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February 2018 Newsletter
Construction Related Operations!

-New Home Builders
-Remodeling Contractors
-Vacant Buildings undergoing Renovations
-Ground-up Builders Risk
-Owners/Contractors Protectives
-House Flippers
  and more!

We can consider anything and everything construction related!

Send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today!
Product Recall

Any and all Manufactured Consumer Goods can be considered (including food & beverage products)!

No special app is needed for an indication! (An app may be needed for a formal quote.) 

Call today (800-241-9759) or send your inquiries to newbusiness@ciusgf.com for pricing!
Do you 
have Personal Lines risks that are:
  • Too Old
  • Too High  or Too Low Value
  • Too Many Claims
  • Too Far Out  (PC 9/10)
  • Roof Too Old
  • No Central Heat/Air 
  • Or just don't fit your standard carriers' guidelines for whatever other reason?
Send them to CIU @  personallines@ciusgf.com!
Commercial Lines  
Roofing & Remodeling General Contractor (100% of work is subcontracted out)- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ no dedt); and $1mil Excess (over GL and AL). $13.8mil annual gross receipts. $131,625
Heavy Truck/Trailer Dealer- $1mil/$2mil Garage Liab; $2k Med Pay; $100k/$100k UM/UIM; $250k DOL; $25k GKLL; and 3 scheduled autos w/ $1mil CSL and $163k Auto Physical Dmg (stated amount) coverage (w/ $1k Comp/Coll dedts).  4.65 rating units.  10 d-tags.                                                                         $21,320
Pressure washing of oil/gas rigs/equipment after they have been taken out of use (no over the hole work)- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $2,500 dedt); $1mil Short-Term Pollution Event Coverage (w/ $5k dedt); and $5mil Excess (over GL and EL).  $500k annual gross receipts. $13,600
Restaurant w/ 2 locations- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $500 dedt); $958k Prop TIV (w/ $1k aop/$5k w/h dedts).  $1.9mil combined annual gross receipts. $14,955
Commercial Building Owner (Shopping Center Lessors Risk Only)- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $500 dedt); $2mil Prop TIV (w/ $5k dedt).  72,000 total sq ft building area, 80,000 sq ft parking area. $14,840
Building Consultant- $1mil/$2mil GL (Excl Prod/Completed Ops & PI/AI), w/ Blkt AI/PNC/WOS and HNOA; $2mil Prof (w/ $5k dedt); and $4mil Excess (over GL, HNOA & EL).  $230,000 payroll. $10,800
Arena/Stadium Concessionaire- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil/$2mil Liquor Liab; $10mil Excess (over primary GL and LL); and an addtl $1mil Excess (over the $10mil primary/lead Excess).  $215k annual gross receipts (w/ 19% from alcohol sales). $13,790
Daycare- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $500 dedt); $50k Prop TIV (w/ $1k aop/$2,500 w/h dedts). 45 kids; w/ prior losses.  $2,250
For-Hire Trucker- $1mil Auto CSL; $5k Med Pay; $100k/$300k UM/UIM; $94k Auto Physical Dmg (stated amount) coverage (w/ $1k Comp/Coll dedts); $100k MTC on 3 units (w/ $1k dedt).  10 total power units.  300 mile radius.  Prior loss history.                                     $69,090

Personal Lines
HO3- High Value Primary Homeowner.  $1mil TIV. $4,355
HO3- Owner Occupied. $595k TIV.  Open/large prior fire loss. $5,270
HO3- Owner Occupied. $574k TIV.  2 prior water losses. $3,175
HO3- Owner Occupied. $386k TIV.  Prior fire and water losses. $2,475