Municipal Grant Applications
New Grant Application and Guidelines
Council recently approved some changes to the Municipal Grant programs. We now have three different grant categories, and just one application form.

We now have local, regional and annual programs.

Looking for our "Grants to Organizations" applications?
The Regional Program is taking its and the applications are available now. 

The Municipality is also now offering a Grant for constituent groups looking to bring in refugee families to Cumberland County.
Volunteer Feature - Craig McCormick
Springhill has a "New" Outdoor Skating Rink
Craig McCormick of Ray McCormick & Sons Ltd., a successful family-run trucking, excavating, and gravel business has said, "The positive response, excitement, and feedback from the community following our latest project - The Outdoor Community Rink in Springhill - has far surpassed any expectations we could have imagined."  

Another instance of community volunteers going above and beyond in Cumberland County! We are lucky and proud to have partnered with Craig McCormick on this important community project.

Volunteer Award Nominations
Volunteer of the Year

The Municipality of the County of Cumberland is currently accepting nominations for Volunteer of the Year. 

If you or someone you know deserves to be recognized as volunteer of the year for their efforts in the community, please fill out the form and submit by Friday, February 12, 2016 at 12:00 noon.

Staff Donations to Local Organizations
Donation of $1500 to Local Organizations
Staff at the Municipality of the County of Cumberland donated a grand total of $1500 to three local organizations in Cumberland County. Donations were collected through a staff Jeans Day Fund and distributed three cheques of $500 to the following organizations:
To find out more information about these organizations, please click on their link above.

Council Session Dates

February 3 and 17
The Municipality of the County of Cumberland Council will meet on February 3 and 17 at the Upper Nappan Service Centre. Both sessions will begin at 2:30PM. 

Open Tenders and Proposals for Municipal Services
Visit our Website for List of Current Tenders and Proposals
The Municipality of the County of Cumberland is soliciting proposals for the provision of engineering services relating to the detailed design and construction supervision for the potable water infrastructure required to provide domestic water supply to the residents, businesses and institutions in the Village of Pugwash, NS. 

The Municipality of the County of Cumberland is currently accepting tenders for Curbside Collection of Solid Waste in Districts 11 & 12, the Community of Springhill. 
Staff Feature - Snowplow Operators
Fred Arsenault, Tom Hunter & Steve Ripley

The Department of Transportation and Infrastucture Renewal cares for the majority of roads in Cumberland County. The roads in Springhill, however, are cared for by a select few Municipal staff members.

Our Snow Plow Operators are responsible for driving and operating snow plows (along with other mobile equipment) used in the performance of all municipal transportation related activities, including snow removal and materials handling, repairs and maintenance of water treatment and distribution and waste water collection facilities, as well as other tasks that address the needs of citizens in the delivery of public services.

Fred Arsenault - Driver
Steve Ripley - Water Distribution Operator I & Driver
Tom Hunter - Mechanic & Driver

For more information about our Engineering & Operations staff, please visit our website
Pugwash Waterfront Development Project 
Project Report
A concept plan for the Pugwash Waterfront Improvement Project was developed as a result of the Pugwash Waterfront Steering Committee's dream, community engagement, and rounds of feedback.
Chilli Willi Festival
Springhill's Annual Chilli Willi Winter Carnival
February 12th-21st
Kicking off the Winter Carnival is the Grand Opening of the Springhill Outdoor community Rink 6:00pm-8:00pm

Other events include:
*Snow Sculpture Competition
*Invasion of the Snow People
*Chilli Cook Off
*3 on 3 winter classic
*Skating and more!
So much outdoor winter fun for everyone!!!
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Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce
Sign Up for Your Local Board of Trade or Chamber of Commerce!
Local Board of Trade and Chamber of Commerce groups are focused on promoting and improving trade and commerce in our region. They offer benefits to the business community and host various events to support and grow the region. Contact your local Board of Trade or Chamber of Commerce for more information!
Grant Opportunities
Gender Equity Fund 
The Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) has been leading efforts to improve gender equity in physical activity, sport and recreation. This fund is designed to help physical activity, sport and recreation organizations create supportive organizational cultures, policies, practices, and conditions to increase the engagement of women and girls in physical activity, sport, and recreation as leaders, decision makers, coaches, volunteers, and participants. 
Various initiatives to build the gender equity capacity of organizations are eligible. 
Applications can be made throughout the year and will be accepted until February 15th, 2016 or until such time as the fund is expended.
Operating Assistance to Cultural Organizations 
This program is designed to enhance stability within organizations that develop and sustain Nova Scotia's arts and culture community. Support is provided to organizations which produce cultural products, own and/or manage cultural facilities, provide services to the cultural sector and produce or present cultural festivals or events. 
Such organizations are fundamental to the vitality and long-term health of the arts and cultural life in Nova Scotia. Application deadline: February 15, 2016
Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds School Ground Greening Grants
~Transforming the Outdoor Landscape of Canada's Schools~
The Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds program helps schools create outdoor classrooms to provide students with a healthy place to play, learn and develop a genuine respect for nature. Since the program began in 2000, it has provided funds to over 3,000 schools from coast to coast, providing countless opportunities for students to engage with nature on their school grounds.

Amount offered: Up to $3,500 for public schools and daycares located on school Board/District property.

Applications accepted on March 28, 2016

Learn More

Tourism Nova Scotia revamps marketing and development partner programs for industry
The following programs, to be piloted in 2016, will support the development of world class experiences, quality content and search engine marketing.

Inspiring Content Partner Program
This program is designed to increase production and use of quality content when promoting Nova Scotia experiences to potential visitors. Partners (individual operators or groups) will have the opportunity to invest between $5,000-$50,000, which will be matched by Tourism Nova Scotia, to produce photography and video assets. Successful applicants will see their content shared via Tourism Nova Scotia's marketing channels, in addition to their own.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Partner Program
This program is an internet marketing approach where search terms/ads are purchased and appear on page one of Google search results in an effort to gain traffic and visibility for one's website. This form of advertising has proven to be one of the most cost effective ways of getting relevant traffic to visit  NovaScotia.com.
Tourism Nova Scotia's Search Engine Marketing program will provide eligible partners (individual operators or groups) with an opportunity to buy search terms through the Nova Scotia Tourism Google account that will be promoted in Tourism Nova Scotia's key markets. Tourism Nova Scotia will match the partner's investment, have Google experts project manage the buy, track conversions and provide monthly reports to partners. Partner investment levels will range between $2,500 to $50,000.

World Class Experience EXCELLerator Program
This program offers eligible operators the opportunity to work with Tourism Nova Scotia experts to develop experiences that create a buzz and inspire first time visitors to travel to Nova Scotia. Operators will benefit from one-on-one coaching, research, professional development, marketing asset production and more.
Opportunities in Cumberland County

Strategic Planning / Mission, Vision, Values

On Friday March 11th George Savoury will be coming to Amherst to do a group training day around Strategic planning / mission vision values etc.   

This is a great opportunity for non-profits to revisit their priorities and make sure their work lines up with their goals. 

He has requested a maximum of 24 attend and hopes to have 2 people from each non-profit.  In the case of non-profits with employees, he has suggested a board member and a staff member take advantage of the training. 

There will be no charge to participants. 


Here is a link to the gentleman that would do the presentation


Home Heating Assistance
Government is once again contributing to the Good Neighbour Energy Fund, administered by the Salvation Army.

The fund offers financial assistance to low-income families to heat their home in emergency situations. 

To receive support, an applicant must not have received assistance from the program for two years. This year, the eligibility was reduced from three years to two years to help more low-income families. 

The Good Neighbour Energy Fund runs from Jan. 15 to April 15. 
For more information

Nova Scotians may also be eligible for the Heating Assistance Rebate Program to help with up to $200 toward home heating costs. 
Happenings in Cumberland County

Municipal Website
Springhill Website Changes
The website for the former Town of Springhill has been discontinued. All municipal information concerning the Community of Springhill can be found on the Municipality's website ( cumberlandcounty.ns.ca).

All relevant information has been relocated from the Springhill website to the Municipality's, including  Springhill dissolution information, events and activities at the  Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre, as well as  by-laws and policies in effect in the Community of Springhill. 

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