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Issue: #36 February 2017

Read about our 2017 CCCR Action Campaign initiatives. Become involved.

Read Why am I Involved?, a new section in the CCCR Newsletter.  This month, Bob Beutel shares why he is involved in church reform.  Each month, a current CCCR Board member will reflect on why they became involved.  As you read this new section, we invite you to consider the question, "How may I become more involved?"  

Have you read the 2017 Strategic Plan?  This plan articulates actions which emerged from  specific recommendations of the Pastoral Recommendations Project.  
Read on.  Reflect.  Collaborate.  Act.  Share.
Art Stoeberl Stepping Down from the CCCR Board
Art Stoeberl, who has been serving on the CCCR Board for many years, has decided to step down from the CCCR Board. 
Art served as Call to Action - Minnesota's representative on the CCCR Board,  and we all benefited  from his wisdom and perspective over the years.  Art, we will miss your generous soul.  You have broadened our horizons.

Connie Walsh Joins the CCCR Board
Connie Walsh has recently joined the CCCR Board of Directors.   Connie is active in FutureChurch and brings with her much information, experience and energy from her involvement with that organization and others with a more national scope.  Connie, we welcome you to the CCCR Board.
  CoBNewsCoB News
March Open Forum:   What is God Doing at Sunday Mass?    What are We Doing?  
The ritual we use at mass should tell us the answers to these questions.  We would like to know if the answers are clear to you from the ritual.  Your input will help a team of local Catholics who have been researching these questions as groundwork for reestablishing an Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission.  There will be a brief presentation of how the ritual expresses the answers and then how we need your reaction. Come join us!

Presenters:  Jim Moudry; Kathryn Lien; Fr. J. Michael
                    Joncas; Fr. Michael Byron; and Paula Ruddy
Date:   March 14 ,  2017
Time:   7-8pm
Place: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
          700 Snelling Ave South
          St. Paul, MN 55116 
 Opportunities Opportunities:  Be Involved
Let your gifts, time and other resources guide you in collaborating with CCCR, and the Council of the Baptized.  Each month, read this section--"Opportunities:  Be Involved", to identify some ways you may become involved.   We need your energy.  As Lent begins, explore these opportunities to deepen your involvement in church reform work.  Read on:

1.  Write a letter to the editor of the Catholic Spirit on an issue of interest to you.  Go to their website at:  The Catholic Spirit letters to the editor    
2. Become involved in one of the current active campaign initiatives.   Contact:
3.  Donate to the CCCR.  Enable CCCR to focus its energies on the work of church reform. Click the link Donate to CCCR.
4.  Read the CCCR 2017 Strategic Plan.  Discern how you may further involve yourself in our church reform work.
WhyAmIInvolvedWhy Am I Involved?

In coming months, CCCR Board members will share why they are involved in the church reform work of the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform (CCCR).  There are many reasons and stories to share.  The following reflections are from Bob Beutel:

Member of CCCR Board since 2009 (almost the beginning).  Real estate attorney.  Grandfather of 5 girls and 2 boys; one of the girls lives with us.  Member of St. Joan of Arc parish.  Wife Lois is a Quaker. 
I was first interested in liturgical reform since the 1960s, being a part of the change from passive attendance to active participation in  the Eucharistic celebration as a community worship service filled with joy and spirit that makes us do what needs to be done to bring God's justice to the Church and the world at large.
I have been a part of ordination of women as priests and bishops; I have also served as a CCCR spokesperson to the news media and at public demonstrations urging the retirement of our former archbishop.  I have been a part of "Follow the Money"  (more formally known as the Accountability and Transparency team). 
I stay in the Church and contribute to CCCR because I am optimistic that the laity is listening to the Spirit and taking responsibility for bringing about change that a weakened clerical leadership is unable to accomplish.  As marginalized people in the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement, we made some "impossible" changes.  I was privileged to work with and be inspired by Paul Wellstone in bringing out the voices of poor and excluded people on issues of poverty;  now I think the same movement is possible in the Church through CCCR's lay networking and organizing around the issues burning within our hearts.  

                                                     -Bob Beutel
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RRRecommended Reading  

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February 21, 2017).

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Vatican launches sex ed website  - by Blandine Garot  (La Croix International, December 28, 2016).

The meeting place: Project for affective and sexual formation - by  Pontificium Consilium pro Familia, 2016.

On becoming a sanctuary: Five points for Catholic institutions to consider - by Jim McDermott  (National Catholic Reporter, February 1, 2017).

A church that young adults can believe in  - by Nicole Sotelo  (National Catholic Reporter, March 2, 2017 ).

After trans student shot, Catholic school shifts course - by Robert Shine, associate editor  (New Ways Ministry's Bondings 2.0 Blog, February 10, 2017 ).
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