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Trekking to the Mendenhall Ice Cave
A couple of weeks ago we took advantage of the cold, clear, calm weather and joined the crowds heading out to the ice cave. We left pretty early in the day, so the crowd at the cave wasn't too bad. As we left there was a long line of adventurers heading across the lake. According to a coworker, the ice at that time was at least 9 inches thick all the way to the glacier. Thick enough to support the awesome number of sliders, walkers, and even bicyclers that had the same destination in mind.

I have to admit that my husband and I were way over prepared for the journey, as we had equipped ourselves with packs, ice ax, walking poles, helmets and grippers. Friends of ours even asked if we were training for a Search and Rescue scenario when they saw our helmets. I was very happy for the microspikes and trekking poles as the walk was 3 miles long and pretty slippery without them.     

It doesn't hurt to be prepared though - we have all heard the story of the man that fell through earlier and the dog that was unfortunately lost when it got swept under the ice. These incidents remind us all that traversing the ice can be dangerous, especially around the areas where the ice moves or water comes into the lake and especially as the temperatures warm up. Here are some light weight easy to carry things that you should include in your pack - just in case.

For the past couple of years the Fire Department has staged ice rescue scenarios at the glacier. If you haven't had a chance to attend one of these yet, please put it on your calendar for next year. They show a wonderful video of a scientist who jumps into icy lakes on purpose! He studies the effect of icy cold water on the body and measures how long it takes before he can't move. Believe me, you will not have long in that cold of water before you can't save yourself, so knowing what to do before it happens is paramount to survival.

Getting to the ice caves is shorter and easier in the winter, when you can hike straight out over the lake from the visitor center to the cave. In the summer the access is from the West Glacier trail and it is a much longer hike. Of the 30 searches that SEADOGS went on last year, over a third of those were to the West Glacier trail. The number of people that get lost trying to get back from the glacier is probably even higher, since I haven't included rescues carried out solely by the Fire Department, JMR and the Forest Service.  In order to cut down on these searches, a Boy Scout working on his Eagle Scout project, undertook the task of building cairns to mark the trail to the ice caves. Each of the 15 cairns will eventually have a sign with a date to identify when the glacier was at that point.

Working at NAO, I often get questions from visitors who are heading out to see the ice caves. Last summer, I told one couple to follow the cairns and was rewarded with two blank stares. I didn't realize that they had no idea what a cairn was.  Alaskans have a long history of using cairns or inuksuk for navigation, and for many other uses including as reference points, and markers for fishing places, camps, hunting grounds, sacred sites, or food caches. These structures are found from Alaska to Greenland above the Arctic Circle where the tundra has few natural landmarks. But they are not exclusive to just the Northern realms, they can be found all over the world. Here is a photo of one of the many cairns that can be found along the way to the ice caves. They are small, so you really need to keep a sharp eye out to find them.

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