Department of Marketing Newsletter
February 2018, Volume 1, Issue 4

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written by Jimmy Peltier, Department of Marketing Chair

As we begin 2018, it is important to share with you that last year we lost Dr. Arno Kleimenhagen, the founder of our Department of Marketing. Arno was also the founding advisor of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), associations in which he won Life-time Achievement Awards. To convey best who Arno was  as a man, perhaps it is best if I just share the eulogy that I wrote for his funeral, and delivered by Sue Northey on my behalf (I was at the International AMA Conference).

"I am very sorry that I am unable to be with you today to celebrate the life of my mentor, Arno Kleimenhagen. I am in New Orleans right now with 38 student members of the UW-Whitewater American Marketing Association, the organization that Arno started 40 years ago. I am sure Arno would want me right where I am at, which is in many ways a testament to who he was as an educator - - a student first professor. I am so happy that Sue Northey is speaking on my behalf, knowing full well that it would have been hard for me to get through this eulogy. Good luck Sue, I hope you will be able to get through this better than I would have. As a side note, Sue was one of Arno's early AMA students and is one in a long line of Arno's success stories. A woman who Arno encouraged to take control of her life, knowing that she had what was needed to be a successful business person. So she has experienced first-hand many of the things about Arno that you are about to hear. I would be remiss to say that Dan Herlache, who also was one of Arno's first students, now an AMA Advisor at UW-Whitewater, and here with me in New Orleans, also deeply regrets that he cannot be here today. 

I have been struggling the last few days trying to decide what I could possibly say about Arno. For whatever I say represents only a little of what he meant to so many people. Perhaps it is best that I tell a story. In 1986, I along with Jack Schibrowsky, was invited to UW-Whitewater to interview for a job. We were both working on our dissertations at that time. When we were done, Arno simply said, "Well, I guess I will hire both of you." This was so Arno, shaping the lives of two individuals just starting their academic careers. And from there I began learning from a giant of a man.  What struck me most when I met Arno was how gentle he was. Rather than being intimidating, he conveyed a sense of warmth. Maybe because he was such a good listener, or maybe because you could tell that he had no ego. To say that he was like a second father to me might sound like a cliché. However, even after he retired I was eager to tell him about my successes because I wanted him to be proud of me. After he retired, we always invited Arno and Betty to our semester end AMA banquette so I could show him off to my AMA kids, for I was proud of him too. Thank you Betty for sharing with me after his passing that he was proud of me too.

Looking back on his life, Arno had so many successes. He created the marketing department at UW-Whitewater in the 1970's. In addition to building a marketing program, he began a career of building student careers, including starting AMA and PSE. Both of these organizations have gone on to win countless national awards, a testament to Arno's vision of helping students find their paths in life. Along the way Arno won the Roseman Teaching Excellence Award, the highest teaching honor you can earn at UW-Whitewater. While these are but a few examples of Arno's impact on the careers and lives of students, they are emblematic of a man who knew he could make a difference. Arno left a legacy that will have a lasting impact on the Department of Marketing. Through his and Betty's generous gift, there is a named Endowed Professorship on his behalf. And although I am the current benefactor of this generosity, it will be passed on to others for years to come.  So how would Arno want to be remembered? As an architect of a marketing program? Sure. As a faculty mentor? Yes. As a builder of the character and the lives of students? Definitely. But I think he would want to be most remembered as the love of Betty's life. The loving father of Louisa and Arno. And an oh so proud grandfather and great grandfather.

Betty and family, on behalf of the students and colleagues at UW-Whitewater, past and current, my wife Renee, and myself, I want to convey deep sorrow for your loss and our heartfelt gratitude for being part of such an amazing and joyous life." 

Jimmy Peltier

Student Spotlight
Jason Precia
by Julie Hill, Department Executive Assistant

This edition's student spotlight is Jason Precia, the most recent recipient of the Richard Telfer - AMA Minority Business Student Scholarship.  

Can you tell me a little bit of background about yourself?
I am from Menomonee Falls, WI (suburb right outside of Milwaukee). I am currently a senior here at Whitewater expecting to graduate in the spring.

How did you choose Marketing with the Sales emphasis as your major?
I decided to choose Marketing/Sales as my major because sales is something I've come to have a passion for. I have been around it my whole life, as my mom is an account manager, and my dad is a VP in sales. Seeing their success in sales has motivated me to follow their footsteps.

What are your career plans and future career goals after graduation?
My plan after college is to obtain a B2B sales position. I recently accepted a full-time position with CH Robinson, and I plan on staying active on the sales team to fine tune my selling skills.

How will your experiences at UW-Whitewater (either with classes, sales team, etc.) help you reach your career goals?
All my experiences here at Whitewater are going to help me in my professional career. The sales team has really helped me master the standard sales process, and my classroom experience has helped me network and build relationships with other students which is extremely important in sales.

What advice would you give to other students starting off at UW-Whitewater in the Marketing program?
My advice to any students starting in the Marketing program is to step outside of your comfort zone and join a business organization. There are so many opportunities to network with business professionals and ensure your success after college. Joining one of these organizations early will really help you in the long-run.
Faculty Spotlight
Yushan ("Sam") Zhao

Dr. Yushan ("Sam") Zhao is a Professor in the Marketing Department, teaches International Marketing and Innovation and Technology Marketing, conducts research and is the Chair of the Department Assessment Committee. He is working with marketing faculty to "close the loop" based on assessment results to improve student learning. Assessment and assurance of student learning is a priority for the Marketing Department. The department developed a set of student learning outcomes based on the guidelines of LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes proposed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). Marketing faculty conducts program assessment to measure student achievement in each academic year. Further, we employ the student exit survey and employer survey to get additional measures of student performance. The department is proud to have 100% participation of marketing faculty in marketing program assessment and close-loop actions.

Students face many challenges in the college life. A big challenge we found in assessment is the integration and application of learned knowledge and skills in real-world problem solving. Another challenge for students is that they are not getting enough sleep due to study, work, sports, etc. We suggest that students develop good time management strategies, such as scheduling study time and getting started early on assignments and projects.
Institute for Sales Excellence

Members of the American Marketing Association (AMA), the Sales Team, and students in beginner and advanced sales classes are off to a busy and successful start for spring semester! We have many competitions coming up that take place on campus, but students and faculty also travel to national competitions and conferences.

Therese Merkel, Perfect Pitch 2nd place

Alex Kravitz, Perfect Pitch 3rd place

Relational Sales Competition: Kelly Deschner (1st), Matt Young (2nd), Cameron Neuhauser (3rd), Nick Rasmussen (3rd) and Kelsey Berchem (3rd). 
Perfect Pitch Competition: Haley Lechner (1st) and Matt Young (3rd). 
Marketing Strategy Team Competition - 1st Place : Haley Lechner and Sam Wanezek, Nick  Rasmussen and Tommy Zoerner.

12 students attended the UNLV AMA Western Regional Collegiate Conference, January, 2018.
Partner Spotlight
C.H. Robinson

Brian Robinson and 
Jason Gardner
by Julie Hill, Department Executive Assistant

At the Partners in the Classroom event, representatives from various companies visit and interact with marketing and sales students. Students can speak one on one with the companies, ask questions and find out about their opportunities. We are fortunate to have the involvement of C.H. Robinson , one of the& world's largest third party logistic providers -- delivering innovative supply chain solutions to more than 113,000 customers across the world. Brian Robinson, general manager, and Jason Gardner, senior recruiter for the Great Lakes region, were present at Partners in the Classroom. I was able to steal a few moments of their time to ask a few questions in between their conversations with students.
Brian Robinson, General Manager
Brian, who has been with C.H. Robinson for 27 years is also getting ready to retire. Congratulations Brian! 
Jason Gardner, 
Senior Recruiter

Visiting UW-Whitewater, what are your impressions  of our curriculum and students?
Brian "Best of the best. I'm a little bit biased
because of what we've seen here and we've hired 8 folks already from Whitewater this year. We have several former grads in the Madison office from Whitewater already, so I can say that this is an amazing place and producing great people. You are doing the right things.

Jason: "I love coming here. For us, it's our top school that we recruit out of for this region. I can tell you so far we have 8 hires from Whitewater and hoping to shoot for 12. The reason that I love coming here is that I feel that the students are just more set up for the real world, their overall preparedness for business and their work ethic. The students here are the full package and that's exactly what we're looking for and why we invest in having the presence here continuously year after year on campus. It's something exciting and great to be a part of and it shows. It trickles down from the top."

What types of qualities do you look for in students?
Brian: "Overall, a willingness to learn. A willingness to sell. Just having that passion to go out and sell business to business. It's not something that you just wake up with one day. But the classes that are being taught here and the processes that being taught are really preparing people to more understand what it would be to go in to the world and sell business to business; because it's not something that we are acclimated to as young people growing up. Your program really prepares people coming in to the working world and that business to business sales piece, I think, is really important."

What do you think are the biggest challenges that marketing/sales students face?
Jason: "My answer to that would be, if they really do want to do sales. Typically your students in professional selling have done internships and worked in roles, so they have a pretty good grasp of sales and know that's what they want to do for their career. But I think sometimes when students don't have that exposure, they are sometimes not as sure. And I think ultimately finding a good fit, a good company, a good culture and what's going to be best for their career."
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