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The Year of the Dog
Chinese new year ornament--gold ingot,golden coin and golden abacus,Chinese calligraphy Translation good bless for new year
Chinese New Year Begins this year on February 16th.  Probably my favorite holiday and I am not Chinese! The Chinese start their New Year on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.  That's why it lands on different days each year. They celebrate their New Year for 15 days,           cleaning their homes, visiting friends and relatives, and enjoying   festivities. According to the Chinese Calendar, it will be the year 4715.   Being an Earth Dog Year, good colors are Brown and Yellow.  Overall, it   will be a good year to work towards a healthier lifestyle - diet,   exercise, and quit bad habits.  Dog Years are all about emphasizing   Loyalty and Generosity.  It's about Looking Out for Others and Working   Together.  The Dog represents Truth & Justice.  There are 12 animals   representing the Chinese Zodiacs.  The Dog is the eleventh. Each   animal has an element depending on the year you were born.  I'm a   Water Rabbit. If interested in finding out how your year will be, check   out,   www.karmaweather.com/2018-year-of-the-dog/.   
5 and 2 Diet
Healthy diet food concept with a selection of fruit, vegetables, seeds, grains, cereals, herbs and spices with foods high in vitamins, minerals, anthocyanins, antioxidants and fibre on oak top view.
 I have been practicing QiGong for quite some time now.  I don't miss Sunday AM class. For me, it helps put the energy I give out as a Reader, back into my body and soul. The big buzz in class these days is fasting.  There's lots of talk about the 5 and 2 diet. I feel good, but to drop 20 would be better.  So I decided to try the 5:2 diet. I figured most of the great prophets fasted, and fasting is part of some of the great religions and it has been around for thousands of years, so why not? Most women starve themselves on diets anyway, so I figured I'd do it in a healthy way. I must say, I've done a few diets in my time, but so far I like this one.  Twice a week, I limit my calorie intake to 500 calories.  It can be broken up in any way that is comfortable for you.  I stick to a lot of proteins, oatmeal and bean salads. The goal is to try to get a good 12-16 hours where there is no food intake.  I admit, my 12 hours happens between early dinner and dawn when I'm sleeping, but my body is still burning away fat.  I pick two days a week with a day inbetween. I do my fasting on days I'm not going to the gym.  On days you are not fasting, you are allowed to eat whatever you want.  I still am trying to eat healthy, but if I feel like cheating, I can.  I felt the difference immediately, just lighter and clear.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  My hunger pangs are not that bad and I drink more water to get to my next mealtime.  If interested, look for the work by Dr. Michael Mosley and Dr. Jason Fung.  I bought the book the 5:2 diet by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer.  It's easy to read and gives you some ideas how to work it.  What's great is, it's flexible. I'm improving my health and losing some weight.  Here is a great link that answers a lot of questions,
Next month, I'll be blogging my findings about Sedona, AZ.  Peace.
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