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Overhaul For A Hero:
The Patterson Project
Video Series
Episodes 1-5 are now available!
Firefighter Jeff Patterson was given a 4% chance to live after being injured in a Dallas house fire. He and wife Tina fought to defy the odds and are thankful to be home getting better each day.
In episode 4 Jim has to deliver news that is going to be hard for Tina to hear. In episode 5 the team gives the renovation a final push including the yard's amazing transformation.

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Spring Tree Care Checklist
Help your trees thrive this year.

WATER Now is the PERFECT time to get back out there to have the irrigation system checked by a registered licensed irrigator to make sure everything is getting covered appropriately, including those trees!

PRUNING Now is not the time to go all out and completely prune your trees. It's significantly better to prune LIVING tissue during the winter when the tree is dormant. HOWEVER, this is the perfect time to prune any dead or diseased tissue as new leaves can help identify the healthy portions.

INSPECT This is also an amazing time to get out there and inspect to see how good of a start your tree is having. Have a well-qualified Certified Arborist or Board Certified Master Arborist come take a look at your trees to determine if any small issues are showing up, that way you can handle them before they become big issues!

RAKE In a forest, leaves, twigs, etc. get "recycled" by microorganisms and returned to the tree in the form of nutrients (we call it "Nutrient Cycling"). HOWEVER, we recommend getting rid of them to ensure nothing with fungus, bacteria,etc. is there to potentially infect your trees this year.

MULCH Unfortunately, in raking up your leaves, you ARE destroying that natural nutrient pool that the tree has to draw from. The best way to compensate for that and really give your trees a health boost by re-applying mulch around the drip line of your trees. Mulching has actually been proven to be one of the most beneficial treatments for your trees that we know of...and it's super cheap!

FERTILIZE A good fertilization program can really help to ensure your trees have the nutrients they need to thrive. But, before you just go pumping a bunch of chemicals into the ground....
CHECK YOUR SOIL There's an old saying in modern medicine: "prescription without diagnosis is malpractice." The same thing applies to trees. Did you know that too much Nitrogen can actually PHYSICALLY BURN a tree's root system? This can lead to serious problems. Before you feed your trees, make sure you have a soil analysis performed for your trees insuring they get the right fertilization.


Information provided by US Tree Care...click here for more about the Spring Tree Care Check List.

Official Certified Arborist of Texas Home Improvement 
US Tree Care
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Your Questions
Jim's Answers

Hot Water Heater
When putting in a new hot water heater you have many options, and a number of things to consider. Jim covers everything you need to know and some stuff you probably haven't even thought about.

Roof Shingles
Hand Nail vs. Nail Gun
Caller asks about the difference between hand-nailing shingles vs. using the nail gun on the roof.

Texas Home Improvement Hits the Road
Texas Home Improvement is coming to an event near you! Come out and see Jim and bend his ear about your latest project.

Dallas Market Hall
March 5
George R Brown Center
April 16

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