February 2017 News
Our Lean Journey
Beginning January 2017, our team at BCC Doors has embarked on a lean journey of "continuous improvement". It's always more fun to travel with friends, so we've created a new webpage to share highlights of our experiences.  Our goal along this pathway is to engage everyone at BCC Doors in making ourselves better so we can serve you better. We have always taken pride in our caring customer service, and we plan to maintain and strengthen those relationships as we make this transformation!

Learn More About Our Lean Journey

3D Laminate Additions
We are adding TWELVE exciting new 3D Laminate stock offerings. Feel free to contact us to request actual swatch samples.  You are welcome to click on each picture individually to view a larger image, to view the Pricing Category, and to view the TFM and HPL match information.  Check them out!  

View New 3D Laminate Selections
3D Laminate Phaseouts
We are introducing a new PHASEOUTS section to our 3D Laminate Surface Selections.  These all remain priced at their current Pricing Category and are available while supplies last.  Please check availability before placing your order!

View our Phaseout Selections
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