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February 2017
Volume 8, Issue #2
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Christina's Corner

January is clearly a month of refocusing our energy on what really matters.   Moving into
is where a private, personal training studio is even more popular.  Those that have tried on their own are now finding guidance and accountability from people that care; and that is refreshing.  
Team H&H is excited for one of our favorite months #LOVEMONTH! 

Bring the people in that you love for one free session with your personal training team. We would prefer to know in advance so if we can just do a one on one with your friend, co worker, or "HIS OR HER", giving them the gift of health.  

February is also a time of year where we are starting to make those spring break trips a reality. So whether you're going to Colorado to hike or a beach to relax, your health matters and of course directly after this is SUMMER TIME!!! 

Start now looking at your calendar. If you need  to adjust times for kiddos' schedules, make sure you're communicating now. If you're gone for a week or 2 this summer on vacation, have a friend to fill your time slot to keep the motivation going because, at the end of the day, we are who we hang around with!! 

At His & Her Fitness we are so pumped to keep doing what we do best "Helping one person at a time 
live a healthy life".  

Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete

Creative Cardio

Creative Cardio is back by popular demand! 
 Times to be announced!

February is American Heart Month
According to the American Heart Association web page, Lyndon B. Johnson declared February as Heart Month in 1964.

Exercise and a healthy eating plan are essential for good heart health.  Every 80 seconds a woman dies due to heart disease or stroke.  

His & Her Fitness encourages you to stay healthy.  In February you may bring someone to work out with you at no charge, just let your trainer know you have a guest. 
Creative Cardio Library

Beginner Creative Cardio
Beginner Creative Cardio

Moderate Creative Cardio
Moderate Creative Cardio

Advanced Creative Cardio
Advanced Creative Cardio

Christina's Kitchen
Scallops with Spinach 

4 tsp bacon bits 
2 tsp of lemon Juice
8 scallops 
1/4 cup of white wine
4 cups of spinach 

1.   Spray a large pan with coconut spray. Place the 2 tsp bacon bits and lemon juice in pan. 
2. Dry scallops with paper towel and place in skillet on medium high. Cook 2-3 minutes on each side.
3.  Pour poor wine over the top of scallops. Reserve on a plate and keep warm. 
3.  Cook spinach in the same pan and stir in 2 tsp of bacon bits. 

Place cooked spinach and bacon bits and place scallops on top and serve. 

Strawberries and Cream on the Side

For the Cream:
2 TBSP plain Greek yogurt
1 tsp Stevia
A dash of cinnamon
Mix together

Cut strawberries in slices for a natural red heart shape.  Place berries on a plate and top with the cream!

Bon Appetit!

Here is another great idea for this love month here  http://hisandherfitness.net/recipes/chicken-parmesan-delicious-and-nutritious/
Hormones, the Balancing Act

                                                                    Hormones are an issue, they always have been.

We have to pay attention and not mask the issue.  
Here is an article that shows us how to help.

Take a look...


Clients of the Month
Jane and David Stewart
We are thrilled to be selected as clients of the month by His & Her Fitness. We started at H&H approximately 4 years ago and have achieved our goals of weight loss and being more physically fit. We have two children and we both work full time and have demanding careers. We train with Christina 2 times per week and do cardio 4 times per week. This past year we had some slip ups in diet and lack of participation in regular cardio, real life just seemed to be getting in the way of our fit lives. We recognized that we were not being the role models we wanted to be, and decided to make a new commitment to ourselves and Christina, set goals for 2017 and are now on our way to achieving them. 

Christina has been there for us and our children. She is not only our trainer but our friend. She has supported our girls in achieving their athletic goals too. This has meant the world to us, especially since our kids are our world!

Team Member of the Month
Rob Crane

It's great to be the team member of the month!  By now, many of you have kept your promise of working out more or taking better care of yourself in 2017.  Let's keep the momentum going by putting your heart and soul (sole) into maintaining a healthy lifestyle!  

The 3 keys to your success include being consistent with weight training, cardiovascular training and nutrition.  You need to lift weights at least 2 times per week (preferably 3), do either creative cardio or mindless cardio 5-6 times per week and eat 5 clean meals a day.  

Please ask your trainer how you can progress any or all of these areas as you improve.  A healthy lifestyle is a marathon and not a sprint.  There will be adversity along the way and having a cheat meal once in a while is okay.  Just don't let one cheat meal lead to another and then another and let it get out of control where you feel like you're starting all over again.  

We've made it over half way through winter and spring isn't too far off.  Between your gym time and food preparation either in your kitchen or going out to eat with a plan, you are going to love your body transformations by being dedicated in this area of your life just like how hard you work to be successful in your career! 
February is #LOVEMONTH so take advantage of this and bring in a friend each week with you.  The workout is free for your friend and it's a great way for them to get introduced to His & Her Fitness!  Just let your trainers know in advance so we can plan accordingly.  Thank you to all of you that participated in the January creative cardios.  If you want to start or join in on a weekly creative cardio group, let us know.   We'd love to keep them going for you!


Rob Crane

Opportunities for Success!
Need to work out one on one, in tandem or in a group?  Here are some options:

Monday:  Noon, one on one
Tuesday: 8 am, group
       2:30 pm one on one


Monday:  Noon to 4 pm, one on one
Tuesday:  8 am, 9 am, 10 am, group
Wednesday: 9 am to 3 pm
Friday: 11 am, one on one

Monday: 8 am, one on one
               9 am, one on one
Tuesday: 9 am and 11 am
Saturday: 8 am and 9 am, 1 for tandem

Congratulations Tom!
His & Her Fitness client Tom Dusterhoff is headed for the Sports Hall of Fame in Lincoln High School (Des Moines, IA).

Tom Dusterhoft
               Massage Heights: 
         Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • Parkway Plaza - 135th & Roe, Leawood KS 
  • Shoal Creek - 9225 NE Hwy 152, KC MO 
  • Tiffany Springs - 9028 NW Skyview Ave, KC MO
  • International Franchisee Of The Year 2016 
  • Massage Heights Franchisee of the Year 2009
  • Top Performer Million Dollar Club 2009-2015
Contact information     

Making a Splash in Los Angeles!

The  photo shoot was in Las Vegas at the Olympia where BFW Magazine first met Christina and asked her to be apart of the mag this January 2017.  

Order and have her sign today!  

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