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Overhaul For A Hero:
The Patterson Project
Video Series
Episodes 1,2 & 3 are now available!
Firefighter Jeff Patterson was given a 4% chance to live after being injured in a Dallas house fire. He and wife Tina fought to defy the odds and are thankful to be home getting better each day.
In episodes 2 & 3Jim and the team get to work on renovating the Patterson's home. There are quite a few challenges, but they push forward to help this local hero and his amazing family.

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Tim Urban

Overhaul For A Hero: The Patterson Project
video series director, Tim Urban joined the Chris Krok Show on WBAP to talk about the making of the Overhaul For A Hero video series. Learn about Tim's personal connection to the project and why he describes it as a privilege to be involved. Chris Krok also asks Tim to look back at his American Idol experience, and give his unique take on the Republican presidential candidates.

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Jim's Answers

Hot Water Flow Troubleshooting
Kenneth's cold water is running great, but the hot water is slow. Jim describes the possible causes and how to get it flowing again.

Painting? Get Rid Of The Rot First.
When painting your house, or replacing siding, Jim urges you to do it right. Paint does not stick to rot!

Real vs. Engineered Wood
Listener has decided on new wood floors. Jim outlines the differences between real wood and engineered wood flooring.

Custom Homes
...be your own builder
One thing Jim has learned over the years is that so many Texas Home Improvement listeners are doers. He talks to Texans every week taking charge of their own projects. If you will be building your own custom home The Owner Builder Network is a great resource. Since 1997 the Owner Builder Network has been helping people building their custom home with necessary tools you need like; financing, contractors and suppliers that will work with you, and often at builder cost.
If you are building a custom home check out the Owner Builder Network.

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