February 2018

"Filmmaking is the ultimate team sport."
- Michael Keaton
Outsourcing Payroll Can Make Tax Time Less Stressful
Don't Worry, Be Productive

It's true - all businesses with a minimum of  just one  employee are responsible for filing payroll taxes. And significant fines and penalties can result from noncompliance. 

Still, there's no need to fear the IRS. 

Outsourcing payroll tasks can relieve business owners of the myriad of stresses and paperwork associated with tax time, while freeing up in-house resources for more profitable endeavors. 

Need some pro tips to make tax season more streamlined and stress-free? Just follow the link below! 
Juano Hernandez in Clarence Brown's 1949 film "Intruder in the Dust." 
Celebrate Black History Month with Movies that Changed Their Medium

On President's Day weekend, Marvel's "Black Panther" opened in movie theaters nationwide. The groundbreaking superhero film soared beyond expectations, breaking records and becoming one of the studio's highest grossing films to date.

Less than a month from now, director Jordan Peele's thriller, "Get Out," and Netflix's period drama "Mudbound" will vie for various honors at the 90th Academy Awards (following in the footsteps of last year's Best Picture winner, "Moonlight.") 

Black filmmaking in America has had a long, storied history. In honor of Black History Month, critics for The New York Times recently compiled a must-watch list of the 28 most influential motion pictures by black filmmakers and artists. From pioneer Oscar Micheaux to the films of Spike Lee, this suggested calendar offers interested viewers a cinematic foundation, while encouraging them to seek out similar films. 

Check it out by following the link below!  


FICA, FUTA, and SUTA can easily turn into Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda! Don't let it happen to your company. 

Need help with the classification of freelancers and payroll services? Contact MMG. We handle all of the administrative, legal, and tax issues associated with payroll.

Photo Industry Rocked by Noncompliance Allegations

A California advertising photographer was recently taken to task for allegedly misclassifying a freelance director as an independent contractor. The resulting lawsuit claims that the director was not paid in a "timely manner," and is seeking to identify additional crew that may have been similarly inconvenienced. 

In California, photographers and producers who employ others are responsible for withholding taxes from employee wages, while also providing workers' compensation and unemployment insurance. State law also requires crew to be paid immediately at the close of a job. And claims regarding misclassification appear to be on the rise. 
While policies and procedures differ somewhat between the still photography world and that of television and film production, the critical nature of proper classification is paramount in all corners of business. 

Don't let a lawsuit level your production. MMG can help to keep you compliant. We manage the transition process from 1099 to W-2, whenever required; handle benefits and HR tasks; and pay your team on time, all the time. 
From Tokyo to Timbuktu, Maslow Media Group's production managers can provide a 24-hour turnaround on crews, no matter where on earth you need to be

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