News from Givat Haviva Educational Foundation
February, 2018
Yihyeh B’seder: The Hebrew Language
Enrichment Program for Arab Schools
Enhancing Knowledge of Hebrew Language & Culture
among Arab Middle School Students in Israel
This month we introduce you to one of our flagship programs, Yihyeh B'seder (it will be alright). This is the name of Givat Haviva's Hebrew Language Enrichment Program for Arab Schools (HLE). The program has been running for four years, with the goal of enhancing the students' abilities to pursue higher education and high-quality careers within Israel. Native Hebrew-speaking Jewish instructors teach weekly classes in spoken Hebrew and Hebrew culture in Arab middle schools.

These teachers do much more than help students improve their Hebrew language skills - they enable them to encounter Jewish society which they are often not exposed to.

These lessons focus on culture, current events and everyday life. Combining classroom teaching and online lessons, HLE strengthens the students' conversational and comprehension skills as well as their familiarity with navigating an online environment. Beyond an enriched curriculum, HLE is starting the process of cultural understanding essential to enabling a shared society.

Over 68% of participants report that their HLE teacher was the first Jew with whom they had a meaningful encounter. And more than 92% indicated that the relationship improved how they view Jews.

HLE began in the 2014-2015 school year in 83 classes in 11 schools.This year, the program will serve 651 classes in 58 schools, with 45 instructors. The Israeli Ministry of Education has begun to work with HLE with the goal of expanding the program to all relevant Arab middle schools throughout Israel - a total of 3,459 classes and 373 schools .
Givat Haviva Welcomes Director-General of the Education Ministry to Yihiye Beseder Conference
On January 30th, the second conference of the teachers of Yihiye Beseder was held with the participation of 38 teachers. The Director - General of the Ministry of Education, Shmuel Abuav, attended the conference. He spoke with the teachers and heard about their experiences. He was knowledgeable about the name of the principal of each school, the socio-economic status of the schools and the level of students there in general. This was a promising sign to those in attendance that the program is taken seriously and the Ministry of Education is noticing the important work being done.
Highlighting the People of Givat Haviva and The Givat Haviva Educational Foundation
Linda Rubin
Director of Operations,
Givat Haviva Educational Foundation

How did you become involved with Givat Haviva?

I grew up in Hashomer Hatzair and made Aliya to Kibbutz Lahav where I lived for four years. Upon my return to the US, I thought it was time to let go of my Israel connections and get a job in the real world. That didn’t last for too long as I missed working in a job that had meaning to me, and was happy when I got a job connected to the Kibbutz movement. When the last job connected to the kibbutz movement ended, I had a phone call from Abu Vilan who was the shaliach to Hashomer Hatzair and Givat Haviva at the time who asked me if I wanted a job at Givat Haviva. The rest is history! I’ve been on the GHEF staff since January 1995 and I couldn’t been happier about the decision.

Where do you see Givat Haviva in five years?

I hope that Givat Haviva will finally be a household name in the US. We have been doing such important and vital work for almost seventy years and it's so gratifying to see so many Americans learning about Givat Haviva for the first time.

What is your favorite Givat Haviva program?

It’s very hard for me to say what my favorite Givat Haviva program is since all of them are so meaningful and important. But if I had to pinpoint one program I would say Through Others’ Eyes. The reason for this is very simple. I see the success of this program every summer when the participants come to the US to participate in the Peace Camp at Camp Shomria. I hear them talk about their time in the program and how it has changed them.

If you were stuck on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be?

I know I wouldn’t bring any electronic devices. It would be great to get away from all connections to the outside world. I guess I would bring as many books as I could carry, water, and lots of chocolate. 
The Sixth Annual Givat Haviva Conference
We are pleased to inform you that the Sixth Annual Givat Haviva Conference will be held in partnership with Knesset Advocacy Group for the Advancement of Shared Living between Jews and Arabs. Because members of Knesset are occupied by their duties Monday – Tuesday in the Knesset, we will be holding the Conference on  Sunday May 6, 2018 from 14:00 – 19:30 .

About the Conference

In 2016, with the backing of the European Union, Givat Haviva launched the project, “Roadmap for a Shared Society” to conduct the first inclusive process of developing and advocating for a comprehensive program of implementable, measurable goals toward a shared society in Israel.

The final document was presented to the Knesset in a conference at the Knesset on December 19, 2017. This event, attended by 15 Knesset members and representatives of the professional working groups and Givat Haviva, was hosted by the Knesset Advocacy Group for the Advancement of Shared Living between Jews and Arabs. The MKs expressed great respect for the document produced and the seriousness of the process leading to it, and a work plan for the coming year has been drawn up to advance adoption of the recommendations.  The Sixth Annual Givat Haviva Shared Society Conference will be the first platform for public presentation of the joint effort by the Knesset Advocacy Group and Givat Haviva in pursuit of a Shared Society.

If you're interested in attending the conference to be held at Givat Haviva in Israel, contact GHEF at ( 212) 989-9272 or
Givat Haviva is currently scheduling speakers throughout the U.S. who will be speaking about the Roadmap and other exciting developments in the Shared Society movement. If you are interested in hosting a Givat Haviva speaker  in your synagogue, mosque, church, home or community center,   please reach out to Meirav . | ( 212) 989-9272