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"Off Camera" February 2017
EMMYS® 2017: Latest Emmy News
EMMYS® 2017: Emmy Entries Master List
Wally Zimmermann, Former Hawaii News Chief, Dies
Richard West Dies
KRON Hires New Vice President/General Manager
KQED Promotes Isip
Membership News: FREE Professional Headshot
Membership News: Discount at Cinequest for NATAS Members
KTXL's Debuts New Drone
Sacramento's Car Czar Driven Into New Direction
NATAS Members Descend on World's Fair NANO
Cinema Club Sign-Up Nets Free Movie Screenings
Programming Changes at KQED
On The Move
In Next Month's "Off Camera": Author Michelle Kennedy, Former Reporter
Our People: KGO-TV ABC7's Patrick Sedillo
NATAS National Announces New Scholarship
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EMMY® 2017
New Record Set For Emmy® Entries in 2017
KNTV, KTVU, KUVS, KDTV Lead Individual Entries This Year

By Wayne Freedman
Chapter Awards Committee Chairperson 

       In preparing your Emmy® Award submissions, you have compared, contrasted,  been pleasantly surprised, optimistic, and in some cases, perhaps even admitted that with some of your work, you may have been delusional.
       It comes with the territory.  
       Whatever the case, thank you for entering our 46 th Annual Northern California Area Emmy® Awards. Your Awards committee received 963 submissions from 969 individuals, totaling 2,468 entries. Emmy statuette
       That's a record. 750 of those submissions are in English, and 213 in Spanish.  A few numbers may change as we disqualify some entries and move others into more appropriate categories, but those numbers are impressive.  Here's a breakdown:
       Sports-Feature / Segment led all English categories with 38 entries.   
      Feature News Report, Light trailed closely with 36 entries.
       Feature News Report, Serious had 32 entries.
       While we award the Emmy® statuette to individuals, we're always fascinated by station counts. In English, KNTV NBC Bay Area had 68 entries. KTVU Fox 2 trailed closely, with 62. 
       In the Spanish contest, KUVS Univision 19 Sacramento had 62 entries. KDTV Univision 14 San Francisco entered 60.
      Your Emmy® Awards submissions have now entered the certification process. This is no small task. Members of our Board of Governors and The Awards Committee look at every entry. We confirm that the judges can view them properly. We assure that entries are appropriate and conform with our rules. We also make certain that they abide by the spirit of those rules.
      In short, we want fair competition.
      If you have not heard from us, by now, that's a good sign. If you have, then you know how seriously we take our responsibility.
      After certification, we will trade with several of 19 NATAS chapters across the United States. A minimum of seven judges will view each entry online. In order to assure that judges view responsibly, we have set required percentages for how much of the entry they must see. After they have done so, a scoring sheet pops onto the screen.
     Our research indicates that when judges see a promising entry, they view well past those minimum requirements. If judges do not stop, pause, skip ahead, and keep watching to the end of an entry, then it stands a very good chance for awards recognition.
    Judges can award a total of 30 points per entry. We divide those 30 points into 10-point sections for Content, Creativity and Execution.
     In Craft categories, judges score only for Creativity and Execution, a possible maximum total of 20 points.
     We will send an E-mail blast, soon, asking for judges for other NATAS chapters beginning at the end of this month. Judging will continue through the summer.
     By entering, you have already agreed to serve as a judge. This is both an obligation and a requirement. If do not judge when we ask, we will withhold your discounted member rates for next year's entries, and you pay higher fees.
     If you have never judged before, the process will enlighten you. Our Academy uses peer judging, meaning you will look at the same categories you entered, and in which you work. The more you judge, the better your sense of what makes an Emmy® Award-winning entry. With time in front of the screen, you may notice that less can be more, that quality and originality triumph, and that sometimes, a précis can do more harm to an entry than good.
     Hint: Self-deprecation can work wonders.
     Later this spring, members of the Awards Committee will view the returned scores of your entries. We determine recipients and nominees, based on columns of numbers, with no inklings of what categories they represent. That is why we call the process "blind scoring."
     We will announce nominations on Wednesday, May 3 .
     Later, we hope to see you on Saturday, June 3  for the "EMMY® 2017" Awards Gala at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco.

EMMY® 2017
Master Entry List, Deadline To Add is March 31
       The Awards Committee is still in the middle of the Certification process. More entries will be moved or disqualified. All unpaid names have been removed.  
       CHECK THE LIST! You have until March 31 to add names to entries. 
       The person responsible for completing the entry form needs to e-mail emmy@emmysf.tv  with the name, position, member number and e-mail address of the person to be added. Entry fees must be paid by credit card before the name is added.  

     If you have questions or issues, please e-mail emmy@emmysf.tv or call (650) 341-7786.

Wally Zimmermann, Ex-Hawaii News Chief, Dies
Legendary TV News Vet Led News Teams at KHON, KITV

By Howard Dashefsky
Special to Off Camera

        You may not know his name or recognize his face, but Wally Zimmermann, in many ways, shaped the television news industry in Hawaii.
        Many in television news and beyond are mourning his passing Jan. 5.
        He was 73.
        In his lifetime, he accumulated 35 years of news and production credentials. He owned a public relations company from 2012-15 before he and his wife and daughter moved near Nashville, where he died at home.
        A native of Chicago, Zimmermann served in the Army and eventually made his way to Hawaii to KHON, in 1981.
        It didn't take long for him to put his influence on the product the viewers came to watch and trust.
       "Wally was one of these rare people who knew that, when you manage people, you treat them like family," said Pamela Young, who worked with Zimmermann for more than 20 years and who serves on the Board of Governors of the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. "So very often in the newsroom, he would be vacuuming the floor, and emptying trash cans and changing light bulbs, because he taught us that no job is too low and anything you do in the newsroom is going to help somebody."
Wally Zimmermann
Former KHON News Director Dies
      Young said it was Zimmermann who came up with the soon-to-be-popular Mixed Plate feature that took her off the police beat.
      "I think he, along with Bob Sevey and Jack Kellner, built the news industry in Hawaii," she said. "They molded so many of us. We're going to remember them and, hopefully, the next generation will adhere to their ethics of journalism."
      Zimmermann was the station's news director from 1981 to 1987 and again from 2002 to 2006, where he was responsible for the weekday morning news. Between his stints at KHON, he was also vice-president of news at KITV from 1988 to 2001.
     "I will always remember him as being a great manager, a great mentor and definitely a trusted friend," said former reporter Jill Kuramoto, now director of communications at the Hawaii State Senate.
     "I remember how he never encouraged reporters to submit our stories for awards, because he always said we became journalists not to win awards, but to tell good stories. And that's always kind of stayed with me.
     "He taught that, in just very gentle ways of encouraging us, to somehow write better, to be better, to ask better questions," she said.
    "Wally had a talent for recognizing talent and he assembled a newsroom that was talented, that was happy and cohesive," said Jodi Leong, now Gov. David Ige's press secretary. "It's probably the best newsroom I've ever worked in.
     "So many of us would go to him with our troubles," she said. "We would go to him for guidance. He was the best counselor and we will miss him dearly."
     Leong added that "he was also the best storyteller. We would be riveted when he would break out his arsenal of stories about his experiences. For example, his roommate at Ripon College (in Wisconsin) was Harrison Ford, and also during college, he told us stories about dating actress  Ann-Margret.
     "He was a gem of a man and I will miss him always."
     His 21-year-old daughter, Dawson, said recently that "he was a wonderful father and I'm so happy that so many people love him, too."
     Besides being a news junkie and a great family man, Zimmermann loved nothing more than fishing, baseball, and a cold beer.
     Young remembers that "he always said that some day he was going to retire to a lakefront and open Wally's Beer and Bait Shop, so somewhere in Heaven, he's going to be doing some really good fishing."
     His family is planning a memorial in Hawaii in March.

Richard West, '91 Silver Circle Inductee, Dies
Early Pioneer of Bay Area, NorCal Television and Radio

       Richard H. West,  who was inducted in 1991 into the  Silver Circle of the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and who was a pioneer in Bay Area and Northern California television dating back to the early 1950s, has died.
       West's family says he died at his home in Auburn, near Sacramento, on Dec. 19.
       West began his career in broadcasting while attending then-Humboldt State College in Arcata before transferring to the College of the Pacific to study broadcasting there. He worked at KECC and KBOX during his senior year in college.
       In 1953, he went to work for San Francisco's KGO-TV. During his career, West advamced to eventually become a radio producer. 
       With a bachelor's degree in broadcasting, West eventually began a two-decade career with ABC and the production team of the network's venerable Wide World of Sports broadcasts with host
Jim McKay
       Later, as a partner in Waldear Motion Picture Productions, he as nominated for an Emmy ® Award. He was also, at one time, executive director of Marine World and received seven national advertising awards. 

KRON 4 Hires New Chief
Christopher McDonnell Named Vice President/General Manager

       Christopher McDonnell has been named vice president and general manager of KRON in San Francisco. 
       McDonnell comes from Telemundo-owned station WSNS in Chicago. He's also worked at NBC-owned WMAQ in Chicago, KNSD in San Diego and KXAS in Dallas.
       "Chris has an impressive, diversified industry background and is a highly respected leader whose exceptional service and community involvement is acknowledged by both English and Spanish-speaking viewers, advertisers, businesses and community organizations," said Brian Jones, executive vice president and chief operations officer of Nexstar.  
      "In addition to leading teams that delivered effective marketing solutions for local and national advertisers, he has consistently exceeded economic goals by implementing innovative programming strategies and unique digital concepts while elevating the level of service provided to local communities at the stations he has managed," Jones said. 
     Commenting on his new role, McDonnell says, "Nexstar has established a long-term reputation for serving the public interests and needs of local communities in the markets where it operates. The Company's strong commitment to superior local content production and service combined with its scalable diversified marketing solutions will yield distinct competitive advantages for our clients. In my new role, I will utilize the management and marketing experience I have garnered over my career to further grow the operations while delivering excellent results and superior levels of service to our local viewers and advertisers.  I look forward to working with the exceptional local media teams at KRON-TV and KRON4.com as we continue our work in developing local viewership and enhancing the effectiveness and value of our broadcast, digital and mobile services in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. I'm excited to relocate to Northern California with my family and plan to immediately immerse myself into the local community and become an active participant in the Bay area economic development by building enduring partnerships with local businesses and organizations." 

Isip Promoted at KQED
Becomes Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

        A KQED senior executive is being promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. 
        Michael Isip is retaining all of his former responsibilities except for his Chief Content Officer role, which was eliminated. In addition, Isip's management responsibilities will include all the technical infrastructure and personnel that are integral to providing content and services to the people of the Bay Area. 
       This brings together under a single executive all of KQED's core operations including News, Arts, Science, Education, TV & Radio Programming, Product, Media Technology, IT, Engineering and Operations, and Facilities.
        Isip joined KQED 15 years ago as a television Executive Producer and was promoted to Executive Director, TV Programming & Production, in 2004, and to Vice President, Television Content & Educational Services, in 2006. He was named Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer in 2014 and led the station's transformation to true digital multimedia service with content teams organized around focus areas - News, Arts, Science, Education, etc. - rather than media platforms.

Membership News
FREE Professional Headshot Available Soon

By Michael Moya
Chapter Membershop Chairperson

       If you need a new professional headshot, now is the time to get one.
       And, how would you like to get it for FREE?
       The Board of Governors of the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is finalizing details of offering a professional portrait sitting, just for being a member of NATAS.
       The Board is also finalizing details on setting aside a date for your headshot appointment. More details to come soon. 
      As a NATAS member in good standing, this complimentary photo sitting will include a series of professional images for you to select from. Headshots will be taken at the Laney College photography department in Oakland. Makeup will be offered by the Laney College cosmetology department.
     There will be retouching by request on one of your favorite choices. To accommodate your individual session with our professional photographers, the Board will ask for your RSVP when the date is determined. The photo session will be held this month or in March. 
    Those who make an appointment will be confirmed their time slot. 
    Once you reserve, more details will be sent to you along with tips for the best dress attire.
    Interested? Write to us at the Chapter office at office@emmysf.tv.

Membership News
Perk for NATAS Members at Cinequest 
Big Savings for Admission to Entire Festival Feb. 28-March 12


By Michael Moya
Chapter Membership Chairperson 

      It's CINEQUEST FESTIVAL time again! The Cinequest Film & VR Festival  (CQFF) this year  runs  from Feb. 28 to Mar. 12 in San Jose / Silicon Valley.  Cinequest has agreed to give all NATAS members a discounted  $199 Maverick Pass ($250 value)  providing access to films, workshops, forums, and marquee events (Opening/Closing  Night, Maverick Spirit Awards) . Members can email the NATAS office to  receive the link and instructions on how to get the Maverick Pass discount - email a note to office@emmysf.tv.
      The CINEQUEST FESTIVAL is an internationally acclaimed event showcasing top films and innovators of the year.   Watch this Cinequest video for an overview.
       The Cinequest Film & VR Festival was v oted Best Film Festival by USA Today Readers.  Set in the home of the world ' s most influential media technology companies (Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc.), CQFF showcases premier films, renowned and emerging artists, and breakthrough technology - empowering global connectivity between creators, innovators and audiences. Cinequest has led the world in its showcase and implementation of the innovations that have revolutionized film making, exhibition and distribution.
      CQFF ' s highest honor, the Maverick Award, recognizes bold, visionary and creative forces - exemplary in the worlds of Silicon Valley innovation and the film arts. Its Maverick Spirit Award recognizes artists (Harrison Ford, J.J. Abrams, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ben Kingsley, Kevin Spacey and Sir Ian McKellen).  This year the recipients are Jane Lynch and Jason Reitman.
      The Maverick Innovator Award recognizes technologists (including Martin Cooper, father of the cell phone). A Maverick stands apart from the crowd willing to create and innovate from a place of personal yet global vision.
       Although over 100,000 attend CQFF, the three-block proximity of its state-of-the-art venues along with Cinequest ' s renowned hospitality makes the festival experience as warm and personal as it is electrifying. Cinequest presents over 90 World and U.S. premieres with groundbreaking innovations by 700+ participating filmmakers from over 50 countries each year.
       Don't miss out on this celebration and networking opportunities!  See you all there... I will be one of the volunteer photographers and an ambassador for NATAS.

NATAS Members discount available by emailing a note of interest to office@emmysf.tv

KTXL Debuts Market's First Newsgathering Drone

       KTXL, the Fox affiliate in Sacramento, has launched the first newsgathering drone in that market. 
       Called "Drone 40", the station's news staff put their new newsgathering tool to work in mid-January to get some video of flooding in the area, caused by last month's series of winter storms that hit northern and central California. 
       KTXL says the drone is operated by two of its photographers, who enrolled in drone camera operation training to get licensed. 
       The station says it intends to use its drone as much as possible.

Sacramento's Car Czar: Driven In A New Direction

By Joyce Mitchell
Chapter Governor, Sacramento

      Life takes twists and turns for everyone and especially for people in the television industry. It's fast-paced and often, uncertain. One day, you're hired. The next - you're fired. Stress is abundant. But Sacramento's Doug Brauner has had a good run. Until this past Thanksgiving that is. And it wasn't his bosses that got his attention. It was a major health scare.
      Brauner is known as "The Car Czar". He's about as high-energy, witty, and when it comes to cars, as knowledgeable as they come. Brauner has been marching to the TV clock for more than 20 years now, hosting TV and radio programs while also operating his two auto repair shops in the area.
      Since 1995, Brauner's been a familiar face on CW31's Good Day, providing viewers tips on automotive topics like properly balancing wheels, inflating tires, and consumer alerts. Recently appearing on CW31, his teaching goal took a different approach.
      Brauner straight-talked with viewers about his health and why he's pulling back from TV. Brauner hosted more than 100 episodes of The Car Czar Show on CW31 over the course of four seasons. He wrote newspaper columns, could be heard regularly on the radio and has been a consistent contributor on CW's Good Day  since 1995.   
Doug Brauner
CW 31
      This past Thanksgiving, Brauner said he was up all night, walking around, unable to sleep and not feeling well. Still, the next day, he went to work and hosted a TV segment. "I felt horrible," said Brauner. "When I look back, I had a terrible tightness in my chest. I just thought it was stress. I didn't want to complain but as it turns out, I was having an event that night. It was a heart attack."
      Finally seeing a doctor, Brauner was hospitalized and underwent stent surgery. "I grew up in a blue collar household," said Brauner. "The honor was work until you drop." Unfortunately, that's exactly what Brauner's dad did. He died young - of a heart attack.
       On Good Day a couple of weeks ago, Brauner told viewers that his priorities have changed. As difficult as it is to comprehend sometimes, he's realizing that being human requires balance. "I believe now the honor is in being available and present for my family," said Brauner. "Striking a balance is more honorable than ignoring your health."
       As for his future in television, Brauner isn't ruling anything out. When he's healthy again, Brauner said that he could be back. He may even be interested in doing a program educating people about heart disease. "This whole thing has been stunning," said Brauner. "The upside about these difficult and multiple hospitalizations and severe diagnosis is that there's only one thing in my life that's true. Nothing's more important than your health."
       Brauner said that he always thought that doing the right thing meant not complaining. He's learned a thing or two - the hard way. Paying attention to your body, he's finding out, is not complaining. It's smart.
       While Brauner is dealing with some complications of heart disease, he's optimistic about the future. "I'm absolutely committing to being healthy," said Brauner. "Tough guys die. Guys who reach out live a long time for their families. That's the biggest thing that I've learned."
       For now, TV's taking a backseat. The Car Czar will continue operating his two repair shops. But Brauner will be moving at a healthier, more balanced pace. 
       Starting out as an automotive mechanic, Brauner coupled that experience with his high-energy personality and became a fixture in the Sacramento TV market. A couple of years ago, he received an Emmy® Award for hosting The Car Czar series of programs.
       Brauner is married and has four children. He wants to be there for his family and said that he's "looking to find that balance running the maze that we do."
       He's focusing on getting well and hoping that what happened to him will help educate others. Brauner said that he ignored warning signs, probably even denied them. His message might spare others the complications he's experiencing - perhaps even save a life.
       Driven in a new direction, Brauner will continue teaching people about cars. But even more, he's hoping to share a much bigger lesson - one about heart health. He's encouraging people to pay attention. "There's just nothing more important," said Brauner. 

Membership News
NATAS Members Descend on Futuristic 
Worlds Fair Nano at San Francisco's Pier 70
photos by Noemi Zeigler-Sanchez & Patty Zubov
By Keith Sanders
Chapter Education Chairperson

        Worlds Fair Nano was a two-day festival where technology was on display; a unique cross between Maker Faire and Burning Man. During the last weekend in January thousands of attendees flocked to a cavernous 50,000 square foot warehouse at Pier 70, not far from the ballpark in San Francisco.  
       Our chapter ­­­offered a 20% discount on admission and many members responded. Worlds Fair USA Strategic Partnerships Manager Madeline Jecklin said that almost 200 NATAS promo codes were used, more than any other single organization.  
       When I entered the warehouse I was met by organized chaos. Everything was in motion. A strong blast of air hit me and I looked up expecting a ceiling fan, but instead there was a 12-inch white drone hovering ten feet away. Adults and children were zipping across the concrete floor on motorized, remote controlled skateboards and scooters. Just ahead a teen gestured like she was flapping imaginary wings, activating giant multi-color LED displays on either side of her that tracked her motion.
       "My husband and I got to ride Star Wars-like battle station vehicles, we sat in on a fascinating talk about the future of the brain, and perused booths featuring cutting edge tech products including the bionic boot and the first cell phone 3D printer," remarked NATAS Governor Noemi Zeigler-Sanchez
       There was something for everyone: continuous technology lectures, virtual reality games, climbing structures, commercial booths, food trucks, works of art, DJ music and flying drones of all sizes.
       Our academy celebrates excellence in television arts and sciences. The Worlds Fair USA organization uses the arts and sciences to depict the future, or at least a possible one. As a result, Worlds Fair Nano guests and NATAS members experienced an imaginative, educational and whimsical look at tomorrow. It was a unique event, jam-packed with more energy than a three-ring circus!  
       If you attended and want to share a photo or comment, please e-mail me at 

Membership News
Cinema Club Sign-Up Gets Free Screenings

        FREE   Bay Area Movie Screenings are being offered to NATAS members and a guest.
        Many are previews with "Q & A" with the director and producer of the film following the screening.
        To receive notifications, please sign up on the Cinema Club mailing list. Send an e-mail to office@emmysf.tv  and put "Cinema Club" and your name in the subject line. See you at the movies!

Programming Changes at KQED
Includes Launch of 'PBS Kids' 24/7 Children's Channel
By Linda Giannecchini
NATAS National Trustee, San Francisco 

       KQED has launched PBS Kids, a new 24/7 children's channel that also has a live stream. Their viewing audience will now be able to watch whenever and where ever they want.
Later this spring, PBS will be featuring  games embedded in the live stream that 
will allow users to toggle between their favorite shows and associated games.
      It was launched Jan. 16. 
      In addition, KQED has aligned its weekday children's lineup from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.,  allowing for a stronger public affairs block from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
      Audience favorite, Check, Please Bay Area!  will now maintain a high profile placement, airing Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m. with KQED Newsroom airing Fridays at 7 p.m., immediately following PBS Newshour
     On KQED Plus, changes include the addition of more arts, science, nature, food, and travel shows from  6 a.m. to 4 p.m.,  and children's after-school programming from 4 to 7 p.m.
     Saturdays will feature fan-favorite marathons.
      KQED World's over-the-air reach has now been extended to San Jose, with PBS Kids' extension into the Monterey/Salinas area.

On the Move
      KITV in Honolulu announces its new evening anchor team in Paula Akana and Robert Kekaula beginning Feb. 13. Kekaula will move from sports to news; he's been with the station since 1997. Akana, who started at the station as an intern in 1983, anchors the station's 5 p.m. newscast. Both will join Pete Caggiano and Brandi Higa at 6 and 10 p.m.

       Emily Pritchard, news anchor at KXTV in Sacramento, joins KMOV in St. Louis as a weekend news anchor. Pritchard joined the station in January 2015. 

      Candice Nguyen, news reporter at KNSD in San Diego, joins KTVU in Oakland as an investigative reporter. Prior to her stay in San Diego, Nguyen was a news reporter at KION in Monterey-Salinas. 
                    Write us!
Have a new job? Get a promotion? Retiring? We'd like to know about it.
Please write to  On the Move  and  Off Camera  Editor  Kevin Wing  at  kevin@emmysf.com .

In Next Month's Off Camera 

        In the March issue of Off Camera, catch up with Michelle Kennedy, the former news reporter and anchor who graced the airwaves of KRON in San Francisco throughout the mid-
Michelle Kennedy
Reporter-Anchor Turned Successful Author
2000s. It has been several years since she left television news to pursue what has become a successful academic career as an adjunct professor at the Academy of Art University in  San Francisco and as a lecturer at San Francisco State University.
       Kennedy has also become a successful author in her own right, penning 2016's Don't Pee in the Wetsuit: A Worldwide Romp Through Grief, Laughter and Forgiveness. Her insightful and reflective book, written following the tragic death of her father in an automobile accident, is a travel memoir about her attempt to sift through an unresolved relationship with her dad on a six-month trip around the world. Gallivanting through eleven countries with a best friend, Kennedy loses her clothes in Costa Rica, swims with bull sharks in Australia, gets scolded for peeing in her wetsuit on a cave tour in New Zealand, and overindulges on food, wine, and foreign men. Writing on the road, she struggles to forgive her father's shortcomings and make peace with losing the first love of her life. 
      In next month's Off Camera, Editor Kevin Wing sits down with Kennedy for a candid one-on-one interview. 
      You won't want to miss learning more about her and her journey through life. 

Our People

Elyce Kirchner
Investigative Reporter
Photo by: Wayne Freedman/NATAS
NATAS National Announces New Scholarship 
         The Foundation of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is happy to announce the Douglas W. Mummert Scholarship and its addition to the NATAS Foundation's 2017 college scholarship program.
         The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Douglas W. Mummert Scholarship was established through an endowment by the long time academy Member, Governor, Trustee & Committee Chairman. Mummert also serves on the academy's Scholarship Committee and their Foundation Board.
         "The future of our great industry is in the hands of the next generation of television professionals that will come from the young students who are already proficient in recording, editing and writing for television at the high school and local community levels," said Chuck Dages, Chairman, NATAS.  "This new scholarship, added to our budding program of grants seeks to recognize these young people and encourage their education and eventual entry into the television industry." 
         "By investing in the great talents of the future, we reaffirm the standard of creative achievement reflected in the Emmy® Award and the lasting legacy of two great practitioners of our craft," said NATAS Foundation Vice President Adam Sharp, a 1996 Trustees' Scholarship winner.  "The Douglas W. Mummert Scholarship joins our Foundation's emergent program in guaranteeing an unbroken line of excellence connecting two generations of broadcasters."

Do You Remember?

February is Black History Month - can you identify these two gentlemen?
Hint, the one on the right is a member of the NATAS Silver Circle.

Last month we asked you to identify this KPIX 5 interviewer and interviewee

Wanda Ramey  (Silver Circle Class of 1989) was the first woman news anchor in Northern California.  She started at KGO in 1951 and moved to KPIX in 1957. Above she is interviewing California gubernatorial candidate  Ronald Reagan who of course became the 40th President of the United States.
Do You Remember?
 If you do, please write to 
Off Camera Editor  Kevin Wing at  kevin@emmysf.com.

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Off Camera Wants to Hear From You!


     Off Camera wants to hear from you. Have a great story idea? Interested in writing a story for us? Want to tell us how we're doing? Whatever it may be, please feel free to drop us a line.  Write to  Off Camera Editor  Kevin Wing at kevin@emmysf.com
     Thank you!

NATAS Job Bank
The Board of Governors
President: Steve Shlisky*, KTVU Fox 2/Laney College
Vice President- San Francisco: Don Sanchez *, KGO-TV ABC7 (Retired)
Vice President-Sacramento:  Cynthia Zeiden* Zeiden  Media/Sacramento State University   
Vice President- Fresno:  Kim Stephens* KMPH Fox 26 
Vice President- Hawaii:  Pamela Young*, KHON 2
Vice President- Reno: Landon Miller, KTVN 2 
Vice President-Smaller Markets: Scott Rates, KAEF/KBVU
Secretary:  Randy Forsman KCRA 3
Treasurer:  Jim Spalding Spalding & Company
Past President: Keith Sanders , San Jose State University
Linda Giannecchini* KQED 9/Franklin Mieuli & Associates  (National Awards Chair)
John Odell* CCSF Emeritus
Steve Shlisky*KTVU Fox 2/Laney College  
Cynthia Zeiden*, Zeiden Media/Sacramento State University (National Program Chair)
Kevin Wing* (alternate),  ABC-TV Good Morning America/Kevin Wing Media Communications
Kent Beichley, Pac 12 Networks
Wayne Freedman*, KGO-TV, ABC 7
Alison Gibson, Media Cool (National Treasurer)
Luis Godinez KDTV Univision 14
Richard Harmelink KFSN ABC30  
Pablo Iacub KUVS Univision 19
Brian Johnson KFSN ABC30
George Lang* The Big Picture
Melissa Mapes Mainz, Mainz Media
Joyce Mitchell* 4 U Productions
Michael Moyafotografx/Laney College
Scott Patterson , San Francisco State University
Pat Patton, KRON 4 (Retired)
Ross PerichProMotion Studios
Manny Ramos* Manny Ramos Communications/Academy of Art University
Erik RosalesKMPH FOX 26
Terri Russell, KOLO 8
Don Sanchez* KGO-TV ABC7 (Retired) 
Juan Serna, San Jose State University
Matt Skryja, AAA NCNU Insurance Exchange  
Julie Watts, KPIX 5
Melanie Woodrow KGO-TV ABC7/Academy of Art Univeristy
Noemi Zeigler Sanchez, Laney College/Academy of Art University
Activities/Programs:  Cynthia Zeiden* Zeiden Media 
Archives/Museum:  John Catchings* Catchings & Associates
                               Linda Giannecchini* KQED 9  
Awards:  Wayne Freedman* , KGO ABC 7
Education:  Keith Sanders , San Jose State University  
Finance:  Alison Gibson Media Cool  
Legal/Bylaws:  Mark Pearson ARC Law Group 
Membership:  Michael Moyafotografx/Laney College
Marketing:  Patty Zubov Platonic TV

Darryl R. Compton* NATAS

* Silver Circle inductee

Contact Information:

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
San Francisco/Northern California Chapter
Darryl Compton,
Executive Director
4317 Camden Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403-5007
Phone: 650 341-7786 or 415 777-0212


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