Happy Lunar New Year - Tet

The Year of the Rooster

Chúc mừng năm mới.

  Thich Minh Thien's Column
The Third Mindfulness Training - True Love
This month, we move forward in the Mindfulness Trainings that I have been sharing from an article by Venerable Thich Nhat Hahn.  These Five Mindfulness Trainings are his re-formulation of some of the Buddha's core teachings.  This month's topic is on what Thich Nhat Hahn describes as the third training; namely, "True Love" .  Thich Nhat Hahn describes it this way : "Aware of the suffering caused by sexual misconduct, I am committed to cultivating responsibility and learning ways to protect the safety and integrity of individuals, couples, families and society".
This training encourages us to see that our sexual nature and desires do not always represent this concept of "True Love" .  Our sexual natures are driven by our animal nature, combined with a dose of our egoic mind fantasies.  Animals automatically follow their instincts, but humans are different.  We do not need to satisfy our cravings the way animals do.  We can decide that we will have sex only with love.  It is said that to engage in a sexual act without understanding or compassion is to act with violence.  In a society where sexual education is limited in scope, many do not know how to handle their bodies or their feelings.  They may not realize that an act of only a few moments can damage and even destroy the life of another person.  Sexual misconduct has translated to a heavy burden on society.  Many times, the victims continue the sexual misconduct to which they were subjected.  How many families have been broken and disintegrated by a lapse of "True Love" principles between partners and spouses.
This Mindfulness Training of "True Love" calls for a mindful sexuality and a strong degree of commitment in our relationships.  It moves us to a deep commitment of protecting children from sexual abuse and whenever possible, keeping the family unit together.  It is here where our perspective, wisdom and strength can be called forth to give us the wider view of life and what is truly important.  Being honest and authentic in all your relationships allows one to match who you are at your core with others in your life.  The strength of honesty usually requires the strength of bravery.  This bravery is crucial to share who you are and to face any sexual improprieties in your life (past or present) and/or to speak against any sexual misbehaviors witnessed against children, adolescents or adults.
Certainly, the physical expression of love is beautiful and transcendent. The sexual act can be a sacred expression of love and responsibility. If you have a sexual relationship without love and caring, you create the atmosphere of suffering for both yourself and your partner, as well as for your family and our entire society.  In a culture of peace and nonviolence, civilized sexual behavior is an important protection.  Such love is not sheer craving for sex; it is "True Love" and understanding.  We can cultivate the deepest love, harmony and nonviolence.  For humans, to engage only in nonviolent sexuality means having respect for themselves and each other.  
May All Be Well....May All Be Happy....May All Know Love....May All Know Peace
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa
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Spiritually based healings starting on Tuesdays in March
A dear friend, Sylver, will be starting a new program at the Abbey. He will be here once a week to help with Spiritually Based Healing.
He is a retired Chiropractor who has been on a journey of spirit and awareness for some time and is willing to share his healing energy with others.
He is doing this by donation (suggested minimum is $20.00) and will be at the Abbey on Tuesdays from 10am - 2 pm. You can set up an appointment with him at 352.284.9588.
He has been helping Kozen recover from his knee surgery.
"Sylver's work is kind and loving, he has helped me a lot". Kozen
If you have chronic or acute physical problems, give Sylver a call and see if there are perhaps some psychological or spiritual components that he can help with.

Winter, lots of snow and ice, and cold weather are still with us

Thay Kozen in snow
Thay Kozen out for a walk
Looking out our front door
Looking out our front door

Quan Yin and Mt. Adams in the snow and mists
Meditation and Recovery in Hood River
starting soon.... 
11th Step Meditation Meeting
- for persons interested in participating in a 12-step recovery program for any addiction

1st Organizational Gathering
Thursday, February 2, 2017
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Home of Dick (and Bonnie) Withers
1829 5th Street
(between Pacific and Sieverkropp in The Hood River Heights - you know, behind Rosauer's...
Take Pacific off 12th and go past Hawks Ridge and Horizon School - then turn right)
(414) 587-4065

Organizing Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Introductions - review and adjust the proposed agenda

Brief silent, seated meditation (10 minutes)

Sharing any or all of the following:
    a) your previous experience with meditation practice and recovery?
    b) why are you interested in an 11th step meditation meeting?
    c) what do you imagine an 11th-step meeting experience could entail?

Break for tea, coffee, snacks

    Day and Time :  (for example, Thursday, Friday or Sunday evening?)

    Place :     (HR Adult Center, Riverside Church, Trinity Acupuncture, other)
            think about amenities - cushions, comfort, tea, parking, quiet, etc.

    Program :     for example,  20 minute sit followed by 10 minute walking meditation,
            brief break for tea and socializing,
            share a reading for discussion,
            individual response and sharing.
            Total time 1.5 hours?

    Process:     for example, Quarterly 'how are doing' meetings (potluck?)

    Resources: One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the 12 Steps by Kevin Griffin
            Mindfulness and the 12 Steps by Therese Jacobs Stewart
            12 Steps on the Buddha's Path: Bill, Buddha and We by Laura S.

    Next Steps! Fresh Steps!
Thay Z and Thay Kozen's Arizona trip
We visited with our Theravada friends at Wat Sakol Sutano,
a local Thai Temple, in Tucson, AZ. Right to left Ajahn Wirot Chandhammo, Thay Kozen, Thay Z, unknown name, and unknown name.  Ajahn Wirot is an old friend of Thay Kozen.

Right to left Thay Kozen, Ajan Sarayut, Thay Z visit at Wat Buddhametta, Tucson Arizona.  contact Ajan Sarayut via  [email protected]

Thay Z and Thay Kozen also presented a Dharma talk at the Federal Prison in Tucson.  Ed, a long time student of Kozen, provides meditation and dharma to the men at the prison once a week.  Thay Z and Thay Kozen visit once a year and we've been impressed at the quality of the prison Sangha. 
2017 Calendar 
This is not 100% complete. An undated
schedule will appear each month
3-5 Mamma Bears Retreat
18 Visit Temples with Buu Hung Monastery - Portland
22-March 1st - Kozen on Retreat, (temple closed)
17 - 19 NUNM Qigong Retreat - Private

3-5 NUNM Qigong Retreat - Private
20-24 Oregon Episcopal School Retreat - Private
25-26 Eight Precepts Spring Retreat with Buu Hung Monastery - here

29 - April 1st Deerpark Retreat in California (temple closed)

2-11 Spring retreat, Desert Zen Center CA, (temple closed)

22 Earth Day - 9 am service
29 Beltane (Druid Event)19-20

6 Buddha's Birthday Celebration 9am
5-7 Laurie VanCott Yoga retreat (541.490.7420)
19-21 NUNM Pik Shan Ko Taiji Retreat - Private
27-29 Buddhist retreat, Thay Hang Toan, from the city of 10,000 Buddhas will be the Guest Master

7 Buddhist Festival - Portland
15-22 Yoga / Astrology Retreat - Private
24-30 Kozen on Retreat - (temple closed)

1-5 Ziikr Retreat - Private
7-8 Thich Nhat Hanh group retreat
13-16 Eight Winds Festival (Druid Event)

12-18 Vedanta Retreat housing only
19-20 Precepts Retreat by Buu Hung Monastery - here
23-28 Beyond The Gates (Druid Event)
27 - Ullambana - Buu Hung Monastery - Portland
31 - 3 Sept  Xinglin Institute Private

31 August - 3 September Xinglin Institute (private)
23 Autum Equinox (Druid Event)
29- 1 October  NUNM Private

Sept 29-Aug 1 NUNM (Private)
13-15 Fall Retreat Zen - here

No scheduled group retreats
Private retreats welcome

9 Bodhi Day - meditation 11:30 pm - 12:30 am
meditation 11:30 pm - 12:30 am

Weekly Temple Services 
Monday -Friday 6:30 am Meditation

Saturday  9am full service + meditation 

Regular Groups outside of our temple

1st Sunday of the month, Buu Hung Monastery at 3pm
17808 NE 18th St.  Vancouver WA 98684 
contact Venerable Su Co Hue Huong, [email protected]

Every Monday - Trinity Sangha, at Trinity Natural Medicine at 12 noon
1808 Belmont Ave, Hood River, OR 97031
11th Step Recovery Meeting - place, dates, and time to be arranged contact Dick at 414.587.4065  

Buu Hung Monastery - Vancouver WA
The Activities Plan of Yearly Buddhist Ceremonies (2017)
Friday,         1/27/17,      New Year Eve's Celebration
Saturday,       1/28/17,    New Year's Celebration
Saturday,       2/18/17,      Visiting Temples in Portland
Sunday,         3/19/17,    Quan Yin Celebration
Sat +Sun,      3/25,26/17, Eight Precept Spring Retreat
Sunday,         5/7/17,       Buddha 's Birthday Celebration
Saturday       June    ,       Buddhist Festival in Portland
Sunday,         8/6/17,        Quan Yin Celebration
Sat+ Sun       8/19,20/17   Eight Precept Summer Retreat
Sun               8/27/17       Parents ' Celebration (Ullambana)
Sun               11/5/17       Quan Yin Celebration  

These services are in Vietnamese at our sister temple in Vancouver WA
Mt Adams Zen Buddhist Temple    46 Stoller Rd., Trout Lake WA 98650  509.395.2030    www.Mtadamszen.org