Happy Valentines Day
Hello Everyone,
The month begins with a sense of relief...our family has been blessed by good fortune and good health, but like most of you, we have had a family member recently diagnosed with cancer. Because it was caught early in my husband, we are expecting him to recover from his surgery with no trace of the disease. 

The most important part of his recovery was the support he received from his close family and friends, including my friends at Whispering Willow who offered their prayers and words of encouragement. 

While this is not the first time our family has had to deal with a health scare, it was a new experience for me as a wife and best friend to the love of my life. Like a lot of scary things in life, I felt like I was entering Unfamiliar Territory  and decided to blog about the similarity to what horses experience when faced with the unknown. We learn so much from past experiences and are able to handle our fears with the love and support of others. Each of us has a connection with one another in this life and it is that connection that allows us to feel less vulnerable in the moments when we face fear and uncertainty. I am so glad to have my human and equine friends to keep me grounded and to remind me of the importance of reaching out to others in my life. 

It is also the month to remember that we are all loved by someone and we should take time the to tell our VALENTINES how much they are loved! Come share your love with our four legged friends at Whispering Willow Ranch.

See you around the barn,
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Our recent winter weather, somewhat mild but very rainy, limits the amount of time spent outside here in the Northwest. And so, I've begun using more of our indoor arena's best features-the toys I've acquired over the years, including poles and jumps, barrels and cones. Not to mention the big ball, medium ball and various plastic items [...] 

Lynn Elston-In Memory of a Friend
Recently, a good friend of mine passed away after being diagnosed less than a year ago with cancer. I met Lynn at a Centered Riding clinic 7 years ago, my first with teacher and mentor, Karen Irland. Lynn was a Level 2 instructor and like everyone I would meet through Centered Riding,  had a kind and open heart, a loving spirit and an honest soul. She shared her love of horses and her struggle with overcoming the fear in riding them. She was in awe of their beauty, their power and their authenticity.
Lynn and her horse Moon
She wanted to understand them and in doing so, gain greater insight into her own nature and purpose in this life. She found the teachings of Carolyn Resnick and Liberty Training, which led her to the amazing Robin Gates. Robin was not just a teacher to Lynn, she was a mentor and a friend and inspired Lynn to pursue her dream of bringing horses and humans together at her beautiful place she called "From the Mother Farm". She wanted everyone who entered to find the real truth in their relationships with horses, themselves and others. It was here, at one of Lynn's weekend Liberty workshops with Robin that I first discovered the power of admitting vulnerability in my life and to see it as a source of strength to move forward with my dreams and desires. It would be the beginning of a journey that continues to this day in my life with horses. Lynn knew that horses were wise, intuitive creatures and that given a choice and a chance to offer their own perspective, would share themselves heart and soul.  I know that Lynn is sharing eternal life with the beautiful horses who passed before she did and that she will continue to live in the hearts of everyone she has touched in this life-horse and human.

" Life, happiness and the pursuit of Liberty"

Starting this Spring, the new course "How to Talk Horse" will be offered through the Adult Continuing Education department at Lower Columbia College in Longview. This will be a four session course offered for two hours a week  on Friday mornings in late May and June. The course is for anyone l ooking to become more powerful and self directed, with a desire to connect with self, others and nature. With the help of horses, students will learn how to be more emotionally, physically and mentally aware and lead a deeper, fuller life by discovering your strengths and conquering life's challenges. 

All classes will be at Whispering Willow Ranch with instructor and facilitator of Equine Assisted Learning, Cathy Mahon. No experience with horses necessary. JOIN US in nature's classroom with her greatest teacher-the horse!

  More information in our future newsletter!

Gail, Sheila, Kellie (with Skip) and Amanda
Women of Whispering Willow, February 27, 2016
Our next Women of Whispering Willow (WOWW) gathering will meet on February 27, 2016. We have invited Aimee Elliott to present and share her knowledge and experience with essential oils. We will also have a chance to play as we get to know some of the new members of the herd. We will have good food, good fun and will guarantee to put a smile on your face.
All are welcome. No horse experience required!
Have you always dreamed of owning a horse but just can't commit to it? Too expensive, too time-consuming or too much work? Well, we have the answer:  SPONSOR A HORSE!
When you sponsor a horse, you're contributing to the care and feeding of your new friend, while choosing how much time and energy you want to spend with them. And now, when you sponsor a horse for an entire month's expenses, you'll receive TWO FREE CENTERED RIDING LESSONS with a certified instructor. Most of all, you'll have fun with these amazing creatures while you learn about friendship, patience and compassion.
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