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February 2014 


It's been a long time since we've gotten together.    A lot has happened since we last met in October.  I look forward to updating you Tuesday night.  And while the cancellation of last month's meeting was unfortunate, after hearing the nightmarish stories of traffic, I know that it was the correct decision. 


Please register as a wader for our Sweep the Hooch 2014 at www.sweepthehooch.org.  Now in its 4th year, it is our event with the most public visibility.   We are a full partner in the event along with the National Park Service (CRNRA) and the Chattahoochee River Keeper (CRK).  Both of these organizations bring substantial resources to the event.  To carry our weight, the greater Atlanta TU chapters need to turn out sufficient volunteers to fill the slots at the five designated wading sites.  Trout fishermen are uniquely equipped to get to get in the water and pick trash in the shallow sections of the river.   Be sure to sign up as a wader at UCCTU site; Jones Bridge.


Our efforts are tremendously leveraged through this event resulting in thousands of person-hours of cleanup along 44 miles of the river.



Brad Cruickshank
Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited

February Meeting Speaker-
Tom Schmeltzer
"Trout in The Classroom"
Tom will be providing an overview and update on the local Trout in the Classroom program. The group is very excited, as they are looking to release the fingerlings into the Chattahoochee River on Saturday, March 01, 2014 at Jones Bridge Park. 
Sweep-the-Hooch 2014

Kevin McGrath
  STH 2014 Save Date
Why not clean-up 44 river miles in one day? Why not sweep clean the entire Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in one fell swoop? Why not have the largest river clean-up in Atlanta's history? Why not? So we did! That's how Sweep-the-Hooch got started. Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited,...  read more here
Thank You for Keeping the Muck Out of My Trout Streams

Good News! SB 299 will be amended to protect streams through effective watershed protection planning. Thank you, Sen. Steve Gooch, for agreeing to amend SB 299 | Watershed Protection Planning and responding to our requests. We previously reported on SB 299 in Don't Muck Up My Trout Stream. Be sure... read more here

March Meeting Speaker- Kent Edmonds

Fishing the Flint River and Shoal Bass

Join us for a presentation on fishing the Flint River and shoal bass by UCCTU friend Kent Edmonds. Kent operates Fly fish West Georgia guide service putting clients on shoal bass in the Flint River, strippers in the Chattahoochee River and bass and bream at Callaway Gardens. No one knows West Georgia better than Kent!  

Atlanta Fly Fishing School becomes Gold Level Sponsor of UCCTU

Atlanta Fly Fishing School

With the annual generosity of Mack Martin and the Atlanta Fly Fishing School, Walt Gasson of Trout Unlimited has named AFFS a Gold Level Endorsed Business Partner of TU. Look for the announcement in next month's addition of Trout Magazine. To find out how to become a recognized sponsor of the chapter and TU click here

Guide's Angle with Chris Scalley
-Matching the Subsurface Hatch-


Early spring is a time period esteemed author Gary Lafontaine referred to as the "Spring Abundance" of a trout stream. Gary Lafontaine is famous for his wealth knowledge of subsurface habits of invertebrates and how trout prey on them. continue reading here


News Bites
Don't forget to get your new TU Georgia License plate featuring the brook trout. 
Thanks to those who helped stock Whitewater Creek in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area on February 17th. 


Register online for the SE Regional TU Meeting in Dillard, Georgia.
Check out the new TU website and look for updates on events and happenings in the UCCTU group page. 
Georgia Women Fly Fishers would like to extend the invitation for UCCTU Members to join their Mardi Gras Fundraiser on March 8, 2017 from 7pm-10pm at the SweetWater Brewery located in Atlanta, GA. 
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Monthly Fly Tying
Dutch Earle will be hosting March Fly Tying. Email Chris Smith for information about the event if you are interested. 
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Bob Schmitt and Andrew Brown showing off a Callaway Gardens Trout

Balls of every variety find themselves in the Chattahoochee River

Chris Scalley's client with a beautiful Hooch Brown

Whitewater Creek stocking Volunteers
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