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From the Director
Welcome to ITPIR's first newsletter of 2016. Students are now back on campus, which means Scotland Street's third floor is buzzing. Faculty members are finalizing new lectures and submitting overdue manuscripts to publishers, which means coffee consumption at Aroma's is way up.

For our DC alumni, keep an eye out for a  March 18 event to celebrate W&M's international reach.

This newsletter features updates on some of our projects' latest developments, including: 
  • A visit by former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan with CAD Director Professor Phil Roessler and his student Matthew Bondy '18 and AidData Executive Director Brad Parks '03.
  • TRIP's receipt of a $115,000 MacArthur grant.
  • The Bosnia Project announcing the students selected for its 2016 service learning project.
  • The PIPS team meeting and chatting with Chancellor Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense.
  • AidData's insights on Chinese development finance.
  • And photos from my favorite event of the year - ITPIR's Homecoming BBQ. 
All of these stories are highlighted below in greater detail and with links to follow up stories, photos, videos or research. I can't wait to see what all the ITPIR projects do in 2016.
Mike Tierney '87
Director, ITPIR
Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan visits ITPIR
Matthew Bondy '18 (left) is pictured with Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan (center) and CAD Director Phil Roessler.
Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan recently visited ITPIR and was briefed by the  Center for African Development (CAD)  Director Phil Roessler and AidData Executive Director Brad Parks. After the presentations, he ended his evening with 40+ students at a BBQ on our porch at Scotland Street.

Jonathan was at W&M as a visitor with the Presidential Precinct. Jonathan was the first President in Nigeria's history to peacefully concede the results of a democratic election and to relinquish his position in office to the opposition.  (Click HERE to read more.)
PIPS team meets Chancellor Robert Gates

Chancellor Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense (center), meets the  Project for International Peace and Security (PIPS)  2015-2016 Research Fellows, Military Fellows, Administrative Interns and Alumni during W&M's 2015 Homecoming Weekend. Click HERE to see more photos.
AidData reveals China's African development strategy, looks back at 2015 and to 2016
AidData research associate Austin Strange '12 visited Kampala, Uganda, in 2013 to conduct on-the-ground research about China's aid to Africa.

AidData continues to publish cutting edge scholarly research on Chinese foreign aid, such as this recent article in the Journal of Conflict Resolution showing that under some conditions Chinese aid actually reduces the likelihood of civil war in recipient countries. Related AidData research also has been published in more popular outlets such as Foreign Affairs, The Washington Post and The National Interest. All of this was made possible because a 21-year-old W&M student, Austin Strange '12, had a good idea and the support of faculty who were willing to help him take an idea to scale, covered in a recent article.

If you missed AidData's four-part Year-in-Review blog or its upcoming 2016 plans, check out the AidData blog. Also, don't miss AidData's Hannah Dempsey and her account of the Nepal project on USAID's Impact Blog.
ITPIR's 2015 Homecoming Barbecue
AidData's Alex Wooley (left) and ITPIR Director Mike Tierney (2nd from left) catch up while at ITPIR's Homecoming BBQ. Students and alumni grab a cool drink and a bite to eat during the temperate day. To see more photos of the event, click HERE.
MacArthur Foundation awards grant; RAs travel to Japan to train
In October, two Research Assistants for the TRIP Global Pathways project, Hannah Berk '15 (middle left) and Arianna Talaie '16 (middle right) conducted a workshop on TRIP methodology and Global IR theory in Nagoya, Japan.
The Teaching, Research & International Policy (TRIP)  project received a  $115,000 renewal grant from the MacArthur Foundation  to study new techniques for automating data collection and analysis and to transform TRIP's online data portal into a "one-stop shop" for information on the International Relations discipline.

Professor Sue Peterson and Project Manager Elizabeth Martin also weigh in on whether  political science will be wiser if it mandates sharing data uniformly in The Washington Post's  blog .

Also, TRIP Research Assistants traveled to Japan in October and held a three-day mini-conference to train Ph.D. candidates and professors from Tokyo University, Nagoya University and Kobe University as new Research Assistants for the project. These new research assistants will expand the TRIP data set by coding articles from Japanese-language journals.  The Global Pathways Project, headed by Wiebke Wemheuer-Vogelaar, facilitates awareness of IR beyond the West by building the world's first database on scholarship in the global South and East.
 The Bosnia Project: A sustained  commitment to peace
In 1999, the first group of William & Mary undergraduates entered Bosnia and Herzegovina - four years after the Dayton Peace Accords were signed on Dec. 14, 1995. That first trip was a simple response to war; its goal was to work with local instructors to help Bosniak, Serbian and Croatian children who remained traumatized come together through the learning of English and non-violent communication skills. Today The Bosnia Project continues as the longest-running student-led international-service initiative at the university. (Click HERE to read more.)
PIPS students collecting honors & publications
Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS) students have been busy writing articles and accruing honors.
  • The Department of State's Diplomacy Lab program recently selected PIPS students Duenya Hassan '16, 2014-2015 Research Fellow, and Layla Abi-Falah '16 to write a report on what motivates young women to join terror groups, such as ISIL, for the Center for Counterterrorism Communications.
  • Former 2013-2014 PIPS Research Fellows Phoebe Benich '14 and Julie Snyder '15 were published in The Diplomat and on the Center for Strategic and International Studies website, respectively. 
  • Amanda Blair '16, 2015-2016 PIPS Research Fellow, recently attended the Student Conference on U.S. Affairs at the U.S. Military Academy at Westpoint, where she participated in in-depth discussions on Confronting International Inequality. 
  • Former 2013-2014 PIPS Research Fellow Dylan Kolhoff '14 launched the website On the Ground, dedicated to examining best practices and investigate common challenges faced by NGOs in different countries.
Watch AidData's "Listening to Leaders" webinar
In a Nov. 19 webinar, "Listening to Leaders: Which Development Partners Do They Prefer and Why?" report co-authors Brad Parks and Samantha Custer discussed AidData's new survey results, which reveal how bilateral and multilateral development can more effectively support reform efforts in low- and middle-income countries.
CAD researches gap in mobile phone ownership among Tanzanian women
TRIP's 7th Snap Poll results published in Foreign Policy
Photo illustration courtesy of Getty Images.
Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to the United States, the migrant crisis in Europe, and the speeches given by U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin to the United Nations dominated the news when the Teaching, Research & International Policy (TRIP) team conducted its most recent snap poll of international relations (IR) scholars at the end of September. This poll, conducted in collaboration with Foreign Policy includes responses from 694 of the 4,086 IR scholars at colleges and universities throughout the U.S.  (Click HERE to read more.)
 The Bosnia Project announces students  selected for the 2016 Team

The Bosnia Project has recently chosen its 2016 team. On the back row from left are: Justin Ober '17, Sonia Lunn '18, Matt Schroeder '15, Sasha Quinn '18 (TA) and Advisor Professor Paula Pickering. Sitting in the front row from left to right are: Amanda Sikirica '16 (TA), Rachel Waldon '17 and Brittany Acors '18.
New look, fresh start for AidData project in 2016 
Photo illustration courtesy of AidData.
In January,  AidData  launched a redesigned and reorganized, designed to be more intuitive, easier to navigate and reflective of the greatly expanded scope of its day-to-day work. At the same time, AidData also announced a change to its governance structure, which will support its continued growth and success. As of January, AidData will be a stand-alone development research and innovation lab based at the College. This move will provide a single institutional home for AidData. To learn more, read Executive Director Brad Parks' open letter .
Employment opportunities
The Center for African Development (CAD) is in need of a Research Manager to help coordinate ongoing research on women's empowerment in Tanzania.

AidData has several positions it is trying to fill, including several Junior Project Manager positions, an Assistant Data Manager and a Data Specialist.

Please pass along these job postings to anyone you think qualified and interested.
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