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February 2015 NEWSLETTER
We have numerous contract-binding markets that allow us to offer quick turn-around on this class!
Depending on the size and type (residential, commercial, or mixed) our minimum premiums can be as low as $1,500!
Call your underwriter today for pricing and terms!
Let us help you RENOVATE your profits! 

Are you looking for a market for the individuals who are "flipping" dwellings?  We can write a vacant/renovation policy on a DP-1 - Named Perils ACV basis for the dwelling (1-4 family).  


These are rated for the completed value (Current ACV + Cost of Renovations).  Premises liability can also be offered if a licensed contractor is doing the "major work" (wiring/heating/plumb/roofing).  We also have markets that will consider a DP-3 RC basis for these situations.   


Whether your client is just making cosmetic updates or a full gut rehab, let us help you write these policies to RENOVATE your bottom line.     


Contact Marsha Peck, Ext 236, today for a quote today!


We want your used car dealers & garage service operations!


We can consider many unique classes with a variety of risk.


Coverages Available: 

- Dealer Liability

- Dealer Open Lot

- Service Liability

- Garage Keepers Liability

- Fire Legal Liability


- Property

- Physical Damage

- Med Pay


And we can work off competitors apps!


Call or email CIU with any new business submissions or questions.

We can help on this class!  Depending on the age, we may only be able to offer Basic/ACV, and we will typically require a per building dedt, but we can still help on your hard to place dwelling schedules!
Call today for an application or more info! 



Primary (MO), HO3, PC 9, $2.9mil TIV                                                                           $8,515 

Seasonal Condo (AR), HO6, Broad Form, $175k TIV                                                     $670

Monoline Adjacent Structure (MO), DP1, Fire & EC only, $35k TIV                             $270  

Primary w/ in-home daycare (OK), DP3 (no liab), $233k TIV                                         $1,575

4 Tenant-Occupied Rental Dwellings (MO), DP3, $238k TIV                                         $3,320

Seasonal Dwelling (AR), HO3, with losses, $374k TIV                                                   $4,840 


Comm Lessors Risk (c-store/repair shop tenants)- $843k TIV, $1mil/$2mil GL              $7,430

Prisoner Transport- 2 units, local radius, $1mil CSL, $5k Med Pay, $100k UM/UIM,   

            $84k phys damage w/ $1k comp/coll dedts                                                            $8,125

Oil Well Swabbing Contractor- $150k GR, $1mil/$2mil GL, $4mil Excess                   $10,000

Raw Milk Transportation- $65k Motor Truck Cargo, 14 trucks                                        $8,160

Employee Screening/Drug Testing- $2.4mil GR, $1mil E&O                                           $5,460

Mobile Home Leveling System Manufacturer- $1.4mil GR, $1mil/$2mil GL                  $5,250

In-Home Health Care- $4.65mil GR, $1mil/$3mil GL/E&O (w/ abuse)                         $44,205

Comm Lessors Risk (retail tenants)- 5mil sq ft. $1mil/$2mil GL (incl H&NO Auto),

            $10mil Excess                                                                                                     $165,183