Vol. 3, Issue 2
February 2017

UA Funds Early-Stage Inventions
Douglas Loy receives funds to develop sunscreen

Douglas Loy was awarded funds to further develop a non-toxic, long-lasting sunscreen based on nanoparticles.

Mosquito eggs without eggshells disrupt the ability to reproduce
Discovery of the mosquito EOF1 gene
Up to 40 percent of the world's population now lives in areas where Dengue virus-transmitting mosquitoes coexist with humans.

Herbert E. Carter Award
Jonathan Sanchez selected

Jonathan Sanchez was selected to receive the 2017 Herbert E. Carter Award.

Dr. Wayne Cody Scholar Amnounced
Michael Remesic receives inaugural award

Michael Remesic was selected as the Dr. Wayne Cody Scholar in Medicinal Biological Chemistry for 2017-18.

John Hostetter Scholarship Recipient Announced
Rami Musharrafieh receives scholarship

Third-year PhD student Rami Musharrafieh was selected as the John Hostetter Scholarship recipient for 2016-17.

CBC Outstanding Student of the Month
Ana Tellez Osuna selected

Ana Tellez Osuna was selected as the January 2017 CBC Oustanding Student of the Month.

Alumni News

Cody Corbin (PhD in Chemistry, 2016) As a Sandia National Labs postdoc, I have been exposed to an assortment of new techniques and scientists in a multidisciplinary setting. I am very thankful for the graduate education I received from CBC at the University of Arizona, which has allowed me to achieve such a fortunate position.
Elizabeth Nguyen (BS in Chemistry, 2015) Since graduation I have been working as an Account Representative with a scientific staffing agency for chemists and biologists. Through this agency, I was able to secure a QC Lab Technician position under a specialty chemicals plant that focuses on inorganic catalyst production for the petroleum industry.
Sarah Pattengale (BS in Biochemistry, 2016) I am in the middle of my first year as a Biochemistry PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin. I just completed my second lab rotation where I studied RNA structure. In May I will choose a lab to join for the remainder of my PhD.