting winter weekend of pipes and drums instruction, annual banquet and barnstorming.  As in the past, we will be staying at the Fargo Howard Johnson's Hotel (701-232-8850), located at 301 3rd Avenue North.  A block of rooms has been reserved under "Zuhrah Pipe Band," - according to the hotel, rooms are going fast. A number of Pipes and Drums Bands from the Midwest and Canada have already communicated that they are attending this event.  Why not you??

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