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Welcome to our latest newsletter. An exciting year ahead for our orchard.  New products, new ways to enjoy our pear offerings!
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February 2016

Weeks Away.

How many days until Spring? Could be closer than we think!

As tempting as the scent of Spring is, it would be best to have a few more weeks of cold winter weather.

Deep cold naturally kills off bugs and other pests that emerged during the previous year. It will be great to see plants, trees, and vegetation have a clean, healthy start for the upcoming growing season. 

Our gift to you.

In appreciation of your support of all that we grow, we wanted to share a Springtime special offer: buy-a-pair & get one free.

Purchase any two of the same size packages of our dried Asian Pears and get a third package, free - our gift to you.

Use promotional code: thankyou when you shop online. Even more tasty: Free Ground shipping. Our dried Asian Pears make healthy gift ideas for Easter and Mother's Day.

Outdoor ikebana. 

In addition to the cold temps of Mother Nature's work this time of year, our crew tirelessly makes their way through the orchard each day. They are tasked to prune the excess growth from each of our our dormant Asian Pear trees.  

Twigs, large limbs and branches are selectively cut away from the trees. The result:  energy of the tree is focused to produce the best tasting pears. Also the tree is shaped in a way to allow maximum sun penetration when it bears fruit.  More sun, more wonderful fruit.

Mini-Gift Basket.

In the spirit of appreciation and thankfulness, perhaps you are looking to share a tiny "thank you" with someone?

Try our all-new petite pear gift: the Subarashii-Mini. This simple gift basket contains our chewy and candy-like dried Asian Pears; paired with a jar of our savory yet sweet, Asian Pear Spread.

The smart kraft paper look makes this a particularly charming gift as well. 

Free shipping is included with purchase.  The tiniest of thanks goes a long way...


Super Subarashii Cookies
Taste these scrumptiously soft oatmeal cookies baked with both our Asian Pear spread and our dried Asian Pears. Sweet, delicious...and frankly, we can't stop eating them!

Click here to download this recipe for chewy, baked goodness from our team member, Carol.

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