Who Is Building Your Future?

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”
– Abraham Lincoln

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

2018 has the potential to be a busy, productive and prosperous year. We are coming off of a great 2017, where we increased working hours over 2016 by more than 300,000 hours. That’s an 8% increase in getting more members to work. This year, new markets are presenting opportunities for us to capture additional market share. Our Council’s strategic goals focus on scaffolding, interior systems, and healthcare construction, and we are pulling out all the stops to sign contractors, secure PLAs or contracts, and train our members in the skills they need to excel in these hot industries.

I pledge to you that your Council staff will do everything in our power to secure steady work for all of you, and to bolster our membership with new carpenters and pile drivers so that we can staff any job our employers win.

But make no mistake – the person who is truly building your future is yourself. We can set-up multiple work opportunities, but it’s you and your brothers and sisters who must be ready to act when the opportunity surfaces. How can you do that? Be involved.
This is the first of our new electronic newsletters, meant to get information into your hands more efficiently, so you can act on it faster.

This newsletter is full of opportunities for you to get involved in your Union and therefore be educated, aware, and ready to capitalize on opportunities. As you scroll, note the yellow banners, which are Get Involved! alerts for you to take action. You'll also see that we give you a host of resources to stay informed.

Any journeyman or 3 rd year apprentice who completed their leadership training will tell you about a concept they learned, which is crucial to your own success:

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

Take control of your career in 2018 and become an active Union member. Use this newsletter as your guide to opportunities to better your skills, your leadership talents, and your union citizenship. If you do so, we look forward to watching your career takeoff in 2018!

Yours in Solidarity,
Jason B. Engels, EST

In 2017, training programs in our four states combined to train 1,233 apprentices, including 560 carpenters and 619 millwrights. Our journeymen combined to train for more than 31,000 hours, led by Louisiana's program, which handled almost 17,000 hours of upgrade training.
Houston Training Center Grand Opening Set for April 3
Floorcovering journeymen and apprentices hone their craft via training.
Top: For nonunion carpenters
Mid: For new carpenters
Bottom: For military vets
Our Member Leaders

Congratulations to our members who are recognized as a valued leader of the Central South Carpenters Regional Council!

 We anticipate great things from these men and women, now that they’ve been trained to lead the way in the union hall, at the job site, and in their own community.

Check out CentralSouthLeaders.com to find all of the resources you need to be a jobsite leader and to put your training into action!

Congratulations to these Council leaders! Our latest 300-Hitters who recently completed their Journeyman Leadership training at the International Training Center. (see below)
Local Websites Spring Up

Congratulations to the following Locals for launching their new websites in 2017:

Council Rep Alex Ornelas (right) swears-in new members to Local 429.

It's always the right time to get involved in Union politics! Make your voice heard! We employ an inclusive and nonpartisan effort to support candidates who champion the goals of working people, promote needed infrastructure investments, and support fair trade.

 Latest News:
Sisters in the Brotherhood

Our Sisters in the Brotherhood program supports female members by providing assistance in obtaining craft training and leadership skills; by being advocates on women issues; and by mentoring new members and even potential members.

The Sisters of the Central South Carpenters Regional Council are making an impact on the industry every day. They are working on jobsites, training fellow members, and leading committees.
The Best of Our Best Stepped Forward in 2017
Hurricane Harvey

Our brothers & sisters were tested again in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas and Louisiana. But, we united to help each other and were supported by help from our brothers and sisters throughout the Brotherhood.

While cleanup and restoration will continue in the months and even years ahead, union carpenters affected by Hurricane Harvey are getting the support they need to get their lives back together, thanks to an incredible amount of support from across North America. 

In all, 187 members were given aid from the Central South Carpenters' Disaster Relief Fund, and 115 of them were able to collect a second round of help.

Great work, everyone!

Jared Allen Homes for Wounded Warriors

NFL football star Jared Allen has come to the aid of wounded war veterans who need a helping hand adjusting to their civilian home after serving our country. Often that means gutting the vet's house and making it more accessible. Central South carpenters helped Jared and his foundation get a home in tip-top shape for a war hero from Forney Texas.

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