In this newsletter, we highlight our most recent empowerment tool for women battling ovarian cancer - the Clinical Trial Results Finder - with an article penned by Dr. Cory Bentley and also provide a progress update from the recent 'Stand Up 2 Cancer' meeting written by Clearity's Founder, Dr. Laura Shawver.  

With the Clinical Trial Results Finder, we have displayed results from trials that led to approval of the drugs currently used in ovarian cancer treatment as well as those still being evaluated in on-going trials.  We hope that this information will be useful in combination with a tumor profile (e.g., Clearity Tumor Blueprint) to help inform your decisions regarding treatment options. 

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Deb Zajchowski, PhD
Scientific Director
The Clearity Foundation
Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial Results: Data Points to Treatment Options Beyond Standard Chemotherapy

By: Cory Bentley, PhD

Many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer could probably write a dissertation for an advanced degree on ovarian cancer. Whether women are newly diagnosed or have recurrent ovarian cancer, the new learning needed to make informed decisions about treatment options is immense. Clearity is helping to ease that burden by assembling the results from key ovarian cancer clinical trials in a new Trial Results Finder on their website. 

Combined with the news feed that is available on The Clearity Portal, this new addition creates a one-stop-shop for learning about the latest in ovarian cancer treatment. "We want to make it easy to find these results so that women don't have to spend hours trying to find the right information to help them make informed choices about treatment options," explains Clearity scientific director Dr. Deborah Zajchowski. The Trial Results Finder gives women the opportunity to see how new drugs and treatment strategies have performed in ovarian cancer clinical trials, some of the most important information for deciding on a treatment strategy and if a clinical trial should be part of it.

A woman can now rapidly identify clinical trial results most relevant to her disease status using the "clinical situation" search. Alternatively, she can find results from studies of specific drugs that are indicated by her tumor blueprint to be a potential treatment option using a "drug name/drug class" search.  Although some of these clinical trial results can be found through skilled internet searches, the Clearity Trial Results Finder is a unique and user-friendly resource. It is focused on ovarian cancer trials, is updated as soon as the trial results are published, and presents the results in both a visual (graphical) and tabular format. Visual presentation of the data helps with interpretation of complex information. With the Trial Results Finder, the colored bar graphics help make sense of the clinical trial results retrieved by the search, especially when results from multiple trials are shown.
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Report from Stand Up 2 Cancer Scientific Summit 
PARP Inhibitors: Beyond BRCA1 and BRCA2
By: Dr. Laura Shawver 
Founder, The Clearity Foundation &  Ovarian Cancer Survivor

I spent three days at the Stand Up 2 Cancer Scientific Summit January 23 - 25 where I have proudly served on the Scientific Advisory Committee since its inception in 2008. The summit brings together some of the top oncologists and researchers from around the world to discuss their latest findings on many types of cancer. It is truly one of my favorite conferences of the year because it is small enough to be an intimate conference with time for discussion and because the collaborative philosophy that has been infused by the founders makes for very significant cross functional learnings.  To read the entire report on The Clearity Foundation's website, please click here.

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