February 2017
Rigging Connection
Liftmax ® Positioning Cart
This isn't your ordinary material handling device.  It's Bishop Lifting's engineering & fabrication team at work designing custom systems like this Positioning Cart for unique applications. The Positioning Cart, Caster Rails, and Gearbox Frame were designed to make it safer and faster to connect the drum to the draw works gearbox housing in assembly.    The Positioning Cart also has 4 integrated hydraulic rams that assist with bolt hole alignment.
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Slingmax ® Cut Protection for Synthetic Slings
In today's rigging and lifting world, most synthetic sling accidents are caused by users not protecting slings from load edges . This has left valuable products damaged and even personnel injured due to unrecognized barriers. Thankfully, in response to these accidents, two synthetic sling protectors have been designed to provide adequate cut protection: CornerMax® pads and CornerMax® sleeves.  

Engineered and tested to provide 25,000 lbs. of protection per inch of sling width, CornerMax® pads are designed to withstand the jarring 90 degree straight edges found in common I-beams.

Liftmax® Personnel Baskets

Our Liftmax® line of Personnel Baskets offers numerous customized features to handle your workplace needs.  Let our engineering staff help you create the perfect personnel basket today!
Standard Features are:
  • Used for lifting personnel to perform work or for transporting personnel
  • Expanded metal sides, toe plate, hand rail, lanyard pad eyes, solid non-slip floor
  • Inward opening, self locking gate
  • Detachable test weight included with forklift pockets
  • Stainless steel data plate with individual serial numbers with RFID tracking
  • Painted yellow with durable enamel paint
  • Meets or exceeds ASME B30.23 "Personnel Lifting Systems"
  • Proof tested to 125%
Available Options Include:
  • DNV Rated
  • Galvanized
  • Counter-balanced
  • and many more!

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MaxiRider®  is proud of their years of dependable service and their commitment to personnel safety. We strive to be the best in personnel lifting and the name you can count on when lifting personnel is MaxiRider ® . As part of our continued commitment to the industries we serve, we offer an experienced field service team. Our team is available to you and can be scheduled for routine maintenance items, annual inspections and on-site training, please contact us with your request.


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