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Executive Update

The value and art of civil discourse is a cornerstone of the humanities. When hostility erupts from differing ideas, we become divided. The humanities provide a means for the civil exchange of ideas, especially where we disagree, and these conversations usher in the opportunity to understand and to heal. Recently, I read the Four Agreements (Ruiz), and internalized their value:
·    Be Impeccable with your Word
·    Don’t Take Anything Personally
·    Don’t Make Assumptions
·    Always Do Your Best
In a world where rapid-fire, off-the-cuff remarks are strewn about, and anonymity allows abrasiveness to reach a whole new level, we must strive to go back to saying what we mean, with the power of words being true, clear and based on reason. Join our Board of Directors, staff, grantees, and programs in being a part of the movement to engage in respectful, exciting and useful conversation. The future leaders depend on us to build upon the very best principles of critical thing and community engagement. Social values and citizenship are key to a more productive and effective society.
Thank you for your support of Michigan Humanities Council. 2018 will be a banner year for humanities in Michigan and we look forward to sharing some exciting announcements soon.   

Shelly Kasprzycki
Executive Director  
Great Michigan Read Update from Katie Wittenauer

Our Great Michigan Read partnerships have continued to grow in January and February 2018, and we still have many copies of X: A Novel available. If you would like to become a partner or request additional books and resources, contact Katie Wittenauer, Program Officer.

One Great Michigan Read partner, the College for Creative Studies, recently sent us an update from their Martin Luther King Jr. Day event with the Ebony Road Players . Even though it was a snowy day in Detroit, more than 50 students attended a performance of “The Meeting,” a play that depicts the supposed meeting of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

Arlene Lecours writes, “Prior to the staged production, we distributed copies of X: A Novel to interested students who came to the performance. There was a small reception for the actors and attendees after the performance where students were asked to respond to various quotes from the performance and the book.”

 Please, keep your Great Michigan Read stories and photos from around the state headed our way! We love to share what you are doing with X: A Novel, and look forward to visiting you when we hit the road in March and May during our spring author tours.

Visit our website and mark your calendar to see our Great Michigan Read authors this spring!

Free GMR Books are still available! Become a partner today.
Books, readers guides and other free materials are still available! Sign up online to be a part of this statewide program! Sign up to be a Program Partner.
Then take a look at our Partner Program Resources.

Is Great Michigan Read taking place in your community?
In a few short weeks, the Poetry Out Loud state finals competition will be underway in Lansing. This year, 41 school champions will compete on Friday, March 2, and we’re excited to welcome new and returning school partners from Houghton to Ypsilanti, Grand Rapids to Rochester Hills, and everywhere in between!

We will be joined by last year’s state champion, MaryKate Wright of Owosso, and workshop presenters Peter Markus and Cindy Hunter Morgan on Thursday evening, and two youth poets from InsideOut Literary Arts on Friday afternoon.

Friday’s competition is open to the public and will begin at 9 a.m. at the Lansing Crowne Plaza. Join us for a day of engaging poetry recitation with Michigan high school students, teachers, and families!

Poetry Out Loud
State Finals: Friday, March 2, 2018
We will select our new State Champion!
Open to the public, Crowne Plaza, Lansing
Contact Katie with any questions: kwittenauer@mihumanities.org or 517-372-7770
Third Coast Conversations:
Dialogues about Water in Michigan

Why should my organization or community apply to participate in Third Coast Conversations?

In speaking to an organization that was inquiring about the project, it came up that not only was this an amazing opportunity for her organization to lead her community through conversations that could be a true catalyst for change, but the capacity building potential for her organization could not be ignored. To have staff trained to facilitate these types of conversations and be “at the ready” when other topics arise is so valuable. As a program officer this made me so happy. This is why we do what we do….to give organizations tools to build capacity and continue the great work they are doing within their community! I can’t think of better tools to have in your tool box. The ability to facilitate open dialogue, give voices to the unheard, and serve as change makers in your community. Let’s talk! Visit our website for details! C ontact Program Officer, Jennifer Rupp to talk about Third Coast Conversations!
Reminder that applications are still being accepted for Arts and Humanities Touring Grants and Quick Grants.

Arts & Humanities Touring Program Grantee spotlight:
Marshall Public Schools
“I am very thankful for the efforts of the Michigan Humanities Council and the Arts and Humanities Touring Grant Program. Through their help, we are able to bring the Rhythm Society Orchestra to Marshall and celebrate jazz and swing music. Without the grant funding that we received we would not be able to put this event on.” – Jeremy Root, Director of Bands, Marshall Public Schools

Arts & Humanities Touring
Performers Wanted
for the 2018-2021 Directory - Apply Today!
Humanities Grants Spring 2018
Up to $180,000 in grant funds
will be awarded!
Not sure if your project would qualify for a Humanities Grant? Please contact James Nelson for assistance. He will help you fill out a draft proposal and work with you to complete your final application. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2018 .
Contact James via email or phone: jnelson@mihumanities.org or call: 517-372-7770
Click here to Learn more!
Take a look at previous Grant Recipients from the Fall 2017. The list is available online.
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