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February 2017

Late New Year's Gift
I talked to a young couple from Highland's Ranch last week who were inquiring  about wills and powers of attorney documents. For Christmas, the husband's parents had offered to pay for their estate planning.  What a great idea. They were both employed nearby and had two young children. They realized they were remiss in not having come in sooner but I assured them that I have had clients call me at age 93 who have never had a will or trust or powers of attorney documents drafted. The sooner the better but, as we said when I practiced in Kansas. "just get it done " period. 

We discussed the husband's and wife's objectives, assets, titling of property and how to ensure the children are provided for in a worst case scenario. Once we established exactly what they needed we based the cost on those elements. The cost equals the need, nothing more. If I had a nickel for every person who leaves my office saying "Well, I'm so glad we finally got that done," I would probably be retired by now. If you have young married kids, give them a gift that will take care of your grandchildren. Its the best gift you will ever give and to thank you I will extend a New Year's discount if they mention this article.
Hope to see your family soon.

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