City Newsletter - February 2017
Message from the Mayor
Mark Huizenga    

It is hard to believe it is February! Hints of spring are in the air, and the days are getting longer. This is the time of year the City Commission and staff are busy working on the budget for the upcoming year. The last several years we have made significant allocations to improve our parks. Last year, we added a new concrete basketball court at Alpine Estates park. This year we look forward to updating several of the playground structures at the Walker Community Park. In addition to this new play equipment, we will also add sidewalks to the park as well as structures that are available for those with disabilities.

There are many city projects in the planning stages from new housing developments to business expansions. We are proud to work with developers and organizations as they chose to grow in our city. We have several other projects we are working on such as sidewalks on the west side of Wilson Avenue north of Standale, which will likely be installed in 2018.

This is also the time of year the City Commission meets to discuss strategic planning. We will be discussing our budget including revenue and expenses, as well as how to plan for the long term liabilities. Walker has been working to reduce our long term liabilities.
If you have ideas for things we should discuss, please feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know your thoughts.

Best Regards,

Mayor Mark E. Huizenga
Income Tax Department

Do you need help?
Walker Income Tax returns for calendar year 2016 and first quarter estimated payments for 2017 are due May 1, 2016. Forms are available on our website here and some commonly asked questions are answered  on our website here.

Required Attachments:
All resident returns must have the following attachments:
  • All form W-2s
  • Page 1 of Federal Form 1040
Filers taking a credit for tax paid to another city:
  • Copy of page one of the other city(ies) return
If applicable:
  • Federal Form 2106
  • Federal Form 3903
  • Federal Schedule C
  • Federal Schedule D, Forms 8949, 4797, 6252
  • Federal Schedule E, including Federal Schedule K-1 for all S corporations shown on Schedule E, if any
  • Copies of all forms 1099-R for taxpayers under age 65
If you have any questions, call 616-791-6880.

ZIP Codes:
Many of the returns we are receiving from paid preparers and tax preparation software have incorrect ZIP codes in the taxpayer name and address information that were carried over from a prior year. The Post Office will not deliver your refund check to you if your ZIP code is wrong. Please check your ZIP code before mailing your Walker return. 

If you have any questions about your correct ZIP code, go to USPS and click "Look Up a ZIP Code" in the Quick Tools menu.
Clerk's Office

All solicitors must be licensed by the City Clerk to canvas within the City of Walker.

If someone comes to your door soliciting, please ask to see their Solicitor License from the City of Walker and proof of employment with the company.  If they refuse to show you their license or they state that they are not licensed, get their vehicle license plate number, name of the individual and the company name. 
Please report this to the Police Department at (616) 453-5441 and be prepared to give a general description of the person and their vehicle.

Upcoming Election:
There will be a countywide election on May 2, 2017. The 20 school districts in the Kent Intermediate School District (KISD) have authorized the ISD to seek a 10-year, $19.9 million, countywide millage. The last day to register to vote for this election will be April 3, 2017.

Absentee Ballots:
Prior to each election, voters may choose to receive their ballot early and vote prior to Election Day. 

Michigan law allows you to receive an absentee ballot if:
  • You are 60 years of age or older
  • You are physically unable to attend the polls without assistance of another
  • You have been appointed an election precinct inspector in a precinct other than the precinct where you reside
  • You expect to be absent from the community in which you are registered for the entire time the polls are open on election day
  • You cannot attend the polls because of the tenets of your religion
  • You cannot attend the polls because you are confined to jail awaiting arraignment or trial
You must fill out an application prior to each election before we can send out your ballot.

Military / Overseas Voters:
Military personnel or U.S. citizens currently overseas can visit for a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). The FPCA acts as both a registration and absentee ballot request form. A form must be submitted every year in order to qualify to receive an absentee ballot for the elections held on that calendar year.

City Hall Drop Box:
Any documents you need to turn into the Clerk's office may be dropped off in the City Hall Grey drop box outside City Hall (i.e. Absentee ballot applications, signed and sealed absentee ballots and license applications and payments).
Fire Department
2017 Car Seat Safety Check Events

Birth to Booster Program:
**Please note that many events require an appointment
All car seat inspections are free. A limited number of low cost replacement car seats are available at all locations, for those who qualify. Children who need a replacement seat must be present with a parent or legal guardian.

For more information, visit here , call 616.391.7233, or email
Walker Ice & Fitness Center  
Events and Updates   

February Healthy Heart Month:
For the month of February, each member will receive a paper heart from the fr ont desk (1 per day) each time you come into the gym to exercise. Write you name and number on the paper heart, place it in the box for a drawing that will take place at the end of the month. The more hearts you have in the box, the better opportunity you have to win.  
The drawing for prizes will be held on Customer Appreciation Day, February 28. Also we will be announcing the two winners of the weight loss challenge who will receive a six month FREE membership.
Good Luck to all the members!

Adult Softball:
  • Softball Leagues offered for Men's, Women's and Co-ed teams
  • Eightweek season beginning June 12, 2017
  • Registration April 3 through April 15 at Walker Ice & Fitness Center
  • Information packets available March 1, 2017
Adult Softball Umpires Needed:
  • Men's, Women's and Co-ed teams
  • Monday through Thursday evenings
  • Season begins week of June 12
  • Participation in Walker umpires classes required
Girls' Softball Umpires Needed:
  • Girls' Softball Program, Ages 6-13
  • Games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning Tuesday, April 25, 2017
  • Minimum age is 14 years old   
  • Must have softball experience
Youth Soccer Officials Needed:
  • Spring Youth Soccer Program, Ages 5-13
  • Games on Saturdays beginning Saturday, April 22, 2017
  • Minimum age is 14 years old
  • Must have soccer experience
For complete information on all of our programs, special events and schedules, please contact the Walker Ice and Fitness center at (616)735-6286, visit our facebook page or our website at