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Wichita Wurlitzer
February 2018
The President's Concert
Thursday, February 22, 2018, at 7:30 PM in Century II Exhibition Hall. 

Gretchen Bixler, KMEA President,
announced Robinson Middle School 8th Grade Band, Patti Sweet, Director; Salina South Middle School Guitar Class, Matt Gerry, Director; and the Wichita Wurlitzer, Brett Valliant, Artist-in-Residence, will be featured.  Wichita Wurlitzer is pleased to be included in the concert.
This concert is a spotlight on the middle school student and it serves as the showcase of a traditional music class offering (Middle School Band) as well as the alternative class offering (Guitar Class), demonstrating that music can be for everyone.  Music Educators want to build course offerings that will appeal to all students...not just the traditional band, choir, and orchestra students.  Many districts across the United States have added piano and guitar classes to their curriculum!
Music programs in the public school enrich our young people's learning.  Non-traditional offerings provide opportunities to students who otherwise may not be involved in music.  Join  us as we support Kansas Music Educators and their students.
There is NO CHARGE for the President's Concert. 
Wichita Wurlitzer recordings
More than 20,000 recordings have been distributed on fourteen CD's / LP's.  In addition, Reader's Digest Records incorporated additional recordings in two  boxed record sets.
People across the country and around the world have these recordings and know of Wichita and it's Wurlitzer.
Lyn Larsen recorded 6 CD's and Billy Nalle recorded 3 LP's. Virgil Fox's recording, "The Entertainer", had the largest distribution. Rex Koury ("Gunsmoke Theme" composer) wrote and recorded the Center City March which he dedicated to Wichita.
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