mothers day basket
Gift Basket for your Valentine.
Looking for a creative & heart healthy gift idea for your sweetheart? 

Our clever gift basket contains packages of our sweet & chewy all-natural dried Asian Pears, our sweet 'n savory Asian Pear Spread...paired with local pretzels for dipping.  But the sweetest part of this gift: little flower bulbs to plant and grow are included. The basket itself is a compostable soil pot complete with planting moss with which to plant the bulbs (soil? give your local gardening center some love with a visit). This basket is a nice way for your belov'd to enjoy some early Springtime cheer. 

tree haircut
Tree Beauty Salon.

During winter, each and every Asian Pear tree gets a trim by our pruning crew. After flourishing, healthy growth last Spring & Summer, our trees' branches are, well...a bit overgrown. 

Our orchard team members, with clippers in hand, walk tree to tree in their Winter garb - clipping and snipping branches that need to be cut back. As they work, each tree is shaped for the coming growing season. Trimming over-growth prepares the trees for not only a healthier bloom in the Spring months ahead, but makes the trees look fabulous. All  for a delicious harvest of pears, Fall 2018!

csa day
CSA Day.

Before you know it, February 23rd will be here - National CSA Sign Up Day! Your chance to sign up to share in locally grown foods produced this Spring, Summer and Fall from farms in your community. Our local chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local will be sharing info this month about CSA programs in our region.   We too are offering CSA shares, but with our own twist: a cyber CSA ! Visit our online store to learn more about our Subarashii Cyber CSA . Shares purchased now will automatically ship from our farm to you throughout Fall 2018 (including a different Asian Pear variety every month).  Check out the shipping special offer below.

40% off CSA shipping, code: CSA18
Romantic Roulade .

Are you a fan of pumpkin rolls, or chocolate logs, or even homemade Italian beef braciole (brah-zjole)? 

Fall in love with our romantic, rolled dish to prepare for Valentine's Day dinner with your sweetheart. A beef & Asian Pear roulade (French for the word "roll") using flank steak prepared with ingredients including cheeses, salami, mustard and herbs rolled into "logs" is lined with delicious slices of Asian Pears (or our dried Asian Pears). 

As Asian Pears are a natural meat tenderizer (enzymes in the pears naturally breakdown the 

Ready for Grilling
    Roulade of Beef & Asian Pear

meat), this dish will be incredibly tender & juicy!   Click here to download Chef Lesle's divine dish. 

For other culinary ideas to make your Valentine's dinner complete, visit our recipes page for salads, side-dishes and dessert ideas.