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Investment & Retirement Experts Available 

Ohio Deferred Compensation has many Investment and Retirement Experts available to speak to employer management teams about a variety of topics. Let us come to you to provide you with the information and guidance you and your staff need. Learn more here.


Educating Your Staff

We know that conservatively speaking, 38% of Americans are not saving anything for retirement and that 80% of people ages 30-54 believe they will not have enough money put away for retirement. Another 63% of participants would like more education and advice from their employers on how to reach their retirement goals. Provide your staff with basics here. 
Deferred Compensation Terms

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)Distribution  amount that must be paid to a participant in a public retirement plan. U.S. Dept. of Treasury and IRS regulations generally require that participants begin taking an annual RMD by April 1 of the year after they reach age 70½ or the year in which they retire, whichever is later. There are also RMD requirements for beneficiaries.    Visit our website to learn more.
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Meet a Field Account Executive:
Dan Totin

Meet Dan.

Dan graduated from the Pennsylvania State University majoring in history and education. He attended graduate school at Youngstown State. Work history includes, student teaching, broadcasting and various sales experiences. This is his 37th year in the financial services industry, where he has worked for Security First Group, Paine Webber, Nationwide and Ohio Deferred Compensation. Dan has covered Northeast Ohio employers and participants in Ohio Deferred Compensation since 1991.

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