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Contractors, Contractors, Contractors...  WE WANT YOUR CONTRACTORS!! 

We can consider all shapes and sizes... everything from the one-man trade/artisan contractor to the mid-sized remodeling operation;ground-up new home (or commercial) General Contractors, Roofing Contractors, and MORE! 

Call us today for an app or send what you have for a quote!  800-241-9759  newbusiness@ciusgf.com   

Do you need help placing coverage on a seasonal or secondary dwelling (values up to $10mil) or a condo?    

If you are unable to write in your standard markets because it is located in a different state, corporately owned, and/or used as a short term rental, CIU can help! 

We can consider dwellings with log construction, PC 9/10, or that are rented on a short term basis. 

Contact Marsha Peck, ext 236, mpeck@ciusgf.com today for pricing!!   

There have been an awful lot of rumblings lately... don't let your clients get caught in the rubble!   

Sell them Earthquake coverage today!
This is available for Personal* AND Commercial risks!
For Commercial inquiries call 800-241-9759 (or send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com).

For Personal Lines inquiries contact Marsha Peck at Ext 236 or mpeck@ciusgf.com.
*Please note for Personal Lines EQ is only available for MO, AR and IL risks. (For commercial risks we can consider other states as well.) 

Contact your underwriter today for more info!
A Few "Fun Facts" About Brandy Weber...
1)  As a kid, I had 4 white cats named Phydeaux (Fido).
2)  I've played the flute for over 30 years and give lessons in my spare time.
3)  I have a talent for misunderstanding song lyrics such as "Big Ol' Chad had a light on" is REALLY "Big Ol' Jet airliner" by the Steve Miller Band.
4)  I started my insurance career in 1994 working as a claims adjuster, material damage appraiser, and salvage specialist.  In 2003, I switched over to underwriting, specializing in excess and surplus lines.
5)  My favorite childhood memory is spending time with my Grandma and Grandpa on their farm.
6)  My family consists of my husband of 7 years, 2 sons (15 and 19 yrs old), 1 daughter (5 yrs old), 2 stepsons, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bunny (and a partridge in a pear tree... just kidding!).
7)  I've always been a "Missouri Girl," but I love to travel.  Two places on my bucket list include Ireland and Alaska.
You will feel "safe and sound" with our "secure" programs for:
-Security Guards
-Security Consultants
-Private Detectives
-Process Servers
-Alarm Sales
-Alarm Installation 
-Alarm Monitoring
-Pest Control
-Wildlife Services
    and more! 
Send these risks our way today!
Phone: 800-241-9759
Fax: 417-883-3393

newbusiness @ ciusgf.com
We can quote your Swimming Pool (Installation, Servicing or Repair) risks!!

Coverage is available for both above- and below-ground work.

-Pop Up Coverage
- Pesticide or Herbicide Applicator Coverage
-Additional Insureds
-Waiver of Subrogation
-Per Project General Aggregate

...and more optional coverages are available! 
We can consider many unique classes and a variety of risks!
And we can work off competitors apps!
Send your  submissions to
or  or call your underwriter to discuss your specific accounts today!
Commercial Lines:  
Roofing & Remodeling General Contractor (w/ all work subcontracted out to insured subs) - $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil Excess (over GL and AL). $7.8mil GR. $75,290
Heavy Truck Sales/Service- $1mil/$2mil Garage Liability; $100k UM/UIM; $528k DOL (w/ $1k comp/coll dedt); $50k GKLL (w/ $1k dedt). 5 rating units, 10 d-tags & 2 scheduled autos. $27,770
Waste Hauler- local radius. 11 power units; 46 trailers. $1mil CSL; $100k UM/UIM; $362k Phys Dmg (w/ $2,500 comp/coll dedts). $38,410
Commercial Property Owner (Lessors Risk)- $2mil Prop TIV (w/ $5k dedt); $1mil/$2mil GL $14,920
Rental Dwellings- 26 one-family; 3 duplexes; and one acre of vacant land. $2.2mil Prop TIV; $1mil/$2mil GL.  $19,005
Arena/Stadium Concessionaire- $200k GR (w/ 15% alcohol sales).  $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil/$2mil Liquor; $11mil Excess (over GL & Liquor). $13,080
Commercial General Contractor- $2mil/$2mil GL (incl Blanket AI and WOS). $3.5mil GR. $38,490
Real Estate Property Management- $1mil/$2mil GL. $300k GR. $2,160
Residential Roofing/Siding Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL. $67k payroll.  $4,500
Hotel w/ pool- $4.1mil Prop TIV ($5k aop/1% w/h dedts). $1mil/$2mil GL ($1k dedt); $2mil Excess. $610k GR. $18,645
Personal Lines:  
DP 3- Steel Construction w/ 70 acres. $627k TIV. Previous fire loss. $7,970
DP 3- Tenant Occupied. $1.4mil TIV. Previous fire loss. $3,390
Umbrella- $2mil. Covers Primary residence, 7 rental units, 2 vehicles & 2 drivers. $510
HO 3- Owner Occupied Seasonal Dwelling w/ 100 acres. Log Construction. $565k TIV. Previous water loss. $3,370
DP 3- Vacant. $275k TIV. RC coverage. $1,170