Everlasting Love!

We think everyday on Kauai is a celebration of love. It is hard not to be seduced by the allure of this island. From sunrise to sunset Kauai charms the senses. To quote Chris Colin in an article from Afar.com 
"Of course there are the serene white beaches. But there's an erratic beauty to the island that places Kauai in its own category. In some stretches you're in China, the tall, dramatic peaks a haunting Taoist painting. Around the next bend, wide plains of marshland open up: cow here, stream there, pure Vietnam. Then the sheer, Seussian strangeness of the mountain shapes feels like the U.S. Southwest, but with its pokey spires and pinnacles draped in oversaturated, acid-trip green."

  Island Chemistry!

Kauai entices visitors from all over the world and after much debate the results are in! Our GVR Ohana have chosen the most captivating of Kauai's attractions and many of them are off the beaten track:

1. Kalalau Valley Lookout

The landscape changes as you wind yourself up Waimea valley and each lookout offers a new and more breathtaking panorama. When the clouds clear and Kalalau Valley is revealed, flanked by  towering mountain ridges that open up to the deep blue of the Pacific, it is hard not to feel a sense of elation. At  5,000 feet above sea level you can truly capture the vastness of this tiny rock in the middle of the ocean.  Koke'e offers visitors an alluring 45 miles of hiking trails. From Kalalau Lookout we suggest continuing the along the ridge to experience a lush green, mystical walk in the clouds! 

2. Hideaways

Exploring a secluded beach with your loved one immediately makes you feel that you could indulge all of your castaway fantasies! On Kauai there is always the possibility of finding a deserted beach and the best ones usually involve a small hike to get there. We love Hideways with its intimate cove and shallow reef that offers sparkling sandy bottom pools to cool off in. Wondering how to get there? hint - we suggest staying at Puu Poa vacation condos. Remember to be mindful of the power of the ocean especially when swimming in remote areas. 

3. Napali Catamaran Sail

Sail the north shore and experience the wonder of the Napali Coast. Truly appreciate the island as she reveals her secret sandy coves and valleys, waterfalls and caves. Snorkel in the crystal clear waters, encounter dolphins, sea turtles and humpback whales if you are lucky! You will treasure forever the memories you make exploring this exquisite and remote coastline.

4. Sunset on the South Shore

Sunsets are spectacular from Polihale and the west side overlooking Niihau and also from Hanalei and Princeville with romantic views of Bali Hai in the foreground. We, however, are partial to the sunsets right here in our backyard on the south shore! When the sand glows a peachy gold and palm trees are silhouetted against a colorfully painted sky, Kauai is at her most seductive. Stroll Poipu beach, have a sundowner on the wall along Hoonani Rd or on the grass fronting the Beach House and watch for the illusive green flash as the sun disappears below the horizon. Dine at one of the many vibrant south shore restaurants to complete another perfect Kauai day!
Turn up the Heat 

There are really only two seasons in Hawaii: summer (kau) from May to October and winter (hooilo) from November to April. The average daytime summer temperature at sea level is 85° F . 
The near-shore water temperatures remain comfortable throughout the year. The average water temperature is 74° F, with a summer high of 80° F.

Grab your bikini and a surfboard and book your Kauai vacation! We offer a selection of the hottest vacation accommodations on the island!
Surfing is Love!

This party wave with surfer girls Presley and Malia riding at PK's on the south shore was captured by Blythe, our head of housekeeping. This was her first practice test using our new drone and since then she has been taking amazing aerials of our vacation rental properties! We particularly love her pool shots. 

Can You Guess These Properties?
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Puppy Love

It is hard to believe that it has only been a month since we picked up the newest member of our Great Vacation Retreats family at Lihue airport! We can't imagine ever outgrowing our love for this little thing - in fact we expect that there will be more and more of him to love, Horton is expected to reach 160 pounds!!!

  It was love at first sight!
Taste the Tropics!
Sweet Temptations

mmmmnnnn Lilikoi Curd! Described as luxuriously smooth... "This is the darling of the farmers markets - bursting with juicy lilikoi flavor, floral and sweet with just the faintest pucker at the end. Spread it on crepes or cakes for a taste of the tropics in your day."

Monkeypod Jam uses fruit only from Kauai; the company, to this date, works with over 25 local farmers. All jams, jellies, and marmalades are made by hand, so you are receiving some of the freshest, most authentic, kauai-made products on the market.

Upcoming Events
Saturday is Date night!

Make cheese at home after learning the ropes from Chef Joe Fox! He will be teaching techniques needed to master house made Ricotta, Mozzarella and Mascarpone. Class includes spritzers and pupus highlighting the three cheese variations made in the workshop. Bring your own wine! 

Date/Time: Saturday, March 17th, 2018, 5:00-8pm  
Location:  The Monkeypod Jam Shop
Too Cheesy for you? 

Need a little sweetness to ooh and aaaah? Create perfect meringue with MPJ's Pastry Chef, Caitlyn Winfield. She will be teaching Italian, French and Swiss styles in the form of marshmallow, Brazo De Mercedes, and a French Macaron demonstration.  Pupus, spritzers and a vegetarian dinner will be served. 
Date/Time: Saturday, March 10th, 2018, 5:00-8pm

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