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Do you need help placing coverage on a seasonal or secondary dwelling (values up to $10mil), or on a condo?    
If you are unable to place these accounts in your standard markets because they are located in a different state, corporately owned, and/or used as a short term rental; then CIU can help! 
We can consider dwellings with "unusual" construction types, in high PC's, or that are rented on a short-term basis. 
Contact our Personal Lines Team at: 
 today for pricing!!
"Notable Dates" for February...
Happy Anniversary to:

Shannon Casteel 
(who has been with CIU for 18 years!)

Brenda Clark
(who has been with CIU for 7 years!)

Rachel Niemeier
(who has been with CIU for 4 years!)

And of course, 
Happy Valentine's Day  to everyone!!
Did you know CIU can help w/ your 
Primary and excess options are available!

Coverages can include:
* Products liability only 
* Products liability with General Liability 
* Products liability with vendors and product recall expense 
* Excess products liability 
* Worldwide coverage

Target classes include: 
-Hard-to-place products liability accounts 
-Food, herbals, and nutraceuticals 
-Drugs, chemicals, medical equipment, and instruments 
-Automotive parts, machinery, equipment, and supplies 
-Toys, and infant care items 
-Sporting goods 
-Metals and raw materials 

We can consider most risks, including: 
-Start-up companies
-New products 
-Risks with claim activity
-Vendor dictated limit requirements 

Call today, or log on to our website for an app to send to newbusiness@ciusgf.com.
Contractors, Contractors, Contractors... 

We can consider contractors of all shapes and sizes... everything from the one-man trade/artisan contractor to the mid-sized remodeling operation; ground-up new home construction and commercial General Contractors; Roofing Contractors; AND MORE! 

No contractor is too big or too small-- we want them all! 
Call us today for an app, or send what you already have completed to us for a quote!  

Call Toll Free: 800-241-9759  
Commercial Lines  
Discontinued Products Coverage for a Trailer MFG- $1mil/$2mil limits. Occ Form. 2 year term.  $2,500 dedt. $18,500
Marina- $1mil/$2mil CGL/MOLL/Protection & Indemnity; $100k TIV (Bldg only; no dock coverage). Basic/ACV. Based on $230k gross receipts. $14,500
Non-Franchised Used Auto Dealer (KS)- $300k Garage Liab; $100k UM/UIM; $5k Med Pay. $10k GK (direct primary); $160k DOL (w/ $1k SCOL/coll dedts).  $9,215
Contractor- $1mil CSL Auto Liability; $100k UM/UIM; $450k Physical Damage (w/ $1k comp/coll dedts). 10 power units & 2 trailers. 100 mile radius. $40,485
Car Hauler- $1mil CSL Auto Liab; $50k UM/UIM; $5k Med Pay; $58k Physical Damage; $250k Cargo. 1 power unit & 1 trailer.  Unlimited radius.   $14,280
Custom Auto Body Repair/Shop (for high value vehicles/boats)- $1mil/$2mil Garage Liab; $2mil GKLL ($750k max any one item); $250k Prop TIV. $16,690
Logging Contractor- Inland Marine: $110,000 Scheduled Equipment & $5,500 misc tools. Admitted paper. $3,840
Roofing & Remodeling General Contractor (100% subcontracted work)- $1mil/$2mil GL & $1mil Excess (over GL and AL). $7.8mil gross receipts. $80,425
Commercial Building Owner (Shopping Center- Lessors Risk Only)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $2mil Prop TIV. 72,000 sq ft (building) w/ 80,000 sq ft parking. $14,920
Event Arena/Stadium Concessionaire (w/ liquor sales)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil/$2mil Liquor Liab; $11mil Excess (over GL and Liquor). $295k gross receipts.  $13,380
Construction Consultant- $1mil/$2mil GL (excluding Prod/CoOps & Personal & Advertising Injury), w/ blanket AI/PNC/WOS & incl HNOA; $2mil/$2mil Professional; & $4mil Excess (over GL & EL). $200,000 payroll. $10,730
Personal Lines  
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling; $1mil TIV. Log Construction. $2,350
DP1- Vacant Dwelling; $100k TIV; open fire loss. $2,500 dedt. $600
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling; $125k TIV, open fire loss.  $2,500 dedt. $2,165
DP3- Tenant Occupied Seasonal Dwelling; $420k TIV (incl EQ). $2500 aop dedt/5% EQ dedt. $3,785
DP3- Owner Occupied Dwelling; $82k TIV. PC 10. $1,500
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling; $200k TIV. PC 7. Previous fire loss. $2,500 dedt. $1,950
Personal Umbrella- $5mil limit. Elderly drivers. $720
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling; $5.3mil TIV + $150k jewelry schedule. 2 prior water losses. PC 10. $27,485