As we celebrate this month of love, Flower Angels is so proud of our mission of "Delivering random acts of love.  Recycling flowers.......warming hearts".  To date, over 23,000 spirits have been lifted due to the dedicated work of the Flower Angels volunteers. Here are some sentiments from recipients of our beautiful bouquets:
"When I first received a lovely teacup of flowers I was sure someone had made a mistake so I brought it to the nurses attention. She told me a charity called Flower Angels makes the  bouquets and delivers them to nursing home residents all over Cape Cod. My eyes filled with tears of joy knowing there were people who cared about us. You are special Angels. Thank you so much".
~Mary S. 

"I've been in the nursing home for more than 3 years and don't have many visitors. Each time the Flower Angels bring in beautiful fresh flowers there is a happy buzz throughout our floor. Your kindness always makes our days brighter. My son was disabled so it's heart warming to have the special needs folks bring the flowers in to our rooms.  God bless you."
~Margie B
"My mom and aunt were in nursing homes and received lovely bouquets from the Flower Angels. Our family were  touched deeply by your thoughtfulness and generosity to strangers. You are doing God's work. I hope to volunteer for your wonderful charity. Thank you again".
Lorraine C. 
Please visit our website to have beautiful Valentine bouquets delivered in your name to wonderful people in nursing homes and hospice centers across Cape Cod.

 Blessings for Flower Angels!    
*Once again, we will have a  booth at the 59th Annual Hyannis Rotary Club Home and Garden Show that takes place March 18-19.  
Come see us!

* As a result of being featured in the January
Cape Cod Magazine
the Director of the Boston Garden Show has invited Mara and Suzanne, along with a few other Flower Angels to be her guests. On March 26 Sharon and Sue L, will be  on the mirrored stage demonstrating how to make "Happiness Bouquets". And, we were invited to bring flowers back from the show to repurpose into beautiful Flower Angels bouquets!

* Flower Angels was chosen for one of the "Life is Good 2017 Faces of Optimism". The photoshoot will take place at the Life is Good headquarters in Boston. What great publicity!

* Habitat for Humanity chose Flower Angels as one of their three charities to be included in their April 21 Bowl for Habitat fundraiser event. It will be a fun event with great exposure for Flower Angels.

Joanne Fahrenz

    Joanne Fahrenz was born and raised in upstate New York.  She is the mother of three lovely daughters and one precious granddaughter.  Like many, she enjoyed summering on Cape Cod while raising her children.  She  is a former educator who was responsible for developing cr eative writing and literacy programs. Currently, in addition to being a volunteer extraordinaire for Flower Angels, she enjoys kayaking, camping, and gardening.
     Joanne is excited to have enrolled in the Cape Cod Master Gardeners' training program this year.  She takes great pride in her special garden on 6A. It features walking paths, perennials, a miniature peach tree, and raspberry and blueberry bushes.  It is a wonderful garden where those who visit may sit and relax.      
     Her experience with Flowers Angels is one she is grateful for.  It "challenges my creative flair, surrounds me with fabulous friends, and allows the opportunity to give back to this wondrous world."
    We are certainly grateful for Joanne's talent in floral design and the many ways she blesses all of us. Thank you, Joanne.

Deb Brown
The day of romance we call Valentine's Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th  century, but it has its origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.  Regardless of its history, this holiday dominates the month's celebrations. We celebrate  LOVE  .
 Recently I have noticed that my granddaughter Adeline  is doing something in pictures that she "poses" for.   She holds her hands in the shape of a heart and presses them against her chest as if to send a special message of love to all who see the photo.   It is her signature, and I think it has made me think about making our love more visible to others, not necessarily like she does, but by making it recognizable in our words and actions.  
Flower Angels helps me express that as we huddle in the cold of winter working away.  It is our heart-shaped message to those who need a little love sent their way. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL!
       Adeline(bottom left)

"Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love." 

~Martin Luther King Jr.

Flower Angels is welcoming "Angels" to join our amazing team. Please consider joining us. 
  Flower Angels USA
  851 Rt. 28  P.O. Box 897
  South Yarmouth, MA 02664

  Volume 2, Issue 7
 Editors:  Debra Brown, Deborah O'Connor
 Contributors: Debra Brown, Kathleen Tosiello, Suzanne Carter

 Did you know 85% of people living in Nursing Homes rarely have a visitor and 60% never have a visitor?  Help us reach out to this forgotten population.  Your tax deductible charitable donation will help Flower Angels USA continue this important mission.  100% of donations benefit the wonderful people of Cape Cod. 
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