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The latest news and developments from Ohio  Deferred Compensation for February 2017.
The Low Cost of Investing with Ohio DC
Many people aren't aware of the ultimate cost of investing for retirement. That's one of the many topics Ohio DC wants to help you and your employees understand. Because of the significant size of combined participant assets, Ohio DC is able to achieve much lower costs for our participants than would be possible by individual investors. Learn more about why and how here. ore.

Why Not Go Paperless?

Maybe your employees don't need one more piece of financial mail coming to their house every quarter, or maybe it's just easier to organize and keep track of information they receive via email, or maybe they're concerned about the environmental impact of another paper newsletter or account statement. Whatever the reason might be, participants can sign up for eDelivery. Send your employees here to learn more and to find out how to sign up.
Deferred Compensation Terms

Asset Allocation   - Strategy of spreading investment dollars across asset classes, such as cash and fixed income, bonds, and stocks, to help minimize risk. This may help manage the risk of investing in part because these investment categories respond to changing economic and political conditions in different ways. The use of asset allocation does not guarantee returns or protect from potential losses .   Visit our participant website to learn other definitions. 

Share Deferred Compensation-related Articles with Your Employees 

Ohio DC can provide monthly articles on retirement issues for your newsletter or Intranet. This month's article on the employer website is  The Benefits of Ohio DC.

Download articles on healthcare in retirement, what is deferred compensation, fees, and more.  Learn more.

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Message from the Executive Director: Keith Overly

Educating Your Employees

Staying up-to-date on all the developments of the savings and retirement industries can be difficult. Ohio DC is here to help you do that, without having to constantly read the latest financial reports or investment strategies. Our staff is dedicated to making sure our employers and participants are well informed about what's going on with their investments, but also with what's going on with regulations and the industry as a whole.

Our mission is "Guiding participants along the path to retirement income security." To this end, we try to provide the latest information and tools to help you and your staff prepare for what lies ahead, in terms of financial security. If you have questions about the materials and tools that we offer, take a look at our website at Ohio457.org or feel free to contact our staff us at communications@ohiodc.org.

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