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February, 2015
Making decisions about course selection, standardized testing, and summer activities is upon us. Those of us living through the deep freeze look forward to warmer weather. Below are some tips to help you as you make your plans for the coming year.

What Classes Should You Take?


As you begin planning your schedules for the coming year, the goal is to create a schedule that will challenge, but not overwhelm you. We have a few tips to help you manage the process.


Finding the Right Balance When Planning Your Classes


SAT vs ACT? Which is best to take?


As Independent Educational Consultants, we are often asked to weigh in on this question. Since colleges accept both tests equally, we typically advise students to determine which test suits them best and prepare for that one. However for current sophomores, the answer is more complex. 


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Upcoming Presentation: 
Crafting Your Story for the College Application


When:     March 10, 2015
Time:      7:30 pm
Place:     Westfield High School Cafeteria B
Cost:       Free
Sponsored by:  PTC-Gifted committee


Are you a musical athlete or dancing doctor?  Are you political junky or junior entrepreneur? The college admissions process has become increasingly competitive, however students who understand their strengths and focus on communicating their story in a compelling way will have a clear advantage in the admission process.


Lisa and Beth will walk through several case studies of how students crafted their story and successfully communicated it to colleges through their application.


There will be plenty of time to ask questions and start thinking about your own story.


Seniors:  You will be hearing from most of your schools by the end March. We are thinking good thoughts, and please keep us updated.


Juniors:  Keep up the great work to finish the year strong. We understand that junior year is tough, and we are proud of your efforts to date.  Please keep us updated on your visits, or call us to help you schedule your visits during spring break.


Sophomores and Freshmen: If you haven't already, let's set up a time to plan for the coming year classes, activities and summer.




Lisa and Beth
College Bound Mentor, LLC 

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