Welcome our 
2018  Board of Directors

The board was installed on January 9 by Judge Mark Davis, and enjoyed a vigorous, informative and inspirational retreat on Super Bowl Sunday.

Executive Committee
President-Robert Hubal
1 st Vice President-Jamie Eliahu
VP Fundraising and Development-Ron Bergen
VP Jewish Community Foundation-Mark Wiener
VP Jewish Community Center-Richard Greene
VP Jewish Community Relations Council-Susan & Bruce Newman
VP Jewish Family Services-Jane Pinsky
Treasurer-Corey Skolnick
Secretary-Mel Bernay
Campus-Randy Drawas
Cardozo Society-Stephen Feldman
Chai Tech-Gene Barlaz
FRD Community Engagement-Craig Meddin
FRD Lions of Judah-Amy Bush
FRD Major Gifts-Steve Feierstein
FRD Women in Philanthropy-Natalie Guld
FRD Young Women in Philanthropy-Sam Griffin
Governance-Aaron Golub
Hillel-Eric Schwartz
Israel-Alan Kritz
Legal-Beth Wolfe
Maimonides Society-Mike Ross
Marketing-Becky Levine
Personnel-Sharon Cutler
PJ Library-Susan Reinhard
Shalom Clubs-Judy Rosalez
Strategic Planning-Harvey Smalheiser
Young Leadership & Tribe-Liz Kahn
Honorary Lifetime Member-Carole Guld
To register for  Casino Night, 

Sponsorships are available for individuals and businesses at the following levels:

  • "Pit Boss Sponsor"-$500
  • (Includes 2 reserved spots to the event, top recognition on the sponsor board at the door, the Jewish Federation website, and in community-wide e-mails, tax deduction of $340)
  • "Dealer Sponsor"-250 
  • (Includes 2 reserved spots to the event, recognition on a sponsor board at the door, on the Jewish Federation website, and in community-wide e-mails, tax deduction of $90)

To pay for a sponsorship online, CLICK HERE and select "Casino Night Sponsorship."

We would like to thank our current list of sponsors:

Springdale Printing
Foster Lake & Pond Management
Bizcom Global

The Ice Was Cold But Our Hearts Were Warm!
Thanks to all who made the Hurricanes Hat Trick Night a Chilly Success


Meet the Faces of Federation Feeds!

Mark your calendars on Ju ne 7 for Federation Feeds , a fun "food-raiser" to benefit Jewish Family Services. 

We have 3 Community Couples Chairs who are working hard to bring you this exciting new & delicious event.  

This month, we are featuring 
Jason and Stefanie Chautin!

Drift away in the spirit of the Hawaiian islands and celebrate Purim luau-style at the  North Carolina Museum of Art ! Hula and hora the night away with music, dancing, tropical hors d'oeuvres, beer, wine, and Paradise Punch cocktails. We encourage you to dress in Hawaiian shirts and other luau-appropriate attire, though costumes are not required.
$65 per person
$40 under age 40
Proceeds benefit the Judaic Art Fund

To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.

Clearing the way to a stronger Jewish community!

Crews continue to work hard building the next phase of our Greater Raleigh Jewish Community Center!

In just the past month, almost half of the campus land has been cleared to pave the way for five times more parking, new covered sport courts, and a state-of-the-art Upper Campus Recreation Center.

If you visit the campus today, you will see mulch being made from the trees, sediment ponds under construction, and defined tree protection areas.

Are you interested in getting involved with our  growing  Jewish Community Campus? 
Contact Tami Kirk today!

If you are interested in a campus naming opportunity,
please contact 


To register for PJ Library Pajama Havdalah, CLICK HERE

PJ L ibrary┬«  program  provides a free gift of a high-quality, age-appropriate Jewish b ook or CD mailed to the home every month. 

PJ Library was brought to Wake County with generous funding from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and our  PJ Library Benefactor Circle.

-Susan and Steven Reinhard
-Jane Pinsky and Richard Adelman,  in memory of Ellen Adelman  
-Stacy and Craig Becher  
-Sarah Fuerst, in memory of Bob Fuerst
-Ann and George Tosky
-The Jewish Federation Lions of Judah

Want to be  a part of PJ Library? Want to get the PJ Newsletter?  Sign up here 'Like' our PJ Library Facebook page to get  news of PJ Library programs in the community. Interested in becoming a member of the PJ Library Benefactor Circle? Contact Tina Schultz
To register and pay for the Women's Seder of Raleigh online,
click the link below:

JFS Connects
The structure of Raleigh-Cary Jewish Family Services is organized to maximize connections to, and between, the many demographic segments of our diverse community and to utilize ever-expanding collaborations with synagogues, community organizations, and other social service agencies.
JFS Family Connections 
therapist works through challenges faced by children, parents and families to provide them with a sense of control over family life and the challenges it brings. Our goal is to provide a culturally competent, compassionate and faith-sensitive therapy.  Family Connections also creates and implements programs and workshops led by experienced educators, clinicians, and other professionals, that cater to parents and caregivers of newborns, adolescents, teens, and every age in between.
JFS Adult Connections helps people who struggle with stressful situations they feel they can't resolve by themselves. Using a person-centered approach, JFS Adult Connections therapists work through these challenges to help provide a sense of control. Whether you are facing anxiety, depression, unemployment or any other life changes, our goal is to provide culturally competent, compassionate and faith-sensitive therapy. Counseling and therapy are provided by Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Dear Dorit,

My friend throws a massive Purim party every year, and each year she tries to out do herself in the costume department. I love her parties, but I don't love her choice of costume this year--she's going as a geisha. How do I tell her that her costume is offensive, without offending her?

Woke in Wake Forest

Dear Woke,

Your instincts here are correct. Basically, if a costume can be summarized as "someone's race or ethnicity reduced to stereotypes," it's a bad idea. (True story:  one of my rabbi friends went to a store to buy Halloween candy and found a "rabbi" costume on sale. Needless to say, the costume looked nothing like him.)

The best way to tell your friend and preserve your friendship is to assume that your friend would want to know. Send her an e-mail that says, "Shaindel, I am so excited for your party! It's the highlight of my year! By the way, I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but last Halloween there was this article going around on Facebook explaining that geisha costumes are offensive to people of Japanese descent. Here's a link."

It shows good faith in your friend. Surely, she must not have known about this issue, otherwise she wouldn't be doing it! It also shows her that this costume has been the subject of wide discussion. Hopefully, that will be enough for her to pick a different costume. Might I suggest "attractive advice columnist?"

Dear Dorit,

I love to make elaborate shaloch manos baskets for Purim. I typically give an assortment of cookies that earn rave reviews. This year, however, it seems like all of my friends are going on gluten-free diets. What's a shaloch manos basket without hamantaschen?!?

One Sad Cookie
Dear Cookie,

Shaloch manos baskets are a wonderful tradition. In a sort of "reverse trick-or-treating," you send children out to deliver gift baskets of food to friends on Purim.

While hamantaschen are traditional Purim cookies, they aren't strictly required for shaloch manos baskets. The tradition is that they contain: 1. A variety of foods (enough to make two brachot), 2. Ready-to-eat foods.

Let your imagination run wild! Here are some ideas for gluten-free foods:
  • Fresh fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • Tiny grape juice, wine, or liquers
  • Candy
  • Small jars of jam, pickles, and salsa
  • Cheese
  • Flavored olive oil
  • Seasoned popcorn
  • Nut mixes
  • Olives
  • Cured or smoked fish
  • Potato chips
  • Honey
  • Macaroons (Make them--there is a whole world beyond the Manischewitz cans)
Be sure to check labels for gluten-free ingredients. Also, send a basket to me!

A group from Raleigh made a trip to see former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak when he spoke at Elon University in 2002. Recognize anyone?


Did you know that the Raleigh-Cary JCC hosts BBYO chapters?  The girls chapter, Shaina BBG, recently hosted a Fundraiser Dance that was a huge success!

Almost 50 people, including parents, attended the Havdalah service. Almost 40 people stayed for the dance part of the night. Teens from BBYO, USY, and NFTY--all three youth groups in Raleigh--attended, as well as many prospective members.

Attendees had the chance to win raffle baskets made by Shaina BBG's Fall of 2017 board. These baskets ranged from chocolate, to tie-dye, and even games. Shaina BBG raised over $500, and a portion of our proceeds will be going to our Stand Up! Cause, women's rights. Thank you so much to everyone who attended. This night wouldn't have been as successful without you!

The Raleigh-Cary JCC strives to create an atmosphere of support 
and community engagement at all of our programs.  

More information about the JCC and upcoming programs can be found at raleighcaryjcc.org

-Mazel tov to former Federation staff member Grace Kaplan and her husband Jonah on the birth of their daughter, Rena Lily.  (And more mazels for becoming our 300th PJ Library family!)

-Congratulations to JFS Executive director Barry Schwartz for accepting an additional role as Facilities Manager for the Federation, Raleigh-Cary JCC, and JFS.

-Congratulations to Dr. Tammi Waters for opening her own health practice, Olical Health in Apex.  Dr. Waters hopes to bring an new, innovative approach to primary care.

I f you have a bissel news, contact Jorie.Slodki@shalomraleigh.org
to be added to the  Jews In the News Section of our next newsletter.

February 9-18 at Umstead Park United Church of Christ

JFS Good Deeds Day
Sunday, April 15

Federation Feeds: A Fun Foodraiser for Jewish Family Services
Thursday, June 7

FRD Leadership Mission to Berlin & Budapest
July 13-19

October 22-24th
Shalom Triangle!

Have you recently moved to Wake County?  Is there a new Jewish family on your block? 

Let us know so that we can send information about community resources. 

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