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New Work

Februarys Edge 28x40 $20,000
February's Edge    28" x 40"    $20,000
What is it about a particular place that calls us back again and again?
For the last 20 years I've painted this valley; a little section of crossroads and rolling hills that I feel at home in. It has become a pleasant foil to all of the Industrial subjects I have painted.

It's like you are no longer just a visitor -- the place gets used to having you around and says, "You know where the key is, let yourself in."

Eventually you get to see behind the curtain. Becoming familiar has allowed me the privilege of going more deeply and pure subject has become increasingly less significant.

Someone once said, "If you stay in one place long enough and go deep, you have the chance to find the universal in the particular."

I believe that to be true.
February's Edge  -  Detail
February's Edge  -  Detail

Some Thoughts on Collecting Art

I recently had an experience with a collector who was looking at a painting in my studio and asked, "When did you do that?" I was surprised and asked her if she had seen the work in the last newsletter and she said she wasn't sure. When we next spoke, she said she was shocked; that while standing in front of the painting she had an immediate emotional response that she did not get from simply viewing the image online.

My first experience standing before Michelangelo's 'The Unfinished Slaves' filled my eyes with tears. I'd studied images of them in books for 30 years, and though I was humbled and awed by the skill, but I was not prepared for what came off those marbles: I didn't just see them -- I felt them.
So what happened?
Simply put, a work of art can only give off that which it was given in the making and no photo -- no matter how accurate, can transmit actual feeling.

For me making art is first a sensual experience and secondly an intellectual one.

A collector who knows your work can easily purchase something online but for those who have yet to buy - there is no substitute for witnessing the art in person.

A direct dialogue is always best.

When someone comes to my studio to look at paintings I like to leave them alone to have their own experience before answering questions.

Buying original art can be an act or an experience.

So by all means, visit your favorite galleries and feel free to call and stop by my studio.

You have to live with the art you collect -- and you should love it.

2015 Workshops

Mamaroneck, New York
Composition & Design for Painters
5-Day Studio Workshop

Monday, March 23rd - Friday, March 27th, 2015  

Rooftops, Minneapolis 8x10,  Oil on Mounted Linen, $2,700
Rooftops, Minneapolis    8" x 10"    $3,000
There are still a couple of slots left in this comprehensive workshop.
This course will completely change your understanding, control and consistency in the design of your paintings.

Not all Composition is intuitive and solid precepts can be learned. It's important to understand why a design works so one can design well -- consistently.

We will be dealing with the building of a picture from the ground up. Starting with the Linear Aspect of a picture we will address Balance, Unity, Variety/Interest & Contrast. We will then move into limited tone and finally, color. Enrollment is limited.

This studio course is exercise-based and will be held indoors at a private residence.

Cost: $800

Click here to learn more.

20th Annual St. Paul, Minnesota
3-Day Summer Plein Air Workshop

Friday, June 12th - Sunday, 14th, 2015

This workshop is ideal for those who would like to be introduced to working with a prismatic palette from life or for those who want a refresher to start off their Summer painting.

Cost: $550

Click here for details.

Madeline Island, WI
5-Day Plein Air Workshop
Madeline Island School of the Arts

Monday, July 6th - Friday, July 10th, 2015 

A Gentle Indifference 24x30 $13,500
A Gentle Indifference    24" x 30"    $13,500
This workshop is filling up quickly, be sure to register to secure your spot!

My first experience teaching at MISA was simply wonderful; there was plenty to paint and the accommodations and hospitality provided by the school and staff was top-notch.

I'm looking forward to returning to this lovely island again next summer, I hope you can join me.
A special thanks to Charles, Jenna and the entire staff for elevating the experience.

Click here to learn more.


December Mist 28x40 $20,000
December Mist    28" x 40"    $20,000
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