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Hearing the Inner Story of the Patient (Diagnosis Through Participation Instead of Observation)

The mode of diagnosis in Heilkunst works in a unique way, as I've explored in recent blogs. At first it is difficult to understand what Dr. Hahnemann meant when he instructed the Heilkunst Physician to "participate" rather than "observe" the patient. What exactly does he mean by this? We are so used to the language of Western science hinging around the concept of observation which is objective, so what benefit would an apparently subjective approach of 'participation' add to a medical science?

To "participate" the patient, is, in a sense, a sexual concept, meaning that it is the living energy of the Physician which is actively intermingled with the patient's energy, so as to get to know the inner working's of the patient and their disease from the inside-out, rather than the usual mode of medical observation from the outside-in, which looks upon the patient as an external object. This is no different a requirement than in our personal relationships, where we seek to truly relate to the other, rather than simply manipulate their outer form.

To understand the difference between 'observation' and 'participation', think, for example, of the cold feeling we're left with when an old school sales person attempts to sell something to us with obviously scripted sequences in order to manipulate us - this is the feeling of being "observed" and manipulated from the outside-in, and not treated as an individual. Despite any personal warmth and "bedside" manner that a given Doctor may have, they are still constrained by this model of observation (of outer form) which leads to specific pharmaceutical prescriptions (designed to manipulate the outer form, rather than make a true inner change to the root of the disease itself).

Closing Quote

I think our entire educational system suffers because it isn't based on mastery learning. Real science is an endeavor  to unravel the mysteries of Nature, not make pronouncements about it. Most of what's being fed to people is pop-culture pseudoscience that supports someone's financial picture or social status. Rationalist materialism ultimately undermines our spiritual growth and tosses everything into the realm of egotism and narrow vision.

~Laurie J. Willberg,  Holistic Medicine Researcher/Writer

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Dear  ,

This month I'm speaking at the World Schoolers Summit, here in Guanajuato, MX. They're a group of international digital nomads who are mostly educating their kids while living around the world. I've been connected to them online for well over a decade.

Way back when our kids were little, I thought it was very important to expand their cultural horizons. I chose to expose them to individuals from different countries, cultures, languages, and family dynamics. I didn't want them to think that their bubble of relative privilege was all there was to life. I wanted to mentor empathy for them. The World Schoolers group helped me to keep my vision true to its purpose.

Back then, I had to get creative as we were fairly limited financially given that Jeff and I were both studying at the postgraduate level and the kids were in private Waldorf schools. There was more money going out the door than coming in. We also had a farm, a kids camp that we ran in the summer and also a community garden where a few friends came from the city to grow their food.

We had international students live with us while attending school in Ottawa, Canada during the school year. There goal was to increase their fluency in English. A couple of them came from Madrid, Spain and also Veracruz, Mexico. The latter gal grew up in a grand hacienda with maids and a cook. Another girl's mother had been tragically killed in a bombing in the subway in Spain. We loved on her like our own. Now that I look back, it's interesting that the lottery of kids that were offered to live with us all came from Spanish speaking countries which is where are second home is now located.

At the World Schoolers Summit, I'm going to get into some of the ways in which we run 3 vibrant businesses; "Arcanum Wholistic Clinic", "Arcanum Acres Publishing", and my most recent venture into clothing manufacturing, "Hemp Gitchies : Feels as Good On Your Hiney as It Does On Your Conscience." The latter is this year's latest enterprise in making hemp, bamboo and cotton undies beginning with the women's line. We're going to we working with women sewers who've formed a cooperative that have been rescued from pedophile rings as well as ex-sex trade workers in both the United States and Canada.

Pretty soon, we'll be looking for women (and later men and kids, too) to try out our sample undies at cost and give us feedback on the style and wearability. We're so excited as we're a small group of Heilkunst-connected peeps who already feel like kin and who're very interested in rolling out this new enterprise within our existing friends and family. That means that we'll be seeking folks like you to try out our first samples in the next few months.

Our hope is that you're doing well, and as feeling fully in love with your life.

Ally and Jeff
If "Science" Says It's Proved, Then It Must Be...
Photo by popofatticus "evening read"
If "Science" says it's proved, then it must be ... what about a science of the heart ?! When, after a long day, and their baths were done and they both smelled delicious after having put the life stock away, I'd call out, "Stories in the big bed!" they'd both come running with books in tow.

I'd light a beeswax candle to mark the sacredness of this time, take a big breath, lie down and wait for them to cuddle in, their heads on my chest. They loved "The Paper Bag Princess," or "Tyrone the Terrible," or "I'll Love You Forever," or "Mary Louise Loses Her Manners."

Patient's Testimonial